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Donna Love at December book signing at Barnes and Noble

Donna Love at November 2015 book signing at Barnes and Noble.

Dear Readers,

I had a great time at all four of my book signings to promote Santa and the Missing Christmas Bells. Proceeds from the signings at these four venues allowed me to donate $100 in books to Watson Children’s Center that helps children ages newborn to 14 years old during times of crisis. The first two book signings were in November, one at Green Ribbon Books in Missoula, then at Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble can’t sell Santa yet (Kindle is Nook’s competition), but they will be able to next year and it’s always good to keep your name out there.

Then I had two signings in December, one at the Grizzly Claw Mercantile in Seeley Lake, MT and one at Fact and Fiction in downtown Missoula. Both of those are beautiful local settings and famous for promoting local authors. Here’s a photo from the most recent signing at Fact and Fiction. (I’m the one in the red jacket, duh.) Sneed Collard one of Missoula’s most well known authors was there with his new book, Snakes, Alligators and Broken Hearts, which is an autobiography of his young life spent growing up with a biologist father. Being with Sneed made me feel like I’ve “arrived.”

Donna Love, right, at Fact and Fiction Book Signing in Downtown Missoula

Donna Love, right, at Fact and Fiction Book Signing in Downtown Missoula

 Two other Missoula area authors, Meredith Houston and  Janice Mineer who recently published books were there as well. Lovely store and lovely day!

Happy Reading,


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