“The more you know about something, the better care you can give it.”

Awards and Recognition

Award Ribbon!Henry the Impatient Heron: 2011 Gelett Burgess Center for Creative Expression Children’s Book Award

“The Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Awards advisory council looks for books that entertain and teach with an energetic and creative approach. The books the Center selects must stimulate the child’s imagination, as well as inspire them creatively. Advisory council members want to know a book will make an impact in a child’s life by helping them grow: socially, emotionally, ethically, intellectually, and physically.” Henry The Impatient Heron received the award in the Social Skills category. The Gelett Burgess Center for Creative Expression’s mission is to provide valuable information about family-friendly books and media to educators, librarians, parents and counselors who want to take an active role in their child or student’s creative development. Henry the Impatient Heron fully meets that criteria. web site: Burgess Awards!


  Award Ribbon!Animals Count in Grand Canyon National Park Wins APPL’s Children’s Media Award!

Another Grand Canyon Association publication wins national recognition at the annual conference for the Association of
Partners for Public Lands — Animals Count in Grand Canyon National Park WINS the


Award Winner“Henry the Impatient Heron” wins Gold in the

2010 Mom’s Choice Awards

Award Ribbon!Awesome Ospreys, Fishing Birds of the World: Skipping Stones Honor Award for promoting ecological
understanding and cooperation around the world. Skipping Stones Honor Award, 2006

Award Ribbon!Awesome Ospreys receives Mom’s Choice® Award 2008

Donna Love and her Award winning book, Awesome Ospreys

Donna with her award winning book, Awesome Ospreys


Seeley Lake Author Donna Love Receives Book Award

Seeley-Swan Pathfinder, October 2006

            Awesome Ospreys, Fishing Birds of the World by Seeley Lake author, Donna Love, received the 2006 Skipping Stones Book Award in April for encouraging understanding of the world’s diverse cultures, nature, and ecological richness, and for offering a great variety of learning experiences for all ages. The book was also picked for being an exceptional educational resource for K-12 students, parents, and educators Skipping Stones, a multicultural magazine based in Eugene, Oregon presents this award to twenty-five books a year in four categories including Multicultural and International Awareness, Bilingual Spanish/English books, Nature and Ecology, and Teaching Resources. Love’s book received the award for Nature and Ecology. “It is such an honor to receive this award,” Love said. “Of course, the award was given to all of us that played a part in putting the book together. I am deeply grateful to illustrator, Joyce Turley, of Dixon Cove Design in Fort Collins, Colorado for bringing the text to life, our editor, Lynn Purl for keeping us on track, and our publisher, Mountain Press Publishing Company in Missoula for putting their trust in us.”          Awesome Ospreys shares the Nature award with five other books including Hotel Deep, by Kurt Cyrus, published by Harcourt Press, and only the sea keeps, Poetry of the Tsunami by Judith Robinson, et al, by Bayeux Press. “It was easy to write globally when I wrote Ospreys,” Love said. “It’s the nature of the bird. There is only one species of osprey and they live all over the world, except in the coldest places, such as Antarctica. Montana’s own ospreys travel to Central and South America for the winter.” The official award announcement was made on Saturday, April 22, at the 2006 Multicultural Storytelling Festival in Eugene, Oregon that featured three nationally known storytellers. “For me it was really special that this award comes from my home state of Oregon where I grew up in Willamina watching ospreys. Salem was our closest large city and as we entered the city from the west there was one huge nest near the Willamette River along Highway 22 that we’d always see. I was recently there and the nest is still used,” Love said. Reviews of the 2006 award winners will appear in the summer issue of Skipping Stones magazine to be released in May. The winning titles will also receive honor award certificates for the authors, illustrators, and publishers, as well as honor award seals to be placed on the front cover of each book. Lynn Purl, Love’s editor at Mountain Press who worked closely with Love on the book said, “Now Awesome Ospreys will forever after be known as the “Award-winning Awesome Ospreys!” This book was Love’s second book. Her first book, Loons, Diving Birds of the North, also published by Mountain Press Publishing Company in Missoula, Montana was released in 2003.


  Loon and Fish Festival 2009 The t-shirt contest for Loon and Fish Festival, May 23-24, 2009 held by the Alpine Artisans of the Seeley-Swan Valley picked Donna’s design.


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Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

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