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Best Bristle Toothbrush – Best Buy 2022

Bristle toothbrushes might feel nicer and are certainly softer on your teeth, but their other benefits should not be overlooked. A soft bristle brush is both more effective at stimulating the gums and harder to damage your teeth.

A bristle brush is a cleaning tool that helps to clean your teeth. There are different types of toothbrushes that provide suitable cleaning performance for different kinds of users. Read on to know more about the different types of best bristles toothbrush available and their characteristics.

This post will give you a pick of bristles toothbrush head top 7, hoping that it will make your choice easier when choosing a bristle toothbrush for buying.

Top Picks: 5 Best Bristle Toothbrush

Top 7 Best Bristle Toothbrush Reviews- 2022

1. Boao 4 Pieces Extra Soft Bristle Toothbrushes

4 Pieces Extra Soft Toothbrushes 20000 Bristle Toothbrush Micro Nano Manual Toothbrush for Fragile Gums Adult Kids Children (Black, White)
  • Package includes: 4 soft toothbrush in assorted color, you can share them with your friends and family as gift, also portable for outdoor activities like travel or camping
  • Multi-duty: soft bristles of the toothbrush help you prevent teeth recession from aggressive brushing, with comprehensive cleaning function, also suitable for tongue-cleaning
  • 20,000 Soft bristles: more than 20,000 pretty soft micro-nano bristles, penetrate the sulcus of the teeth and the gum line, deeply and smoothly clean the teeth and remove the filthy without hurting the tooth enamel
  • Suitable for: this delicately-designed toothbrush adopts nano technology, great for those who have fragile teeth and other teeth-related worries
  • Proper size: the micro-nano manual toothbrush measures 18 x 1.3 cm/ 7.1 x 0.5 inch, bristle’s length is 1 cm/ 0.4 inch, suitable size for easy holding and deep cleaning, also allows for convenient taking

Boao 4 Pieces Extra Soft Bristle Toothbrushes are highly recommended for people with sensitive teeth or receding gums. The soft bristles won’t cause damage to your enamel, a common concern with hard bristled brushes, so you can have safe, comfortable brushing every day.


More than 20,000 ultra-soft micro-nano bristles can penetrate the tooth groove and gingival line at and 360° non-dead angle to clean the tooth gap. “Feather” touch will not stimulate the gums.


t is a suitable size and can be held easily. The end of the toothbrush can be worn with a string, suitable for hanging in the bathroom. Portable, suitable for travel or camping activities.


There are many small bumps on the back of the toothbrush, which are humanized and designed to massage the inside of the mouth while brushing so that you can enjoy the process of brushing.

2. Colgate 360° Total Advanced Bristles Toothbrush

Colgate 360 Advanced Floss Tip Toothbrush, Soft Toothbrush for Adults, 4 Pack
  • Toothbrushes for a 4X deeper reach between teeth and along the gumline compared to an ordinary flat-trim toothbrush
  • Floss-tip, tapered bristles help reach deep between teeth and hard to reach areas; this toothbrush does not replace flossing
  • Soft toothbrush bristles for a gentle, but effective clean; full head toothbrush for adults
  • Cheek and tongue cleaner helps remove odor causing bacteria
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle for easier manuevering

The Colgate 360° Total Advanced Toothbrush is specially designed to clean your whole mouth. It removes up to two times more plaque from your teeth than a regular toothbrush and has gentle bristles on sensitive gums. The full head toothbrush is uniquely shaped for the ultimate protection against plaque above and below the gum line.

Tapered Floss-Tip bristles

Tapered Floss-Tip bristles reach deep between teeth for better interdental cleaning compared to an ordinary Colgate flat-trim toothbrush.

Cheek and tongue cleaner

Innovative cheek and tongue cleaner to remove more odor causing bacteria.

Ergonomic handle

A comfortable, ergonomic handle and thumb grip for precise maneuvering to help reach all areas of your mouth.


  • Floss-Tip† bristles reach deep between teeth.
  • 4x deeper reach below the gum-line* compared to ordinary Colgate flat-trim toothbrush.
  • Removes bacteria from teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums.
  • Cheek and tongue cleaner cleans your whole mouth while you brush.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle for precise maneuvering.

3. Suree Extra Soft Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth

Suree Extra Soft Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth, Upgraded 10000 Bristles Nano Toothbrush, Ultra Soft Toothbrushes for Adults & Elders, Portable Manual Toothbrush with Individual Travel Case (4 Count)
  • 😀 10000 ULTRA SOFT BRISTLES: with more than 10000 Ultra Soft Micro Nano bristles (each bristle is only 0.1mm in diameter), this toothbrush aims to help people who have sensitive teeth and gum recession. The super soft, dense and fine bristles can deeply clean the sulcus of the teeth and gumline in a gentle way, remove the filthy and residue without damaging the enamel.
  • 😀 22 HOLES DESIGN for HYGIENE: separating 10000 dense bristles into 22 holes, enables 10000 dense bristles to dry way faster than the foam sponge-like design, and prevent things get trapped at the root which help maintain the toothbrush clean. Also, this upgraded design makes bristles durable and not easy to splay out.
  • 😀 WIDE BRUSH HEAD: the brush head is a bit wider than regular size (approx. 1.5x wider), which can cover more tooth and improve the cleaning effectiveness.
  • 😀 INDIVIDUAL TRAVEL CASE: each of toothbrush goes with an individual travel case. The toothbrush case has a flip design, and it is easy to open and close; Each case has ventilation holes, which can leak water and vent, keeping the portable toothbrush case clean and dry.
  • 😀 PACKAGE INCLUDED: 4 x toothbrush in 4 vivid colors (Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green); 4 x Portable travel toothbrush case, good for business trip, camping, gym and home use. Family pack perfectly for adults, pregnant women, and elders. Suitable for people who wearing braces. Also, an ideal gift for your friends who have aggressive toothbrushing habit or suffer gum recession.

Suree Extra Soft Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth is designed with super soft bristle for sensitive teeth. The compact head features an angled neck and flexible neck handle that allows you to easily maneuver the brush around the back of your mouth and in hard-to-reach areas. The soft bristles provide a gentle brushing experience, while the full round bristle head cleans hard-to-reach places like under your gums or behind your molars.


This Micro Nano Toothbrush is one of the softest toothbrushes in the marketplace. The diameter of every bristle is 0.1mm. Much denser and softer than other regular soft toothbrushes.


Our Ultra Soft Toothbrush will give extra protection to your sensitive gums. The extra soft bristles will not irritate your gums which keeps you away from bleeding gums even though you used to brush your teeth aggressively.


Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months for optimal brushing performance.

4. Jordan Green Clean Manual Toothbrush

Jordan ® | Green Clean Manual Toothbrush | Award Winning Sustainable Toothbrush Made from Recycled Materials | Eco-Friendly | Scandinavian Design | Soft Bristle Toothbrush | Mixed Colour | 4 Units
  • DESIGNED WITH BOTH YOU AND THE ENVIRONMENT IN MIND – The Jordan Green Clean Toothbrush is made of 90% recycled materials. The handle is made using 100% recycled plastic from e.g. yoghurt, margarine and food tubs while the remaining 10 % (the bristle) is 100 % bio-based
  • ERGONOMIC AND EFFICIENT – The soft toothbrush is made of 100% bio-based nylon and the narrow soft brush lets you easily access hard to reach places. As opposed to other eco-friendly toothbrushes, Jordan Green Clean is ergonomic and completely neutral in taste
  • ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS – The eco friendly toothbrushes comes in eco-friendly packaging that is made entirely from recycled paper fibres. By using paper scrap creatively, it is recycled into something protective and useful. The packaging label is made by FSC-certified paper from responsibly managed forests, making the eco toothbrush a great sustainable gift
  • SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN – Simplicity and functionality coupled with a love for the environment, this is the philosophy of the Jordan Green Clean, designed by the famous Nordic designer Andreas Engesvik. In the design process, nothing has been left to chance, and only sustainable materials are used
  • AWARD WINNING – As a validation of our work, we won a sustainability award at the IdentiPlast in March 2019 because Jordan Green Clean is both sustainable, efficient and ergonomic. By using recycled material, we maintain the value of materials for as long as possible and are part of a circular economy. The toothbrush you will receive will be a random colour of either pink, blue or green

The Jordan Green Clean Toothbrush is made of 90% recycled materials, which are environmentally promoting and highly durable. The toothbrush is cleaned with natural bristles that gently remove plaque while massaging the gums to promote oxygen flow and healthy gum tissue.

Created with planet and consumers in mind

All materials and ingredients are carefully selected with nature in mind and combined with a sustainable and great functionality, giving consumers the best of both worlds. We believe that we all have a common responsibility of taking care of both people and the planet.

Oral care without compromise

We know that good oral care is important to keeping good health. Jordan has helped people with tailored quality products and encouragement to care for their teeth for decades. Therefore we have developed Green Clean, a toothbrush range with extra focus on careful use of resources without compromising on the quality of your oral care.

Why reclaimed plastics?

Plastic is a fantastic material – used correctly. The material allows for making safe, hygienic, and functional toothbrushes. However, virgin plastic is based on non-renewable sources. Plastic that is already in the ecosystem should be reused. By using reclaimed plastics, we are using waste instead of virgin natural resources, as well as reducing litter

5. AllSett Health 6 Pack Baby Toothbrush

6 Pack – Baby Toothbrush, 0-2 Years, Soft Bristles, BPA Free | Toddler Toothbrush, Infant Toothbrush, Training Toothbrush, Includes Free Toothbrush Holder
  • TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER – 6 INDIVIDUAL PACKS of toothbrushes. BONUS Animal Toothbrush holder makes storage of toothbrush dry and protected from dust and harmful bacteria. Suctions cups at the back helps mount to mirrors, glass and tiles.
  • A GRADE MATERIAL – Premium food grade material toothbrushes that are 100% Non-Toxic & BPA and Phthalates Free, even the Chewing grip are safe and good to stimulate baby’s gum. Perfect for baby’s first tooth brush.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE DESIGN – The unique short neck with a oval shaped ring handle prevents swallowing and choking. The ring handle also makes it easy to grip as training toothbrush. Toothpaste indicator on Bristles so you know how much to use!
  • VERSATILE TEETHER – The bottom handle of the toothbrush also acts as a gum massager and teether for babies whose teeth have yet to erupt. Great for Baby infant dental oral care.
  • BABY REGISTRY MUST HAVES – Get our Baby Teether as the perfect Baby registry gift or Registry for baby shower!

AllSett Health Dental Hygiene Set is an excellent choice to help parents care for their children’s dental hygiene. With this set, parents can easily brush their baby’s or toddler’s teeth by themselves. The infant brush is compatible with all brands of toothpaste and flavored gel.

Soft and durable:

The wide and easy-to-grip handle makes it easier for babies and toddlers to hold and move the toothbrush. The small brush head fits just right in their small mouths.


The textured handle makes for a relieving teether for babies whose teeth are yet to erupt. It is soft and flexible enough for your little one to chew on painlessly.

Extremely safe:

Since this will be the first set of toothbrushes your kid will ever have, we made sure that it is made of the safest, non-toxic oral material with no BPA or phthalates content.

Made with your child in mind:

Kids think anything fun, vibrant and colorful is a toy. Our toothbrushes’ rich colors will excite them to brush their teeth every single time!

We guarantee you will be satisfied:

Each baby toothbrush we make goes through a strict and thorough inspection to ensure the best for babies. In case you are unsatisfied, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

6. Patelai 16 Pieces bristle toothbrush

16 Pieces bristle toothbrush Extra Soft Toothbrush Micro-Nano Toothbrush with 20000 Floss Bristles Manual Toothbrushes for Sensitive Teeth Pregnant Women Elderly Children, 2 Styles
  • Practical toothbrushes set: the package includes 16 pieces extra soft toothbrushes in 4 different fresh colors, including black, white, pink and green, the toothbrushes come with 2 styles brush heads of flat bristle and wave bristle, the different heads will meet your and your families’ multiple needs
  • Soft and reliable bristles: our products are made of micro nano and quality ABS material, these soft toothbrushes are designed with over 20,000 soft bristles, extra soft toothbrushes are especially designed for sensitive teeth, they can deeply clean the teeth gaps and sensitive oral cavity, eliminate the bad breath of plaque, and keep the mouth fresh for a long time
  • Easy to hold and identify: the handle is easier to hold and has a smooth surface without water stains, the various colors for easy identification, which are suitable for family members, the colorful plastic handle not only can easily be distinguished by family members, but also prevents the handle from getting damp
  • Portable size: the micro-nano manual soft toothbrush measures approx. 18.5 x 1.5 x 1.6 cm/ 7.28 x 0.59 x 0.63 inches and the length of bristle is 1.1 cm/ 0.43 inch, the appropriate size is suitable for deep cleaning, which is convenient for you and your family to hold, also you can take it with you when you go for business trip, it will not take too much space in your handbag
  • Wide applications: our soft micro-nano toothbrushes are suitable for the people of most ages, they are suitable for fragile oral and sensitive teeth, children’s or adults’ teeth and more, they are gentle and practical, can bring you a cozy brushing experience, and nicely maintain a neat and safe condition for your oral and teeth

Patelai Toothbrush is made of premium-quality bristles and has been proven to clean your teeth effectively and gently. This toothbrush provides an easy, comfortable grip while cleaning your teeth. The handle is easier to hold and has a smooth surface without water stains, making it great for traveling or vacationing.

Cleaning function:

This delicately-designed toothbrush is suitable for sensitive oral, pregnant women, men, the elderly, and children; extra fine bristles design is soft and flexible, brings a soft experience, and bids farewell to tooth sensitivity.

Non-slip handle:

The slim and long handle of the micro-nano bristle toothbrush is non-slip, easy to brush and clean the hard-to-reach area, operates effortlessly, and can nicely maintain a neat and safe condition for your oral and teeth.

2 Types of bristle:

The soft toothbrush of flat bristle and wave bristle fits your different needs; you can choose the style according to your needs.

7. Fremouth Firm Toothbrushes for Adults

Fremouth Firm Toothbrushes for Adults, Cross Hard Bristles, 6 Count
  • Firm & Hard Bristles: 0.25 mm firm bristles for cleaning smoke stain, tartar, coffee stain, tea stain.
  • Cross Bristles: Designed to flex and then straighten, actively penetrating between the teeth to lift and sweep plaque away.
  • Textured Tongue Cleaner: Located on the back of the toothbrush and helps remove food debris and plaque on your tongue to leave your mouth feeling fresh.
  • Easy-to-grip Handle: Silicone Sure-Grip Handle is ergonomically designed to fit easily into your hand for a smoother brushing routine.
  • Dentists recommend replacing your brush every 3 months or sooner if bristles are worn.

The Fremouth Firm Adult Toothbrush is designed to actively penetrate between the teeth, lifting and sweeping plaque away. The small interdental spaces are difficult to reach with traditional brushes, so we designed this toothbrush with a unique, angled, and tapered head shape to clean more of the surface area as you brush.

Cross Bristles

Designed to flex and then straighten, actively penetrating between the teeth to lift and sweep plaque away.

Textured Tongue Cleaner

Located on the back of the toothbrush and helps remove food debris and plaque on your tongue to leave your mouth feeling fresh.

Easy-to-grip Handle

Silicone Sure-Grip Handle is ergonomically designed to fit easily into your hand for a smoother brushing routine.

What Is The Best Bristle Toothbrush To Use?

toothbrush to use

Quality of bristles:

The quality of the bristles determines the softness and service provided. BPA-free and non-toxic bristles should ideally be made of nylon or polyester. Both are gentle and equally effective at deep cleaning. On the other hand, polyester bristles are less porous than nylon bristles, reducing the chances of bacteria growth.

Deep cleaning is required.

Examine the bristle alignment and whether it suits deep cleaning, particularly in difficult-to-reach regions. To maintain optimum dental health, bristles should clean both teeth and gums.

Design of the handle:

You must have a comfortable grip to balance the pressure while brushing your teeth. If you’re a heavy brusher, use a brush with an ergonomic design or flexible/angled bristles to balance the force and ensure safe cleaning.

Additional advantages include:

A toothbrush can provide you with more than just brushing benefits. There are models with rear scrubbers for excellent tongue washing, which is essential for proper oral hygiene. Aside from that, choose an eco-friendly toothbrush that is healthy for both you and the environment.

Types of Toothbrush Bristle

soft or medium toothbrush

Ultra-Soft and Extra-Soft

Ultra-soft and extra-soft toothbrushes, also known as sulcus or periodontal toothbrushes, are rarely recommended by dentists unless individuals have specific oral health concerns. If you have bleeding gums, receding gums, gingivitis, or periodontitis, this choice can make brushing at the gum line less uncomfortable.


Most people prefer soft-bristled toothbrushes because they are gentle on the teeth and gums while still being firm enough to dislodge food particles lodged between the teeth. A soft-bristled toothbrush can be your best bet if you want to remove bacteria and plaque without irritating or bleeding your gums. However, before using a toothbrush with soft bristles, talk to your dentist if you have any pre-existing dental issues.


Medium-bristled toothbrushes may clean more effectively than soft-bristled toothbrushes, which tend to bend or push out. However, this type of bristle can damage your delicate gum tissue and erode away the protective coating of your teeth called enamel if you brush with too much pressure.


You shouldn’t use a hard-bristled toothbrush to brush your natural teeth every day unless your dentist specifically encourages you to do so. Because they can damage your gums and tooth enamel, they should only be used temporarily. Cleaning your dentures with these brushes is absolutely not a good idea.


Are toothbrushes with more bristles better?

The main benefit of using a hard-bristled toothbrush is that it will last longer than a soft-bristled toothbrush. Despite what many people think, evidence suggests we shouldn’t actually use hard toothbrushes for cleaning teeth.

What kind of toothbrush bristles are best?

Most dentists recommend soft bristle toothbrushes because they are the most comfortable. Hard bristles can actually damage the gums, root surfaces, and tooth enamel, depending on how vigorously you brush. Softer bristles are kinder to the gums.

Why are medium toothbrushes bad?

It is sufficiently stiff to effectively remove plaque and built-up food particles from the teeth but not so hard as to harm the enamel. The bristles, however, may bleed your gums if they brush too hard and too often.

Final Words

This article aims to provide you with budget-friendly toothbrushes to help keep your pearly whites healthy. Bristle brushes we will review come in at a reasonable price, the best value for your money on the list. Regardless of which one you choose, the main thing you want to do is to be sure you’re brushing for two solid minutes without fail every day.

That is why we created this article, to give you the insight you need to make an informed decision next time you are in the market for a toothbrush. Hopefully, our top 7 list has given you some clarity on what will work best for your individual needs. The best type of toothbrush is the one that suits your lifestyle and preferences, and hopefully, this article will help you find them.






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