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7 Best Colostomy Bags Reviews And Buying Guide

Colostomy surgery is an effective treatment for some very serious problems and these cases can be life-threatening without it. However, many people who have a colostomy still lead healthy and active lives. So if you’ve been diagnosed with the condition and need to know more, or have had a colostomy bag fitted and are feeling unsure, you’ll find plenty of friendly advice in this guide that will help you get through it.

What Is A Colostomy Bag And When Do You Need It?

When surgery is necessary, doctors can bring the end of your colon out to an opening in your belly, called a stoma. This is where your feces leaves the body. Unlike other areas of the digestive tract, the skin around this opening won’t have nerve endings or muscles. So you can’t control when you go to the bathroom. Instead, a pouch that holds your stool (poop), called a colostomy bag, is attached to your stoma. A colostomy bag is worn all day and should be emptied several times a day to prevent it from getting too full.

Colostomy Bags Types 

There are different types of colostomy bags to choose from. Keeping track of which one is right for you can be confusing, so knowing the different types can help you make this decision.

1 Piece system

One-piece systems are probably the type of ostomy bags you know best. They’re made up of one layer which easily encases your stoma and keeps it hidden from view. One piece systems are usually quite easy to change, fitting onto a special skin barrier or an adhesive belt that holds everything in place. This system is also incredibly discreet to wear as it doesn’t require much additional protection.

2 Piece System

A two-piece system is an ileostomy system that has a base plate and a bag attached to it. The base plate fits tightly around the opening of the small intestine called the stoma. The bag sits on top of the base plate and collects waste product from your body. You change the bag as needed; most people change it every 2 to 3 days.

Closed Bags

The closed bag is recommended for use with firm stools. The closed bag has a specially designed padded inner liner that should be replaced when the stool softens or the color changes. Some closed bags have a system of tubing and flushing mechanisms to transport the stool while other bags are used without them.

Drainable Bags

Drainable bags are bags that collect stool. You use them if stools have a lot of liquid in them. To empty them, you pull the bag out of a hole at the bottom.


These are little bags that you can only use for a short period of time.

What Qualities Should A High-quality Colostomy Bag Have?

A high-quality colostomy bag should have several unique qualities. First, it needs to provide an odor-free environment that prevents gas build-up, especially when the bag is full. It must also be capable of preventing leaking to avoid any unwanted circumstances. And, most importantly, a high-quality colostomy bag should be comfortable.

7 Best Colostomy Bags Reviews

The best colostomy bags should be comfortable, leak-proof, and easy to use. The best ones are made with a soft and flexible material that will not irritate the skin. The best colostomy bags are also odor-free, so they won’t cause any unpleasant smells.

Colostomy bags come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s important to choose one that fits well and is comfortable to wear. These types of products are designed for people who have had surgery on their intestines or bowels.

We’ve done considerable research to locate the best brands for you. We’ve compiled 7 reviews to help you choose the best colostomy bags.

1. CONVATEC 22771 ActiveLife Cut-to-Fit Drainable Pouch

CONVATEC 22771 ActiveLife Cut-to-Fit Drainable Pouch (Pack of 10)

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CONVATEC 22771 ActiveLife Cut-to-Fit Drainable Pouch are designed to increase patient comfort and mobility. The pouch has a soft elastic waistband, a roll-down leg cuff and one drain tube opening. The polypropylene pouch is available in a convenient 10 pack for frequent changes. Also, has a leg elevation strap which helps prevent skin breakdown by keeping the pouch off the thighs when lying down or sitting.

One-piece System:

This product is a one-piece system, designed with a soft and flexible silicone membrane that allows for easy emptying.

Comfortable For Long Term Wear:

This product is made from soft and flexible silicone that stretches so that it can accommodate your body.

Easy To Empty:

You can easily empty this product by pressing down on the top of the pouch.

2. KONWEDA 20 PCS Colostomy Bags

KONWEDA 20 PCS Colostomy Bags, Ostomy Supplies,One Piece Drainable Ostomy Pouch for Ileostomy Stoma Care, Cut-to-Fit

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The KONWEDA One Piece Drainable Ostomy Pouch is designed for Ileostomies. It is made of top-grade material and uses advanced technology to ensure safety and comfort for your daily life. It is easy to clean and has a leak proof closure system.

Friendly To Skin:

Advanced hydrocolloid made of pressure sensitive adhesive and pectin, skin friendly, paste no residue.

Easy To Carry: 

Small size and lightweight with a portable bag which can be carried anywhere easily.

Convenient To Use: 

With one-way valve design, it is easy to use and convenient to change the colostomy bag when necessary.

Safe And Reliable: 

The material is FDA approved medical grade silicone which is safe for the human body.


The bag is made of high quality material, it can be used for more than one month, greatly reducing the trouble of changing colostomy bags.

Included In The Package:

20PCS One-piece system ostomy bags+1 Ostomy measure card+1 Instruction book

3. Colostomy Bags 20pcs Ostomy Supplies

HomeBake Colostomy Bags 20pcs Ostomy Supplies for Colostomy Ileostomy Urostomy Stoma Care, Cut to Fit(20-60mm) Stoma Bags with Hook and Loop Closure, One-Piece Drainable Ostomy Bags

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Colostomy Bags 20pcs Ostomy Supplies for Colostomy Ileostomy Urostomy Stoma Care, Cut to Fit(20-60mm) Stoma Bags with Hook and Loop Closure, One-Piece Drainable Ostomy Bags will be your dependable partner while on the move. These durable stoma bags are durable and come with a self-adhesive hook and loop closure. This product is compatible with all standard ostomies including colostomies, ileostomies, and urostomies.

One-Piece Design: 

Integrated closure ostomy bags make the stoma care more simple, flexible and convenient, easy to use, easy to replace independently.


These ostomy supplies use high-quality medical hydrocolloid, soft non-woven fabric, durable double-sided brown film, and V-shaped carbon filter, which are safe, reliable, skin-friendly, and strong barriers.

60mm Maximum Cut: 

The cutting hole range of this stoma bag is from 20mm to 60mm, cut to fit most stomas.


Colostomy bag closure welded to punch tail. Ability to open and close repeatedly. You can use our ostomy bag with confidence, not only because the velcro closure has a good seal, but also the pouch with 7-layer EVOH barrier film.

Package Includes: 

20 pcs ostomy bags, 1x Ostomy measure card, 1x Instruction book.

4. Carbou 21 PCS Ostomy Supplies Colostomy Bags

Carbou 21 PCS Ostomy Supplies Colostomy Bags Two Piece Drainable Pouches with Closure 12', Ileostomy Stoma Care,Cut-to-Fit(15pcs Bags+6pcs Barrier)

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Carbou 21 Pcs Ostomy Supplies Colostomy Bags Two Piece Drainable Pouches with Closure 12″ with 6 pcs Barrier is designed for Ileostomy patients and it is made of durable material that provide secure fit in waistband or belt. Also, it comes with a clear view window to check fluid level, quick and easy to use.

Reusable Bags:

Drainable ostomy Pouch Colostomy Bag is 57mm Cut Size

Easy to Attach:

The buckle ring is the easy to attach the pouch with the skin barrier

Active Filter:

The active filter has removal function, to prevent embarrassing

Nonwoven Fabric:

Nonwoven fabric for PE puncturing film liner, soft and comfortable

Convenient For Operation:

1 Measure Card in a box, follow the Ostomy Pouches

5. Colostomy Bags Supplies Medicals Drainable Pouch, Ileostomy Ostomy Bag

Colostomy Bags Supplies Medicals Drainable Pouch, Ileostomy Ostomy Bag One-Piece Closed Stoma Bag (30pcs C001)

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Colostomy Bags Supplies Medicals Drainable Pouch, Ileostomy Ostomy Bag One-Piece Closed Stoma Bag (30pcs C001) is a medical product for ostomies and colostomies. It is made of soft nonwoven fabric, which has good absorbency and can be used repeatedly. The stoma bag has a closed end with a supporting belt and two leaves to prevent leakage. You can wear it on your body all day long. It is convenient and easy to use, and there are no special requirements for wearing or washing clothes. There is no harm to the skin around the stoma during daily life. The size of the bag is adjustable according to the circumstances of each person’s body structure and habits so that you can wear it comfortably.

High Quality:

The Closed Colostomy Bag Supplies is made of high quality material, which is safe and skin-friendly. The colostomy supplies are convenient to use and easy to clean. It will be your best choice for colostomy care.


Closed colostomy Bag supplies a compact bag shape,good air-tightness, and high comfort. One-time use. 


The double adhesive tape on the bottom of the ostomy bag can keep it from leaking even in movement. 


It’s small size and light weight make it easy to carry around, so that you can enjoy traveling freely with your family. 

Easy to use:

Just tear off the plastic film outside of the ostomy bag, then put on the adhesive pad with a little water droplet on it and fasten it with a clip or tape on your body skin firmly. When you want to take it off, just remove the clip or tape slowly

6. Hollister Filtered Ostomy Pouch New Image 2 1/4″ Two-Piece System

No products found.

No products found.

Hollister Filtered Ostomy Pouch New Image 2 1/4″ Two-Piece System is a pouch that features a large volume capacity, a unique filter to prevent leaks, and an antiseptic agent to help control odor. It has an adhesive skin barrier that provides secure attachment and conforms closely to the skin. The pouch has an anti-leak check valve in the body of the pouch to help prevent leaks.


Hollister Filtered Ostomy Pouch New Image 2 1/4″ Two-Piece System 9″ Length Closed End (#18363, Sold Per Box) 

Large Volume Capacity: 

This two piece system has an internal capacity of up to 160cc allowing for more fluid absorption. It also features a unique filter which prevents leakage due to excessive liquid intake or output.

Unique Filter:

This filter prevents air from entering the system and causing leakage. It also helps prevent contamination of the wound site.

Antiseptic Agent:

This product contains an antiseptic agent that helps control odor surrounding the ostomy site.

7. LotFancy Ostomy Supplies, 20PCS Colostomy Bag

LotFancy Ostomy Supplies, 20PCS Colostomy Bag - 15 PCS Two Piece Drainable Pouches and 5PCS Stoma Skin Barrier Included for Ileostomy Stoma Care, Cut-to-Fit, Pack of 20/Box

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The LotFancy Ostomy Supplies, 20PCS Colostomy Bag is a premium quality product that is designed to care for your ostomy stoma. The mesh pouch is highly flexible and breathable, provides comfort for the wearer and prevents skin exposure for easier healing. The pouches are two piece drainable (includes a removable inner pouch). This product is made of 100% clear silicone material which ensures a better seal between the bag and skin barrier to prevent leaks.


The Skin Barrier Has A Perforated Design And Is Air-permeable With Its Advanced Hydro-colloid Coating


Made With Effective Odor Resistant Film And Comes With A Carbon Filter To Fight Odor


Easy To Peel Off And Replace; Easy To Empty And Rinse, Cut To Fit – From 1 To 2 1/4 Inches

Intimate Non-woven Cover:

There Is An Opening On The Non-woven Backing Fabric Allowing You To Check For Any Unusual Excretion

Convenient For Operation:

1 Instruction, 5 Skin Barrier, 15 Drainable Pouches, 1 Measure Card In A Box, Follow The User Guide For Ostomy Pouches

Buying A Colostomy Bag: What to Look For

Best Colostomy Bags

Colostomy bags are the most important part of your life after you have a colostomy surgery. They can make or break your life, so you must choose the best one to make sure that it will not impact your lifestyle negatively. Here are some important factors that you need to consider before making your decision:

Easy To Empty

A good colostomy bag should be easy to empty and change. This means that you do not need to worry about spills and messes when you are in public areas, such as restaurants or hotels. The best bags can be easily emptied at the side of the toilet without any messes or leaks. 

Easy To Wear And Take Off

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a colostomy bag is how easy it is to wear and take off. If you are not comfortable with your colostomy bag, then it is not the right one for you. A good colostomy bag will fit securely, but still be easy to remove, either by undoing the front or back fastenings or, in some cases, simply by detaching it from the stoma site. You should also be able to put on and take off your colostomy bag without feeling discomfort or pain.


The top quality of a good colostomy bag is its comfortability for users. A good bag allows users to wear it for hours without feeling uncomfortable and ill-fitting. 


A good colostomy bag must work well and fit properly on your stoma, so you don’t have to worry about accidents and spillages during the day or night time when you sleep. A reliable product will keep your skin dry and clean without any inflammation or irritation caused by adhesive, especially when you are having a long day with a lot of activities outdoors or in public areas.

Brand Value

When you are buying a colostomy bag, it is best that you choose a brand with a good name in the market. There are many well-known brands in the market and they have been producing colostomy bags for years. This means that they have gained their reputation based on the quality of their products. You can easily find a good quality product from a well known brand.

Price And Customer Reviews

It is wise to check out the price and customer reviews before you buy a colostomy bag. While you can get your colostomy bag at an affordable price, the quality may not be as good as one that costs a little more. You should not just accept a lower price for your colostomy bag, especially when it comes with a cheap strap or other low quality materials. It’s also better to check out the review, because reviews help the buyer know the pros and cons of the product.

Best Colostomy Bags- FAQs

What is the capacity of a colostomy bag?

A larger colostomy bag can hold around 650 ml of waste. The amount of waste that a person with a colostomy bag can produce is highly variable, though.

What’s the difference between ostomy and colostomy bags?

An ostomy bag, or sometimes referred to as a colostomy bag, is a bag that is placed on the body in order to collect body waste. The ostomy bag is normally attached to an ostomy wafer that fits into the stoma opening, which goes through the lining of the abdomen and rectum. The ostomy bag is used by individuals with either a permanent or temporary colostomy or ileostomy. The use of colostomy bags requires daily maintenance and emptying after each use.

How frequently must a colostomy bag be replaced?

The frequency at which you should change depends on what type of colostomy bag you are using, since they have different mechanisms of drainage. For example, if you use a closed product, it must be changed every day or every other day. While, if it’s a drainable product, changing once a week or twice a month is enough.

Is a colostomy bag a temporary or permanent solution?

A colostomy bag is a short-term solution for helping the body heal after an operation, such as a bowel cancer removal. One of the most common operations for bowel cancer is called a resection. In this procedure, part of the colon or rectum is removed along with nearby lymph nodes to prevent death from the disease or spread of cancer cells. The resulting opening that is left in place of the removed tissue can be sewn closed temporarily using surgical staples. Absorbable staples are generally used because they dissolve over time and do not need to be removed by the surgeon or nurse. Once the area below has healed, a surgeon can often reverse the colostomy, allowing your bowels to work as they did before surgery. In other cases, however, a permanent colostomy will be necessary, requiring you to wear an external colostomy bag attached to your body at all times in order to collect your waste from where it exits through your abdominal wall .

How often are colostomy bags emptied?

The frequency of emptying depends on the volume of waste produced. You must empty your pouch when it is about one-third full. This prevents a visible bulge under the clothes and prevents the pouch from separating from the seal due to its weight. 

What kinds of things are prohibited when using a colostomy bag?

When you have a colostomy, there are many things you will not be able to do. You will not be able to control when stool and gas move into your pouch. This means amounts of stool and gas that go into your pouch will vary based on your diet and the type of ostomy. Many people with colostomies cannot wear pants, because they could not be changed fast enough if they leaked. Avoid foods that commonly cause gas, including beans, cabbage and onions.


As you can see there are a lot of things to know about colostomy bags. Just remember to be patient and don’t be afraid of trying something new. If you take this advice into consideration, you can make a great decision that will lead to a positive outlook on living with a colostomy bag.






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