Best Infrared Heating Pad

Best Infrared Heating Pad Reviews And Buying Guide

the best infrared heating pad comes with amazing health benefits. These pads have been a savior for me through some of the most stressful times of my life, especially when an exercise injury came my way. Its design utilizes Far Infrared Therapy (FIR) to gently increase blood circulation to the tissues that need it most. This helps heal all sorts of aches and pains, whether random or acute. The best part is infrared heating pads come in all sizes and shapes – there is something to suit everyone’s needs!

Best Infrared Heating Pad Reviews

1. HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad

HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad – Hot Stones Jade Tourmaline – Negative Ions – Mesh JT Mat Full 7224 Soft Light InfraMat Pro®
  • Safe, comfortable and reliable: sophisticated time and temperature control high tech with auto shut off controller and extra layers to protect from accidents
  • Your personal wellness assistant – Take this lightweight, flexible, and portable model with you for therapy-on-the-go anywhere and anytime
  • Highest quality materials in the industry including heavy duty industrial grade parts and materials, durable heat resistant medical-grade mesh fabric
  • What’s inside our mats? Our infrared heating pads are constructed with 21 functional layers. The top surface of the mat infused with certified jewelry grade untreated, unpainted, and natural gemstones
  • Buy with confidence: 1 Year Warranty, fast and kind customer care and trade in benefits!
MaterialNatural 50 pcs Jade and Tourmaline Stones
Item Weight14 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH72 x 24 x 1 inches

Each mat comes with round pieces of jade and tourmaline held in place with a mesh lining that increases the flexibility. You can use it comfortably on the floor, in bed, on a sofa, in a recliner, or even propped up against the wall. Sleep on the mat overnight to extend the time you spend bolstering your wellness. Just turn up the heat and relax as the stones release high levels of far infrared and negative ions. These natural therapies will help elevate your wellness levels to temporarily boost your circulatory system. Use the intuitive controls to find the temperature to the degree at which you are the most comfortable. Begin the journey to better wellness with a model that continues to prove itself time and time again.

Far Infrared Heat

The most common use of far infrared heat is to assist the body in temporarily relieving minor muscle and joint pain. FIR slightly increases the temperature of the surface level of your body.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.

Negative Ions

Fills the air with negatively charged molecules that reduce contaminants in the surrounding environment and enter your body to produce positive changes.

2. Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad

Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad – Platinum
  • PLATINUM is the most popular due to versatility. Designed with 3 infrared heat inserts allow you to use it comfortably anywhere on the body. The one position switch ensures the Platinum heats to the perfect temperature of 108-116F for use in the flat position for back/large muscle areas or wrap/folded around arm, leg, calves, hips, and hands, draped over the shoulder or zigzagged for the neck. A long and short strap are included for ease of use
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY For 26 years Thermotex has nurtured and supported individuals through pain management and healing with science backed technology. Registered with the FDA and clinical trials with rigorous testing have proven the efficacy and long-term benefits of our far infrared therapy for various types of muscle pain that is often left unchanged by traditional strategies. Thermotex products provide deep penetrating heat that does not burn or dehydrate, targeting the condition where it
  • TRUSTED PRODUCT Thermotex products meet integral manufacturing standards and ISO certifications for their trademarked products. Manufactured in their Calgary, AB,Canada facility has allowed them the ability to maintain complete control ensuring compliance is met and each product is as close to perfect as it can be
  • MORE THAN JUST A HEATING PAD Thermotex Far Infrared Platinum heating pad provides far infrared heat therapy penetrating 10x deeper than traditional heating pads. The soothing infrared wavelengths penetrate 2.36” into muscle tissue, promoting increased blood flow, something regular heating pads can’t provide. Unlike a regular heating pad, the Thermotex Platinum allows pain relief at soothing temperatures between 108°-116°F
  • WARRANTY AND CARE A one year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor. All covers can be easily cleaned by dry cleaning or washing on gentle cycle. Remove all heat inserts and wiring prior to washing. Place in the dryer on low or dry naturally
Item Weight2 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH15.25 x 7.25 x 5.5 inches

For more than 20 years the Canadian, family-run business has provided temporary pain relief that is backed by rigorous research, due diligence and a commitment to customers. Thermotex understands that building trust is paramount to customers, and has accomplished this by meeting integral manufacturing standards and ISO certifications for all trademarked products.

Utilizes Three Patented Far Infrared Inserts

The Platinum System is the most studied, popular and versatile far infrared therapeutic device in the industry. Boasting 3 patented heat inserts, the Platinum System provides targeted, safe and effective infrared heat to almost every part of the body.

Whole Body Treatment

Our Platinum model is the most popular due to its versatility. Designed with 3 heat inserts allows you to use it comfortably anywhere on your body. Use it in the flat position to treat back discomfort. It can also be wrapped around your arm or leg, draped over your shoulder or zigzagged in the nape of your neck. It comes with a long and short strap for ease of use.

Far Infrared Technology

Thermotex far infrared products are unique, penetrating 2.36 inches into the muscle, targeting discomfort where it originates.

3. SereneLife Full Body Vibrating Massage Mat

SereneLife Full Body Vibrating Massage Mat, Upgraded Infrared Heating Pad Mattress Cushion with 10 Motors, 5 Heat Pads, Timer, Warming Back Massager Relieves Stress & Muscle Pain, Black
  • FULL BODY RELAXATION: The SereneLife Heating Massage Pad offers full body relaxation targeting 5 massage zones including shoulder, back, lumbar, leg & calf. Uses 10 powerful vibration motors that give you therapeutic, soothing, and relaxing massage
  • ADJUSTABLE VIBRATION: Features 3 vibration intensity levels that you can customize using the corded remote controller. These vibrating motors penetrate into your body to help release tension, stress fatigue, spasms, and fatigue after a long day
  • FIVE HEATING PADS: The massage heating pad includes 5 heat pads that work independently. The heat soothes the body to further relieve tension, aid muscle pain & soreness and promote blood flow. Equipped w/ overheating protection system for your safety
  • COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: The full body massager mat is made of 100% soft polyester and foam padding allowing your body to rest in maximum comfort while immersing your soul & mind to unwind mode, waking up the next day feeling refreshed and energetic
  • FLEXIBLE & FOLDABLE: Features folding design for easy storage w/ strap to secure vibrating heating pad in place. Use on the bed, sofa, couch, recliner & chair. Provides 15-minute session w/ auto shut-off to avoid overuse such as when falling asleep
Model NameSereneLife Massage Mat

The SereneLife Heating Massage Pad offers full body relaxation targeting 5 massage zones including shoulder, back, lumbar, leg & calf. This mat uses 10 powerful vibration motors that give you therapeutic, soothing, and relaxing massage to help you relieve muscle pain and stress.

It features 3 vibration intensity levels that you can customize using the corded remote controller. These vibrating motors penetrate into your body to help release tension, stress fatigue, spasms, and fatigue after a long day of work or exercise.

Additionally, this heated massager is designed with an extra-long power cord (9 feet) so that it can target several areas of your body at once without having to move around on the mat or continuously reconnecting the cord.


The full body massager mat is made of 100% soft polyester and foam padding allowing your body to rest in maximum comfort while immersing your soul & mind to unwind mode, waking up the next day feeling refreshed and energetic.


Features folding design for easy storage w/ strap to secure vibrating heating pad in place. Use on the bed, sofa, couch, recliner & chair. Provides 15-minute session w/ auto shut-off to avoid overuse such as when falling asleep.

4. BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad

BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad with Auto Shut Off Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders, Back Pain and Muscle Pain Relief – 14 x 27 Inch, White
  • THERAPEUTIC WARMTH. This heat pad provides temporary muscle pain relief for people with muscle strains and sprains, joint pain, back pain, and inflammation
  • WATER NOT REQUIRED. This moist heating pad produces its own moisture from humidity in the air
  • EASY TO USE. This heating pad has user-friendly LCD controls that allow the user to set and monitor the treatment temperature and time
  • SETTINGS STAY SET. The BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad has a lockout feature that keeps the controls from being accidentally touched and changed during treatment
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF. This heating pad with auto shut off eliminates worry about forgetting to turn it off. The BodyMed heating pad allows the user to set the shut-off time in one-minute increments up to one hour. The preset automatic shut-off time is 15 minutes
Item Weight2.7 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH27 x 14 x 1 inches

BodyMed’s Digital Moist Heating Pad provides the perfect balance of moist warmth that is comfortable and soothing. It has a digital controller which allows you to set the exact temperature, timer, and safety features. This heating pad can be safely used on back, neck and shoulder muscles, muscle strains and sprains as well as joint pain.

No Water Required

The BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad requires no water, but instead produces its own moisture using the humidity in the air.

Easy to read LCD controls

Easy-to-read LCD controls allow the use to set and monitor treatment temperature and time.

Temperature Lock

Lockout feature guards against unintended touching of the controls during treatment.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Create penetrating heat to lessen the pain of muscle strain, poor posture, degenerative diseases, trauma or joint instability.

Knee Pain

Injury or conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, or torn meniscus.

Back Pain

Muscle or ligament strain, bulging or ruptured discs, arthritis, osteoporosis, skeletal issues.

Muscle Pain

Soothing heat relieves strains from overexertion, post-workout soreness, cramping or stiffness, and adds comforting warmth.

5. Graphene Heating Pad for Back Pain

Graphene Heating Pad for Back Pain, Far Infrared Heating Waist Belt with 3 Level Temperature Control for Back Pain Menstrual Stomach Cramps Relief with Power Adapter
  • 【 ! !!NOTE –Without Power Bank ! !! 】 After power on, the indicator light will be off after 15 seconds in case of no operation for the power button, but the product is still in working state. Please don’t worry!
  • 【GRAPHENE HEATING TECH FOR BACK PAIN RELIEF 】Do you suffer lower back pain and discomfort when you are working, doing sporting or housework? Our lower back heating pad has a built-in graphene heating module, which quickly releases mild and uniform heat after being electrified and generates far-infrared light waves, which can be absorbed by the body to help promote blood circulation, muscle spasms and pinched nerves
  • 【3 HEATING LEVELS】3 level temperature settings which controlled by one button, easy to use. Long press to turn it on, short press to change temperature level: Green-Low Temperature (104℉-113℉), Blue-Medium Temperature (113℉-122℉), Red – High Temperature (122℉-136.4℉)
  • 【78.7 INCH USB CABLE WITH POWER CHARGER】- The heating waist belt can be powered by USB wall charger/laptops/car USB adapter. In case of wireless heating, please connect to a mobile power bank (Not Included). Moreover, there’s a pocket beside the power interface for it, and you can enjoy the hot compress anytime anywhere
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】The lumbar heating pad helps relieve low back and stomach muscle tension, soreness and stress, increases blood circulation, and gives instant heat therapy. Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas Gifts
Item Dimensions LxWxH5.12 x 3.15 x 0.79 inches

PMAKULAX is a company dedicated to the reserach on new high-tech material – Graphene. Specializing in the stable electrical conductivity and heat conduction properties of Graphene, it has developed a series of Graphene heated physicaltherapy products.

Five Breakthroughs

  • Black technology graphene smart heating module
  • Stylish design, the weight is only 226g
  • Honeycomb heating, sustained and balanced
  • Rapid heating in 3s
  • Intelligent constant temperature, prevent scald

Buying Guide For Best Infrared Heating Pad


The comfort and softness of an infrared heating pad is determined by the material it is made of. You don’t want to use something that irritates your skin.

Many types are made of synthetic materials like polyester, although some are made of cotton.

Examine the cover to see if it is removable and washable. Is it machine washable or only spot cleanable if it’s washable?

Fillings for Mats

Many infrared mats are built of restorative stones, each with its own set of advantages.

Other infrared mats that have an infrared heating function do not include crystal or stone fillings.

Heat and Power Pathways

Crystals and gemstones are used in some infrared pads for their natural therapeutic powers.

Knowing the healing capabilities of each crystal or gemstone will help you choose an infrared heating pad that has the healing properties you want.


Tourmaline produces negative ions, which aid in blood circulation, detoxification, and the elimination of harmful metals, as well as supporting the liver and kidneys.

Stones of Jade

Jade stones emit far-infrared heat, which helps to regulate energy and mood while also boosting the immune system and circulation.

Jade stones help boost energy and minimize bruises, discomfort, and inflammation in the body.


Amethyst emits a steady stream of far infrared, which aids in blood oxygenation, promotes a positive mood, reduces anxiety, and boosts the immune system.


Obsidian is often combined with other gemstones or crystals to enhance the healing powers of the other stones.

Are of Use

Infrared heating pads are available in a variety of sizes and can be used on various body areas.

Many models come with a full-body mat that you may lie down on. Tiny size pads are ideal for targeting certain smaller parts of the body, such as the legs, arms, or stomach.

A larger full-size body mat may be more appropriate if you want far infrared technology to treat your back.


The weight of an infrared heating pad varies depending on the model. The weight of the pad is also determined by whether it contains gemstones and/or crystals.


Is it possible to modify the heating level on the infrared heating pad, or is the heat only emitted at one temperature setting?

If you plan to use the infrared heating pad for an extended amount of time, look for one with a low-temperature setting to match the body’s core temperature.

The pad warms up faster with a higher heat setting.

How long does the infrared heating pad take to heat up?

Heat Levels

Is it possible to establish specific timers? Is there an auto-shutdown feature on the infrared heating pad?

Therapy using Negative Ions

Many infrared heating pads create negative ions in addition to generating infrared heat.

Ions attach to your cells, improve your metabolism, balance your hormones, and provide healing properties for a range of ailments.

The type and number of stones in your infrared heating pad affect the amount of negative ions produced.

Look for infrared heating pads with gemstones and/or crystals if you want negative ion therapy. Negative ions are not produced by pads without stones.

EMF Shielding

Check to see if the infrared heating pad has EMF protection. Many devices emit significant levels of electromagnetic radiation, which can affect your mental health, sleep quality and pattern, and overall well-being.

EMF protection is provided by the best infrared heating pads, which lessen or block the nature of the electromagnetic field, making it more bearable for the body.


To be completely safe, look for infrared heating pads that have formal certifications from professional organizations like the FDA.

This means that the equipment has passed stringent safety tests and has been certified as a medical-grade device.

Price and Delivery

Prices vary depending on the heating pad’s quality, size, and inclusion of gemstones or crystals.

At the low end of the price range, an infrared heating pad should cost between $150 and $250.

Larger size mats can cost upwards of $800 on the luxury end.

In the continental United States, most infrared heating pads come with free shipping.


In an ideal world, you’d get an infrared heating pad made of high-quality materials that would last a long time, but for added peace of mind, see whether it comes with a warranty.

Infrared heating pads should have a warranty of one to three years on average.


Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the infrared heating pad that’s right for you. And if this review has sparked your interest enough that you decide to pick one up, here are a few general buying considerations.






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