Best Konjac Jelly

Best Konjac Jelly

You should always look for the best konjac jelly you can find. That’s because quality Konjac jelly on the market has a texture that is fluffy and foamy with tiny, soft, and fine bubbles that can gently cleanse your skin and leave it soft, smooth, and glowing. You also have to look at the packaging. It should be made of PET, not something that’s easily breakable or too hard to squeeze out of its tube. And there are other things about konjac jelly that you need to think about if you want to find the best brand possible

Best Konjac Jelly Reviews

1. EVERYDAZE Essential C’s Collagen + Vitamin C Konjac Jelly

EVERYDAZE Essential C’s Collagen + Vitamin C Konjac Jelly | Vegan, 10 Calories, 0 Sugar | Green Grape | 10 Packs | Healthy Diet Pouch Drinkable Snack Drink, Weight Management
  • Functional jelly snack with just 10 calories in travel-friendly pouches
  • Boost of Collagen and Vitamin C: Level up your snack game by incorporating daily essential supplements for an effortless inner beauty boost
  • Fun, chewy, and fulfilling plant-based konjac jelly
  • Refreshing, fruity, and delicious zero-sugar snack option to swap out sugary cravings
  • Satisfy sweet tooth and avoid adding extra calories or sugar to your diet
Item FormGel
FlavorGreen Grape
ColorGreen Grape Flavor
Material FeatureGluten Free, Plant Based, Vegan, Sugar Free
Weight3.86 Pounds
Unit Count5.07 Fl Oz

At just 10 calories, Essential C’s Konjac Jelly is the perfect substitute for sugary and high calorie snacks. Level up your snack game by incorporating daily essential supplements – Collagen and Vitamin C, for an effortless inner beauty boost. Collagen and Vitamin C are a power duo that synergize to enhance each other’s performances.

BETTER TOGETHER – COLLAGEN + VITAMIN C: These two essential supplements upgrade your snack experience with a boost of inner beauty. It’s the combination of these two that effectively recharges your skin and health. When the body works to build up Collagen, it crucially needs the antioxidant, Vitamin C to effectively complete the protein construction. Therefore, Vitamin C is needed to maintain Collagen levels.

Why Konjac?

Upon having no fat and almost no calories, it’s also widely known to aid in weight management, and improving cholesterol levels and digestive system.

Better Together: Collagen & Vitamin C

A boost of Collagen helps improve skin elasticity and provide joint & muscle support. Vitamin C helps optimize immune system and promote bright & charming skin.

Sugar Free

This jelly drink is made with natural sweetener, Erythritol. It is not metabolized and safely exits the body. It is naturally found in foods such as grapes, pears, and watermelon.

Simple Formulation

This konjac jelly is vegan, zero sugar, fat free, gluten free, keto diet friendly, and cruelty free.

2. Tastelli Konjac Jelly

Tastelli Konjac Jelly Infused with Collagen + Vitamin C + Antioxidants / 10 Calories, Vegan, Zero Sugar/Healthy Drinkable Dessert Pouch / (Mango Pineapple) – 150mL x 10 Pouches
  • ENHANCED SNACKING: Tastelli Konjac Jelly has only 10 CALORIES and infused with Collagen + Vitamin C + Antioxidants for inner beauty boost from inside out.
  • REDUCE CRAVINGS: Tastelli Konjac Jelly satisfies sweet cravings with refreshing, sweet, and fruity flavors
  • CONVENIENT: Tastelli Konjac Jelly comes in a travel friendly squeeze pouch, perfect for snacking on the go
  • GUILT FREE SNACKING: Control your sugary urges with satisfaction and no guilt! Konjac Jelly is known to aid in weight management, and improving cholesterol levels & digestive system
  • PERFECT BALANCE: Tastelli Konjac Jelly is Vegan Friendly, Zero Sugar, Gluten Free, Fat Free and Keto Friendly!
Item FormGel
FlavorMango Pineapple
ColorMango Pineapple
Material FeatureGluten Free, Vegan, Sugar Free
Unit Count10.00 Fl Oz

Tastelli Konjac Jelly brings its innovative blend of Collagen, Vitamin C, and Antioxidants to create its incredible Mango Pineapple Flavored Drinkable Konjac Jelly for your sweet tooth cravings, and decreases guilt by managing hunger & cravings with just 10 calories. Our innovative blend has no sugar and is Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, and Fat Free! With only 10 Calories and zero added sugar, this blend of Konjac Jelly is a healthy substitute for your sugar snack cravings.

REDUCE HUNGER, PREVENT OVEREATING, and SATISFY CRAVINGS with the perfect dose of natural extracts and fruity MANGO PINEAPPLE flavor. An added infusion of Collagen and Vitamin C collaborate to enhance your beauty from the inside out! Added infusion of essential supplements: Collagen – Provides joint and muscle support and improves skin elasticity Vitamin C – Boosts immune system and promotes bright and healthy skin. How is it still so sweet and delicious with 10 Calories & Zero Sugar?! It’s made of a natural sweetener, Erythritol.

Less To Lose Weight

Tastelli helps you eat less to lose weight. We add no sugar or artificial sweeteners; low in calories and fat with natural fiber, so it’s good for your body. Tastelli is a tasty way to reduce hunger, prevent overeating and satisfy cravings with our flavorful natural flavor profiles.

Vegan Friendly

Tastelli Konjac Jelly is a healthy substitute for jam, jelly, and other spreads. It’s made with pure konjac flour and mixed with the delicious fruit flavors of your choice! Not only is it low carb, gluten free, and vegan friendly, but it also contains zero calories. You’ll love this healthy alternative to other sweeteners. The possibilities are endless when you have Tastelli on hand.

3. Drinkable Konjac Jelly Pouches

Eat Munchie Box Drinkable Konjac Jelly B Pouches | Healthy Dietary Supplement | Korean Diet Drink | Low Carb & Low Calorie Snacks, No Sugar Added (16 Pouches) Variety of Flavors
  • ALL THE BEST – Now enjoy the favorite Jelly B’s most favorite flavors: Watermlon, Peach, Mango, Lychee, Apple, Blueberry, Grape, and the newest released: Mandarin Orange!
  • HEALTHY – Many have found this no sugar-added supplement to be a healthy replacement to heavy meals. Jelly.B’s conjac food components will make you feel full for hours, all the while only being a 6-7 calories snack.
  • TASTE TO LOVE – A unique combination of jelly texture and palette refreshment. This is the nutrient packed on-the-go meal you’ve been waiting for.
  • HANDPACKED – Each Munchie Box is care for by our dedicated team. To ensure the quality and freshness of its arrival, we provide premium packaging – a thick box and safely heat sealed – ready for you. We stand behind every gift box and strive for your complete satisfaction!
  • GIFTABLE – to friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, road trips, vacations, workmates, housewarming gifts, parties, and even yourself! Enjoy and share your care with those you care!
BrandEat Munchie Box
Item FormLiquid
Material FeatureSugar Free
Package InformationBox
Unit Count60.80 Fl Oz

Jelly. B Drinkable Konjac Spirulina Pouch is the only drinkable healthy supplement that can be combined with water, milk, or any beverage you choose. Each serving has only 6-7 calories, yet packs over 3 times the fiber of other leading probiotic products in the marketplace today. It also delivers powerful nutrients such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A.

Sugar-Free & Delicious

Many have found this no sugar-added supplement to be a healthy replacement for heavy meals. The jelly pouch is easy to eat on the go and full of water-soluble fiber which helps you fill up and stay fuller longer. We’re excited to see the full potential of this product, in that its health benefits have room for growth, though nonetheless it already provides a delicious way to stay hydrated or pack in some extra nutrients into a busy lifestyle.

Healthy Snacking Made Simple

Drinkable Konjac Jelly Pouches were made for the busy people in your life! People who love to snack and eat healthily, but do not have enough time to do so. Now you can enjoy a healthy treat in minutes!

4. JELLY B Drinkable Konjac Jelly

Weight4 Pounds
Item FormLiquid
Allergen InformationAllergen-Free

Jelly.B Drinkable Konjac Jelly contains no added sugar, only 7 calories per packet, and 0 grams of fat. This is a healthy and natural weight loss diet supplement food that will help you to stay slim. Jelly.B also tastes great and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!

Healty And Natural

A healthy, natural, and low calorie drink for weight loss. Each packet contains 15 grams of jelly made from konjac powder and concentrated fruit juice powder. It has a delicious lychee taste and is enriched with Vitamin B12 which helps to energize.

Perfect Diet Product

Jelly.B Drinkable Konjac Jelly is a healthy and natural weight loss supplement. With 0 Gram sugar and only 7 kcal in each packet, this is the perfect diet product to enjoy as an on-the-go snack or as a healthy drink.

5. Rawel Tingle Delicous Konjac Jelly

RAWEL Thingle Delicous Konjac Jelly 1box (130ml x 10packs) / 6 Calories/Sugar Free/Low Calories/Fruit Flavor Jelly with Low carb/Drinkable Zero Sugar Jelly Dessert (Hibiscus & Pomegrante)
  • ❤️Just 6kal! Sugar free! No worries about the calories and the sugar. It has 6kcal per a pack without the sugar even has sweet fruity flavor.
  • 🧡The secret of the sweet fruit flavor: Contains erythritol, its degree of sweet taste is about 70~80% of the sugar. You can enjoy the various of 6 fruit flavor without the guilt of calories. Apple mango, Peach, Muscat, Hibiscus & Pomegranate, Yogurt, Tangerine
  • 💛 Save in Frozen : If you want to enjoy this konjac jelly more tasty, Please keep it in the refrigerator. The texture will be more chewier.
  • 💚Easy carry pouch: You can go out with drinkable konjac jelly conveniently. The individual pouch is comfort to carry in the bag.
  • 💙Delicious jelly snack for all the family members. For mom, dad and teenager and even children, it can be good snacks.
Product BenefitsZero sugar
Item FormChewable
FlavorHibiscus & Pomegrante
Material FeatureSugar Free
Package InformationBox
Unit Count45.8 Ounce

The perfect sweet, refreshing, and nutritious snack! Our Rawel Tingle Delicious Konjac Jelly is just 6kcal per a pack but incredibly sweet with the “secret” of its sweet fruity flavor. It contains erythritol, which has a degree of sweet taste about 70-80% of sugar.

It’s great for anyone watching their calories and avoiding sugar or artificial sweeteners. The texture is soft and chewy like gummy candy but melts easily in your mouth. We recommend keeping this product in your refrigerator if you want it to be more chewier!

Sugar Free

Our Rawel Tingle Delicous – Sugar Free Konjac Jelly is made from Asparagus. It has 6kcal per a pack without the sugar even has sweet fruity flavor. The secret of the sweet fruit flavor: Contains erythritol, its degree of sweet taste is about 70~80% of the sugar. You can enjoy the various of 6 fruit flavor without the guilt of calories. Apple mango, Peach, Muscat, Hibiscus & Pomegranate, Yogurt, Tangerine

Low Calories

Add a little zing to your day with this succulent combination of fresh fruits, blended with the delightfully light taste of konjac jelly. With only 6kcal per pack, it’s not just low in calories; it’s sugar free – so there’s no need to worry about the sugar crash.

What you should know before buying konjac jelly

The benefits of using konjac sponges externally for radiant skin have already been found by beauty product enthusiasts, but there are a few things to consider before consuming konjac jelly inside.

How much konjac do you need?

Konjac is a root vegetable that looks similar to a white yam. Glucomannan is the soluble fiber found in this vegetable. Glucomannan helps you feel full and satisfied after a meal by absorbing water in your digestive tract. If you want to get the most out of your konjac jelly, make sure it has a lot of konjac in it.


Some people are put off by the texture of konjac jelly since they are not used to it. It’s thicker and more rubbery than gelatin sweets, however there are some differences in texture between brands. Some are more liquid, while others necessitate chewing. The thicker texture may be preferable for you if you prefer to feel like you’re eating when you have a snack.

If you want a drink, seek for konjac jelly that says “sippable.”

What should you look for in a good konjac jelly?

Beneficial ingredients added

Some konjac jelly contains other substances that provide additional benefits. Collagen for healthy skin and vitamin C for immune-boosting advantages are among the helpful elements.

Excellent flavor

Konjac jelly comes in a variety of delicious fruit tastes. Look for flavors like apple and grape, as well as those that are more tropical and exotic (i.e., lychee and mango).

Texture is perfect

Look for konjac jelly with a consistent texture, whether you prefer it as a drink or something to chew. In any texture, there should be no grittiness or lumps.


Check the ingredient list if you’re following a plant-based diet. Milk is contained in yogurt-flavored konjac jellies. Make sure your snack is properly labeled as vegan or plant-based.

Gluten-free and sugar-free

Sweeteners like erythritol and sucralose are commonly used in konjac jelly to keep calories low. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener, while erythritol is a sugar alcohol that gives around 6% of the sweetness of ordinary sugar. Choose konjac jelly with erythritol instead of artificial sweeteners if you want to avoid artificial sweeteners.

Most konjac jelly is gluten-free, regardless of how it’s sweetened. If you’re avoiding gluten, check the label to be sure it was processed safely.


In the end, we hope that you have found this article to be informative and that you’ve learned something new about konjac jelly. If you’re looking for a better solution for your hair care routine, we recommend that you give konjac jelly a shot. It’s a good product that can help improve almost any hair type—so what are you waiting for?






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