Best L-Arginine Supplement

7 Best L-Arginine Supplement Reviews For 2022

L-Arginine is an amino acid that your body uses to make proteins and other compounds. While it can be found in foods, like eggs, fish, soybeans, and more, some foods are not a good source of L-Arginine. There are many benefits to L-Arginine, especially if you have low levels in your blood. L-Arginine may be a useful supplement for people who have heart disease or high blood pressure or are suffering from erectile dysfunction or hair loss. Some people also use it as part of a treatment program for their psoriasis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Best L-Arginine Supplement Reviews

1. Nature’s Bounty L-Arginine Supplement

Nature’s Bounty L-Arginine, Supports Blood Flow and Vascular Function, 1000 mg, Tablets, 50 Ct
  • Supports nitric oxide synthesis (NOS) and circulation (1)
  • Product Note: Exposure to heat or sunlight may lead to melting/damage of product. Hence customers are expected to be available during the product delivery
  • Contributes to healthy blood flow and heart function (1)
  • Protein building block
  • (1)These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Special IngredientsL-Arginine, Amino Acid
BrandNature’s Bounty
Specific Uses For ProductERROR: #N/A
Product BenefitsHeart Health Support
Item FormTablet
Diet TypePlant Based
Dosage Form1000
Allergen InformationSulphur Dioxide
Item Weight0.02 Kilograms

Nature’s Bounty L-Arginine is a classic amino acid that’s involved in the formation of nitric oxide, which helps support healthy circulation. Arginine also serves as a protein building block and supports heart health. (1)These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Driving Innovation through Scientific Expertise

Our Scientific Advisory Council is made up of prominent scientists and researchers external to The Nature’s Bounty Co., who play a key role in the Company’s product innovation and scientific advancement. It is comprised of some of the most respected medical and nutrition experts in the field.

Quality You Can Count On

Every Nature’s Bounty product is subjected to numerous quality tests and assays throughout the manufacturing process to verify purity and full potency.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We’re proud that our facilities have been successfully audited by the United States Pharmacopeia and STR (Specialized Technology Resources), a leading independent dietary supplement quality evaluation firm.

2. VITBOOST Extra Strength L Arginine 1500mg

Extra Strength L Arginine 1500mg – Nitric Oxide Supplements for Stamina, Muscle, Vascularity & Energy – Powerful NO Booster with L-Arginine, L-Citrulline & Essential Amino Acids
  • SUPERIOR EXTRA STRENGTH PREMIUM L-ARGININE: Our premium L-Arginine stacks Arginine HCI & Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate with Citrulline, a precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) production. We have combined the two best NO forms with Citrulline to provide the ultimate, synergistic blend of the three key Nitric Oxide ingredients to ensure you are getting ALL that Arginine can offer!
  • HEART HEALTH: L-Arginine is an essential amino acid that converts into Nitric Oxide, thereby helping to promote healthy circulation, your heart is at the center of it all. VitBoost Premium L-Arginine complex nitric oxide booster supports blood flow, which means more oxygen reaches your muscle, brain, heart, lungs, and other organs. More blood flow to your muscle means leaving you looking your best!
  • BIGGER PUMPS, PERFORMANCE, AND VASCULARITY: Arginine promotes energy levels. In addition, Arginine is also well known for energy production – perfect for weightlifters, athletes, runners, and everyday active people.
  • BOOST MALE PERFORMANCE: Because VITBOOST N.O. Increases Blood Flow To The Muscles, It Gives You A Blood Flow Post To “Other” Areas Of The Body As Well. The Ladies Will Notice – Trust Us, You’ll Feel It
  • RELIABLE: Our formula contains NO preservatives, additives, gluten, or sugars, so you can trust that you are using an all-natural supplement and you’ll love the natural increase in energy & focus without jitters!
Specific Uses For ProductEnergy Management, Focus, Stamina
Product BenefitsHeart Health Support
Item FormCapsule
Dosage FormCapsule
FlavorTurmeric Curcumin
Allergen InformationGluten Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Peanut Free, Milk Free, Shellfish Free, Wheat Free
Material FeatureGMO Free
Unit Count90 Count

Vitboost Premium L-Arginine Complex is a true heart health hero that offers to Increase blood flow throughout the body- whether it’s in the gym, office, classroom, or at home.

When you fuel your body with this premium, proven, pump-inducing powerhouse, you can expect to train longer, harder, and more efficiently. Loaded with essential nitric oxide boosters,

L-Arginine is one of the most effective supplements available for enhancing blood flow. With Vitboost premium formula on your side, you’ll build strength, and muscles and even boost your sex drive.


L Arginine is an ideal solution for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle. L Arginine boosts overall performance and builds pure lean muscle by building strength and improving blood flow. By adding it to your diet, you will see a significant boost in your energy level and also a shorter recovery time from fatigue.


It is made by fusing together the natural Arginine to give your body the perfect dose of powerful nutrients. Each ingredient is tested for purity. Our product contains no chemicals, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or any other ingredients that can harm your health.


L Arginine promotes blood circulation due to its amino acid content that converts to Nitric Oxide and gets more oxygen to your muscles and brain, making you feel energized from deep within.

3. BulkSupplements L Arginine Powder

Sale L Arginine Powder – Arginine Supplement – L-Arginine 1000mg – L Arginine Supplement – L-Arginine Nutritional Supplements – Nitric Oxide Supplement (1 Kilogram – 2.2 lbs)
  • 💖 Increases Blood Flow – L-Arginine, a nitric oxide booster, is an amino acid that is essential in the body’s production of nitric oxide, which is necessary for the dilation of blood vessels, which allows for increased blood flow throughout the body.* Whether you’re looking to improve your workouts or just want to feel a little boost of energy, this is the supplement for you! L-Arginine, or L Arginine powder, helps increase blood flow, so get ready to feel the difference.*
  • 🏃 Boosts Exercise Performance – L-Arginine Base, or L-Arginine Nutritional Supplements, is an amino acid that is essential for human health. This L-Arginine powder, also available in L Arginine 1000mg capsules, helps the body to produce proteins and also plays a role in cell division. This arginine supplement, or nitric oxide powder, helps boost exercise performance, making you stronger, faster, and more enduring.* This makes it a popular supplement for athletes and bodybuilders alike.
  • ❤️ Supports Heart Health – Nitric oxide plays an important role in vasodilation and blood flow and important to heart and cardiovascular health.* L-Arginine, a male enhancing supplement, is one of the best sources of nitric oxide precursor nutrients. By supporting cardiovascular health, this nitric oxide supplement, also available in nitric oxide pills for men, can help keep your heart healthy and functioning properly.*
  • ✔️ Pure & Clean – L-Arginine Base, or L Arginine Powder, is a non-essential amino acid, meaning your body can produce it on its own. Our L-Arginine is easy to digest and dissolves quickly in liquid. It’s sourced from pure, clean ingredients and is free from additives and fillers. Not only that it’s pure, this supplement, also available in L-Arginine 1000mg capsules, can be added to smoothies, shakes, or other beverages for a quick and convenient way to boost your health.*
  • ⭐ High Quality – All products by BulkSupplements are manufactured according to cGMP Standards to ensure the highest quality for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding operations. We’ve made a significant investment in our in-house lab so we can test our products at multiple stages during production. We third party test products, procedures and equipment when required to ensure compliance, standards and consistency.
Special IngredientsL-Arginine
Product BenefitsHeart Health, Cardiovascular Health, Blood Flow Support
Item FormPowder
Diet TypeGluten Free
Dosage FormPowder
Age Range (Description)Adult
Material FeatureDairy Free, Soy Free, Yeast Free, Gluten Free, No Added Sugar & Additives
Item Weight1000 Grams

L-Arginine Base is a nitric oxide booster. This L Arginine powder, available in bulk by the kilo, helps to increase blood flow throughout your body. Perfect for those who want to experience increased energy and endurance during workouts, this L Arginine powder is not only used as a sports supplement but also as a dietary supplement and ingredient in various health products.

FDA Registered Facility

Our products are manufactured and packaged in an FDA Registered and Inspected Food Facility in Henderson, Nevada USA.

Manufactured to cGMP Standards

Dietary Supplement Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) FDA 21 CFR Part 111. Our products are manufactured according to cGMP standards to ensure the highest quality for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding operations.

Lab Verified

We’ve made a significant investment in our in-house lab so we can test our products at multiple stages during production. We’re one of the few manufacturers that have this kind of in-house testing capability.

Third Party Tested

We third party test products, procedures, and equipment when required to ensure compliance, standards, and consistency.

4. Pure Encapsulations L-Arginine Supplement

Pure Encapsulations L-Arginine | Supplement to Support Nitric Oxide Production, Immune Support, Memory, Heart Health, and Healthy Blood Flow* | 180 Capsules
  • Healthy Blood Flow: Helps healthy dilation of blood vessels and blood flow.*
  • Sexual Support: May support healthy sexual function in men.*
  • Amino Acids: L-Arginine is amino acid precursor of nitric oxide.
  • Pure Quality: Our supplements are made with only premium ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers and guided by our nutritional experts, then carefully manufactured and tested to verify their potency and purity.
  • Pure Difference: What makes us different isn’t just our process or what goes into our supplements — what we leave out matters, too. Pure Encapsulations products are FREE FROM wheat, eggs, tree nuts & peanuts, gluten, artificial colors, flavors & sweeteners, coatings and shellacs, GMOs, and unnecessary binders, fillers & preservatives.
BrandPure Encapsulations
Product BenefitsImmune Support, Heart Health
Item FormCapsule
Dosage FormCapsule
Item Weight0.4 Pounds
Unit Count180.00 Count
Item Dimensions LxWxH5.1 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches

Pure Encapsulations L-Arginine Supplement is a powerful amino acid that supports healthy blood flow and sexual function in both men and women and helps support healthy dilation of blood vessels. The release of nitric oxide has a potent effect on multiple aspects of overall health, including supporting: metabolism and weight control; cardiovascular health; antioxidant activity for the brain and joints; nerve function; muscle strength.

The Truest Quality

What makes us different is the promise of goodness that goes into every one of our supplements. We take high standards seriously, which is why we’re the #1 most recommended professional supplement brand, ranked highest in quality and trust.^ ^Among brands surveyed, Nutrition Business Journal 2016, 2020, Kaiser Associates 2014.

Good from Start to Finish

When developing our products, we work in close collaboration with leading medical professionals and nutritional experts to create premium dietary supplements that you can feel good about. Our high-quality ingredients are backed by science with many of our formulations being included in more than 50 product-specific clinical studies in leading peer-reviewed journals.

Goodness at our Core

Pure Encapsulations was built with the purest of hearts and a plan to improve the wellness and wellbeing of others. This heartfelt commitment now extends to the planet as we move forward in sustainability initiatives and continue to support incredible organizations dedicated to leading the charge for a greener future. That’s why we’ve partnered with Terracycle to help reduce our environmental footprint and ensure our packaging is nationally recyclable.

5. Amazing Formulas L Arginine 500mg Supplement

Amazing Formulas L-Arginine 500mg 250 Capsules Dietary Supplement – Best Amino Acid Supplements for Women & Man – Promotes Circulation and Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • ARGININE IN OPTIMAL FORM Don’t settle for anything less than the best! Our l-arginine supplement contains l arginine HCL (hydrochloride), which has been studied extensively and shown to support cardiovascular health and immune system function. Many other arginine amino acid supplements don’t use this highly effective form!
  • IDEAL FOR YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Our l arginine formula for women and men is often used as a sports nutrition supplement. Arginine is shown to support the manufacturing of creatine, to support energy production and to help the body produce nitric oxide to increase circulation, all of which can benefit bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters, exercise enthusiasts and athletes
  • SO EASY TO USE Just one capsule gives you a full 500-milligram dose of pure l-arginine HCL! Make supplementation easy, by choosing Amazing Nutrition L-Arginine 500 mg
  • THE NUTRIENT YOU NEED WITHOUT THE ADDITIVES YOU DON’T WANT When you choose Amazing Nutrition, you’ll get an optimal dose of the amino acid arginine without unnecessary fillers and binders. It’s the purer choice for your healthy diet
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED Our l-arginine 500mg supplement is manufactured in the USA at a facility that adheres to all GMP guidelines. To further ensure purity and safety, our arginine 500mg capsules are third-party tested. As a result, you can choose our l-arginine 500 mg formula with absolute confidence!
BrandAmazing Nutrition
Product BenefitsEnergy Management
Item FormCapsule
Material FeaturePlant Based
Item Weight0.5 Grams
Unit Count250.00 Count
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.15 x 2.36 x 1.57 inches

Every capsule of Amazing Formulas L-Arginine 500mg dietary supplement is made with L-Arginine HCL or hydrochloride. This form of L-Arginine has been studied extensively and is believed to be absorbed better by the body.


L-Arginine helps the body to generate the ATP needed to supply muscles and organs with energy. It plays an important role in the production of creatine, a nutrient that increases energy levels in muscle tissue and supports muscle growth


In the body, L-arginine changes into nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps blood vessels relax and also improves circulation. L-Arginine is known to have amazing effects when it comes to strengthening our immune system.


L-Arginine is known to aid in the efficient functioning of our cardiovascular system as arginine may help improve blood flow in the arteries of the heart. 

6. Natrol L-Arginine Tablets, Promotes Stamina and Performance, Supports Sexual

Natrol L-Arginine Tablets, Promotes Stamina and Performance, Supports Sexual and Vascular Health, Contains Nitric Oxide with B Vitamin Complex, Amino Acid, Extra Strength, 3,000mg, 90 Count
  • Promotes Stamina and Performance: Natrol L-Arginine, with added dose of folic acid and vitamins B-6 and B-12, helps support energy production and helps deliver stamina, energy, and performance
  • Supports Blood Circulation: A powerful dose of 3,000mg is designed to support the health of blood vessels and can help improve circulation
  • Supports Muscle Protein Synthesis: L-Arginine is an exceptional amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins
Product BenefitsVascular Health
Item FormTablet
Diet TypeVegetarian
Item Weight0.08 Kilograms
Unit Count90 Count
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.31 x 2.31 x 4.6 inches
Model NameNatrol Tablets And Extra Strength Mg Count

Natrol L-Arginine contains ingredients for Improved Stamina & Performance L-Arginine plays a role in vasodilation, promoting healthy blood vessels and supporting vascular health. Clinical studies suggest that a minimum of 3,000mg of L-Arginine is optimal to support vascular health. L-Arginine supports muscle mass, athletic performance, and immune activity.

The added B Vitamins (B-6, B-12, and Folic Acid) are vital to the body’s energy production. The result – lasting energy, stamina, and performance. L-Arginine is an amino acid that plays a beneficial role in overall vascular health by providing the nitrogen our bodies use to produce NO (nitric oxide). *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


We constantly push the frontiers of research to develop vitamins, minerals, and supplements that deliver better outcomes for our consumers and improve the quality of their lives.


Natrol delivers safe, effective, and trustworthy products that meet rigorous quality checks.


People make things happen at Natrol. Here at Natrol, we foster an environment based on integrity, respect, and responsibility.


Natrol is committed to delivering the highest-quality products while remaining affordable for all.

7. Cardio 911 L-arginine Suppliment

L-arginine 5000 mg and L-citrulline 1000 mg Combo, Nitric Oxide Supplement Complex, Cardio Heart Health Powder, Mixed Berry Flavor, 16.82 Oz..
  • NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTER: L-Arginine is a powerful amino acid that supports your muscle mass and blood flow and could improve your overall cardiovascular health. It helps your body produce Nitric Oxide, which is necessary for proper circulation
  • COMPLEX BLEND : L-Arginine, L-Citrulline Combo is formulated with L- Arginine, L-Citrulline, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Selenium, Potassium and Vitamins B12, C, D, E, and others to support whole-body health and ensure a proper vitamin and mineral balance.
  • HEALTHY COMBO: A L-Arginine Supplement packed with Vitamins and Minerals to Supports Healthy Blood Flow & Energy Levels. Blood Pressure Support & Cholesterol Support. Great for Cardio Fitness, Pre-Workout, Energy and Circulation. A Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Gluten Free & Dairy Free.
  • SUPPORTS CIRCULATION, STAMINA, & ENERGY Not only does L- Arginine support blood flow and muscle growth, but is also known to support energy production, stamina, and vascularity making it an ideal supplement for men and women of diverse activity levels.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Cardio Support Formula Based On Nobel Prize Winning Science. Manufactured in the USA at Facilities Certified by NSF International for Meeting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
Special IngredientsAll Natural
BrandCardio 911
Product BenefitsVascular Health
Item FormPowder
Diet TypeGluten Free
Dosage FormPowder
FlavorMixed Berry
Age Range (Description)Adult
Allergen InformationGluten Free
Material FeatureGMO Free

Cardio 911 L-Arginine Supplement is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their overall health. This formula works to support your muscle mass and blood flow, helping you stay in peak physical condition. It promotes Nitric Oxide production in your body, resulting in improved circulation.

L-Arginine, L-Citrulline Combo comes with a complete blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help ensure proper vitamin and mineral balance in your system.


L-Arginine 5000mg + L-Citrulline 1000mg Combo for men and women, will provide you with all of the full-body benefits that increased oxygen has to offer. Our supplements are formulated with the most effective natural ingredients at the perfect doses because your overall health and wellness are our priority.


L-Arginine 5000mg + L-Citrulline 1000mg Combo is based on one of the biggest Nobel Prize Winning Medical Research Breakthroughs in the last 50 years on the ability to naturally improve blood flow to the body and extremities by releasing Nitric Oxide.


Our premium combination is designed to help lower your cholesterol, promote an increase in your circulation and help regulate healthy blood pressure levels, all so you can maintain a healthier cardiovascular system.

Buying Guide For L-arginine supplements

Who isn’t a good candidate for L-arginine supplements?

By relaxing blood arteries, L-arginine improves circulation. Although a shortage in L-arginine is uncommon, taking a supplement of the amino acid can aid with certain diseases. Before taking L-arginine supplements, anyone on blood pressure medicine, anticoagulants, heart medication, diabetic treatment, erectile dysfunction pills, pregnant women, or asthmatics should visit their doctor first.

What are the negative consequences of taking L-arginine supplements?

While clinical trials demonstrate that consumers can safely take L-arginine for up to three months, there are a few mild adverse effects to be cautious of. Some users have complained of diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, and gout. Patients with asthma should be informed that L-arginine may make it more difficult to breathe. Long-term L-arginine use has not been studied for side effects.

What does it taste like to use L-arginine supplements?

Because of its alkaline nature, L-arginine has a bitter taste. To hide the flavor of the powdered version of L-arginine, you could mix it with other drinks. Flavored L-arginine supplements are available.

What should you look for in a good L-arginine supplement?

Capsules vs. powder

You’ll get the same amount of L-arginine whether you take it in powder or capsule form. The powder has a few advantages that are worth mentioning. It is slightly less expensive and only takes one dose every day. Other liquids and additives can be mixed with the powder form. The powder is also more quickly absorbed by the body, resulting in faster results. For many people, pills are still a feasible alternative because of their portability, absence of unpleasant taste, and lack of mess.


L-arginine comes in three distinct forms. The amino acid L-arginine in its free form is the most similar to the amino acid present naturally in meals.

Because it mixes with hydrogen chloride, L-arginine HCL is easier to digest and does not taste bitter.

L-arginine AAKG is a salt that combines the amino acid with alpha-ketoglutaric acid, a naturally occurring amino acid that is of great interest to bodybuilders who feel it aids overall athletic performance.

No preservatives are used

Look for L-arginine supplements that don’t contain any artificial preservatives or sugar. For dietary support, some L-arginine pills include extra vitamins and folate.

How much should you budget for an L-arginine supplement?

The cost of a month’s supply of unflavored L-arginine pills is from $6 to $10, although they are not USDA-approved. Higher-quality pills and powders cost $10 to $20, while premium L-arginine supplements cost $20 or more and contain additional nutritional support and flavor options.

Final Verdict

After reading this article, you should have a good sense of how L-Arginine is used in supplements and why it is important to the body. L-Arginine can be helpful in treating many diseases and conditions, but it’s not intended as a treatment for any medical condition. If you are considering taking L-Arginine supplements, please consult your doctor to make sure it is appropriate for your health needs.






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