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Rocking horses are a great way to introduce your child to the world of riding. They’re also a fun toy for toddlers and preschoolers who have outgrown the need for a stroller, but who haven’t yet learned to ride a real horse.

The best rocking horse comes in many different styles and themes. Some are fancier than others and some are more realistic looking while others are whimsical and cartoonish. Some even come with their own saddle and reins, making them more appropriate for older children who can ride them without help from an adult.

In this article, we’ll review 7 of the best rocking horse on the market today so you can find one that will be right for your needs and budget. If you need more information on these products before making your selection, please read on!

Editor’s Picks: 3 Best Rocking Horse List

  1. Little Tikes Rocking Horse
  2. Happy Trails Rocking Horse
  3. LifeSong Milestones Rocking Horse

7 Best Rocking Horses Reviews

Rocking horses are one of the most popular toys for children, who can spend hours rocking on them. They’re great for developing balance, increasing core strength, and getting a good workout while playing!

There are many different styles available, including rocking ponies, rocking unicorns, and rocking dinosaurs. Here’s our top 7 list of the best rocking horse for kids:

1. Little Tikes Rocking Horse

Little Tikes is a well-known brand in the toy industry. Their line of Little People toys is especially popular with children. The Little Tikes Rocking Horse is a classic toy that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

This rocking horse comes in many different colors and styles, so it will complement any room décor. It also has several different options for customization, including adding your child’s name or choosing a theme to match their favorite cartoon character or show.

The Little Tikes Rocking Horse is an excellent choice for your child’s first riding toy. With its bright colors and fun design, this rocking horse will keep your child entertained for hours!

2. Happy Trails Bella The Rocking Horse

Happy Trails Bella is a beautiful rocking horse with a handcrafted wood frame, mane, tail and saddle. It is made from solid wood and has real leather accents and seat padding. This adorable rocking horse will become an instant favorite for your little girl or boy.

The Happy Trails Bella The Rocking Horse is designed to help kids develop balance and coordination while having fun at the same time. It’s recommended for children aged three years old and up, but it’s best for kids who are at least 36 months old or those who weigh less than 50 pounds. This means that you should probably not get this for your newborn baby, but instead, wait until they are older so they can enjoy it more fully. The seat is wide enough to accommodate larger toddlers and even preschoolers, so there shouldn’t be any problems with fitting them onto the horse no matter what their size might be.

The seat itself is made out of soft fabric so that your child won’t get hurt if they fall off of it or if they lean back too far on their own accord. The entire thing is made out of solid wood so that it can hold up to a lot of wear and tear over time without getting damaged too badly by accidents like this happening.

3. LifeSong Milestones Amish Made Wooden Rocking Horse

This handmade wooden rocking horse is a beautiful and unique addition to your child’s room. The horse is constructed from solid wood, which makes it sturdy and durable. The saddle seat and mane are made of soft velvet to provide comfort while riding and the adjustable stirrups make it easy to get on and off the rocking horse. This horse will be cherished by your child for years to come so you can pass it down to younger siblings or other children in the family when they’re ready for a rocking horse of their own.

The LifeSong Milestones Wooden Rocking Horse is perfect for babies, toddlers and older children who are ready for their first ride on a rocking horse. 

The LifeSong Milestones Rocking Horse has an elegant finish that will blend well with any décor in your home or nursery. This rocking horse makes a great addition to any room in your home because it not only adds practicality but also serves as a decorative piece of furniture as well!

4. Labebe Child Rocking Horse

The Labebe Child Rocking Horse is a great toy for your little girl. It is made from wood and has a sturdy frame that can withstand the weight of an adult. The rocking horse comes with a saddle, bridle, and reins. It also has a padded seat so your child will not feel any discomfort while riding it.

You can use this horse as a child’s toy or you can put it in your living room as an accent piece. It is available in different colors, so you can choose one that matches the color scheme of your home.

The Labebe Rocking Horse is made from high-quality materials that are safe for children. The saddle has been tested for lead paint, making it safe for kids who like to chew on things! This rocker also meets all U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards so you don’t have to worry about using it around young children.

5. Cowboy Rocking Horse

The cowboy rocking horse is a classic wooden toy that has been around for generations. The cowboy rocking horse is not only great fun for children but also makes a good decorative piece for any home. It can be used as a toy for toddlers and young children, or as a decorative piece on display in the nursery or play room.

This rocking horse has been designed to look like an old-fashioned Western cowboy. At the front of the horse, there are two spurs attached to each side of his legs, which he uses to kick up dust as he rides across the prairie. The saddle of this rocking horse is covered with a rough brown leather material and has a large belt buckle attached at the front.

The Cowboy Rocking Horse features rubber wheels underneath it so that it can be pushed along smoothly across floors or carpets without damaging them at all!

6. Joon Rocking Horse

Joon is a beautifully crafted rocking horse that will be loved by children and adults alike. This gorgeous wooden rocking horse is sure to be a focal point in any room and will provide hours of fun for any child lucky enough to enjoy it.

Joon Rocking Horse is made from selected hardwoods, which are finished with non-toxic paints. The saddle is removable and the horse can be used without it if preferred. The legs are attached using pine dowels that have been sanded smooth so there are no sharp edges to catch little fingers or toes.

Joon has a flat seat, which makes him very comfortable to ride on, but he also has an optional backrest if you prefer.

7. KRAND Wooden Rocking Horse

The KRAND Wooden Rocking Horse is made of solid hardwood and finished with non-toxic paints. It has a wide base to keep the rocking horse stable. This rocking horse is suitable for children aged three years old and up.

KRAND Wooden Rocking Horse is the perfect gift for your child. The rocking horse has a beautiful color that blends in with any room decor. The rocking horse is sturdy and can support any weight up to 100kg. It also has a non-slip surface that makes it safe for children of all ages to play on it.

The rocking horse comes with two positions, one for sitting and another one for standing. This means that you will not have to worry about your child falling off while riding on it. The rocking horse also features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for children of all ages to ride on.

What to Consider Before Buying

When it comes to buying a rocker, there are a number of things you should consider. First, think about the size and weight of the child who will be using the rocker. Rockers can be quite large and heavy, so they might not be suitable for very young children. If you have a small child, look for a lightweight model with safety straps or locking mechanisms to keep your child in place while they play.

You also need to consider how much space you have available at home or in your yard. You may have limited space but still want an attractive piece of garden furniture that your kids can use in their play area. For this reason, many people choose garden swings rather than rocking horses because they take up less room and are still fun for kids.

Finally, think about what sort of features you want in your rocker before you start shopping around for one. A good example would be those with built-in storage compartments for toys or books so that kids don’t have to leave them lying on the ground when they’re playing with them in the garden.


Rocking horses have had a long history, and they have been around for a very good reason. They are great fun and can be very educational, teaching kids balance and coordination. But above all, rocking horses are fun!

If you want to buy one for your child, I’d suggest looking for one that is well made with high-quality materials. If you’re looking for something unique and different, there are plenty of options out there that will make your child smile.

A rocking horse is a great investment in your child’s future happiness and enjoyment.






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