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Best Tooth Pain Relief According to Experts

Tooth pain is a very common condition that can affect any tooth, causing a person to feel one of two things: sharp pain or deep ache in the tooth. It might be painful to eat, smile, or even yawn. While tooth decay causes tooth pain, there are many other causes too.

Everyone has been having a toothache at some point in their lives. There are many reasons for that, but we would like to focus on the most common causes of toothache and give you some great tips on relieving tooth pain.

Top Picks: 5 Best Tooth Pain Relief

Top 7 Best Tooth Pain Relief Reviews- 2022

1. Anbesol Gel Instant Oral Pain Relief for Toothaches

Anbesol Gel Maximum Strength – Instant Oral Pain Relief for Toothaches, Canker Sores, Sore Gums, Denture Pain – 0.33 oz
  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: Instant oral pain relief for mouth and gum irritation due to toothaches, canker sores, sore gums, denture pain, and minor dental procedures. Use with dentures to relieve discomfort.
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: Instant relief that takes you from ouch to ahhh! So, oral pain doesn’t hold you back. Formulated with 20% Benzocaine to offer maximum strength pain relief and instantly soothe mouth pain and dental irritation
  • EASY TO USE: Cut the Tube Tip for easy access to the oral pain relief you need; Adults and children 2 years and over. Not for use in children under 2 years of age.
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Benzocaine 20% Oral anesthetic for pain relief.

Anbesol Gel is the number one oral pain reliever brand recommended by dentists. It provides instant relief to the pain of toothaches and irritation due to braces, dentures, receding gums, and wisdom teeth.

Anbesol Gel Maximum Strength 0.33 oz

Nobody likes to hear the word “cavity.” And nobody likes to feel the throbbing pain that can come with it. Unfortunately, toothaches are usually the result of a cavity or lost filling that’s causing the pain.

Cavities are caused by acids produced by bacteria in plaque build-up on your tooth. These acids eventually eat through your tooth’s enamel surface. This, in turn, creates a bigger and deeper cavity.

If you think you have a cavity or if you feel pain in your mouth (dull, sharp, or otherwise), visit your dentist immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment. In the meantime, for instant toothache pain relief, try Anbesol Maximum Strength in gel form.

2. Orajel 4X for Toothache & Gum Pain

Orajel 4X for Toothache & Gum Pain: Severe Cream Tube 0.33oz- from #1 Oral Pain Relief Brand- Orajel for Instant Pain Relief
  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: Instant pain relief with Orajel’s unique 4X clinical strength formula to help relieve pain of the tooth and gums
  • 4X ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: With 4 active ingredients, Orajel Cream provides fast acting and maximum strength relief when you need it most
  • KILLS HARMFUL BACTERIA: Unique formula is designed to help kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, and can help to prevent infections
  • COOLING RELIEF: To help relieve gum irritation, Orajel 4X cream contains cooling relief
  • EASY OPEN: Now with a Ready-Open Tube Tip for easy access to the relief you need

Orajel Cream provides a fast acting, maximum strength pain relief when you need it most. With a handy fingertip tube, Orajel Cream delivers the right amount of medication exactly where you need it to help stop the pain in minutes.

Orajel 4X Medicated For Toothache & Gum Cream provides instant pain relief for severe toothaches and painful gums. The formula combines the power of four active ingredients for fast topical relief.

  • Clinical Strength Pain Relief
  • Proven To Kill Harmful Bacteria
  • Helps Prevent Infection
  • Cooling Relief For Gum Irritation

Now with a Ready-Open Tube Tip for easy access! Just remove the cap and apply for relief when you need it!

3. Boiron Camilia Baby Teething Relief Medicine

Boiron Camilia Teething Drops for Daytime and Nighttime Relief of Painful or Swollen Gums and Irritability in Babies – 40 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Camilia teething drops temporarily relieve symptoms of teething, including painful gums and irritability, as well as minor digestive disorders sometimes associated with teething.
  • Camilia has no known interaction with other medications, it is not contraindicated with pre-existing conditions, and there is no risk of overdose or numbing your baby’s gag reflex. The sterile, single-use liquid doses are preservative-free, belladonna-free, and help to prevent contamination.
  • Camilia’s natural active ingredients include Chamomile 9C HPUS (Relieves teething pain accompanied by irritability), Phytolacca decondra 5C HPUS (Relieves painful gums) and Rheum 5C HPUS (Relieves minor digestive disorders associated with teething).
  • Camilia teething drops do not contain benzocaine, flavors, dyes, lactose, sugar or artificial sweeteners. Available in a box of 15 and 30 doses, Camilia is recommended for babies one month and up and works best when taken at the first sign of teething.
  • Camilia is your one-product, daytime or nighttime teething solution. Calm your baby’s teething pain and restore the peace.

Camilia Baby Teething Relief Medicine is a non-habit forming and preservative-free relief from teething pain. It also helps with minor digestive upsets sometimes associated with teething, making it convenient for parents to have at home for ongoing use.

Pre-Measured Liquid Doses

Each contains a pre-measured amount of liquid medicine for consistent dosing. There’s no need to know your child’s weight.

Easy to Use

Just snap off a dose, twist the cap, and squeeze it into your child’s mouth, where the liquid is absorbed.

Compact & Portable

Small enough to carry anywhere and fits perfectly in any diaper bag, purse, or backpack. Great for parents on the go!

Hygienic & Recyclable Vials

Individual doses are sterile and hygienic and come in recyclable plastic vials.

4. Advil Liqui-Gels Pain Reliever

Advil Liqui-Gels Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer, Pain Medicine for Adults with Ibuprofen 200mg for Headache, Backache, Menstrual Pain and Joint Pain Relief – 200 Capsules, Advil PM Ibuprofen – 2 Ct
  • One package of 200 Advil Liqui-Gels Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer Liquid Filled Capsules and 2 Advil PM Caplets, Pain Medicine for Adults with Ibuprofen 200mg for Headache, Backache, Menstrual Pain and Joint Pain Relief
  • Advil ibuprofen liqui-gels provide faster and stronger tough pain relief than Tylenol Rapid Release Gels, right where you need it most, while also being a fever reducer for adults
  • Fever medicine, back pain medication and joint or minor arthritis pain reliever that also provides headache pain relief, period pain relief, back pain relief and relief of muscle aches or aches and pains from the common cold
  • Non aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain reliever designed for fast absorption
  • Headache medicine, back pain medicine, menstrual pain and joint pain medicine for adults and children 12 years and older

Advil Liqui-Gels is an easy to swallow liquid filled capsule that dissolves in your mouth, providing pain relief fast. The formula provides ibuprofen at a level found effective by doctors to help manage minor aches and pains when over the counter drugs are necessary.

Safe and effective

Doctors and patients have trusted Advil for 35+ years to relieve their tough pains gently.


12 years of age and older:

  • 1 capsule every 1 to 6 hours while symptoms persist.
  • If pain or fever does not respond to 1 capsule, 2 capsules may be used.
  • Do not exceed 6 capsules in 24 hours unless directed by a doctor.

Under 12 years of age: Ask a doctor.

1 Ibuprofen brand

Advil provides powerful pain relief for headaches, muscle aches, backache, toothache, menstrual pain, minor arthritis pain, or joint pain.

Targets pain at the source

The medicine in Advil is scientifically designed to relieve pain at the site of inflammation so you can get relief right where you need it.

5. Bestmade Toothache & Nerve Pain in Jaw

Toothache & Nerve Pain in Jaw Bio23, 300 pellets, for Relief of Trigeminal Neuralagia Associated Muscle Spasms, Painful Cavities, Tooth Sensitivity and Pain After Dental Work
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIANTS: Our Bestmade Natural Products features an all-natural proprietary blend of powerful organic minerals to support tooth health. A carefully crafted alternative to traditional medication, these natural pellets help you with jaw, nerve, & dental problems safely & effectively.
  • EASE YOUR INFLAMMATION: Our product contains powerful, all-natural mineral salts that will help to radically reduce inflammation, making it great to help reduce the pain and swelling that often comes from physically traumatic dental drilling or oral surgery.
  • EFFECTIVE: This gentle yet effective, worry-free Bestmade formula will minimize disruptive jaw pain and get back to the life and foods you love. They are also carefully crafted in an FDA registered facility to ensure the highest possible standards in quality and results.
  • SAFE & GLUTEN FREE: The Bio23 pellets are an all-natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten free & dairy free supplement, making them a great compliment to most diets and lifestyles. They have zero contraindications, so you can safely enjoy their benefits alongside any prescribed traditional medications.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Bestmade Natural Products, We always strive to choose high-quality ingredients and provide the most intimate service. Purchase with peace of mind knowing that if our quality products somehow fail to meet your expectations, or if you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 100% of your purchase price, no strings attached.

Bestmade Toothache & Nerve Pain in Jaw mineral supplement is a multipurpose mineral that can be taken post-dental drilling, oral surgery, or as a daily supplement to support dental health. Perfect for those who want to avoid painkillers and NSAIDs but still need relief from toothache pain.

All-natural relief from dental pain and jaw pain associated with TMJ and Trigeminal Neuralgia

Bestmade Bio23 is a preparation of mineral salts in safe, easy-to-swallow tablets. Our proprietary blend of Ferr Phos, Mag Phos, and Calc Fluorreduces pain and inflammation brought on by dental surgery or the occurrence of TMJ or Trigeminal Neuralgia.

The anti-spasmodic properties of Bestmade Bio23 ease the involuntary muscle contractions that lead to pain in the jaw joint. Mineral supplementation aids in the regeneration of nerves and tooth enamel after drilling or oral surgery.

Use for:

Use for the relief of tooth and nerve pain. This mineral salts combination boosts the regeneration of nerves and enamel after dental work or surgery. Anti-spasmodic properties ease involuntary muscle contractions that lead to jaw point pain.

Recommended Dosage:

Take 3-5 tablets 3-4 times a day if you weigh less than 100lbs, use half a dose, or take as prescribed.

6. StellaLife VEGA Oral Gel

StellaLife VEGA Oral Gel is a clinically proven, sugar-free topical gel that can help relieve oral ulcers and sores and reduce bruising in the mouth. It contains a proprietary formulation of 12 ingredients that help prevent bleeding and ulcer formation, curbs inflammation, and provide pain relief.


  • “Patients loved that it is homeopathic.”
  • “We heard frequently that it worked better than any other product for persistent oral ulcers.”
  • “Very quick relief of discomfort.”
  • “We successfully used it to treat erosive lichen planus for multiple patients.”
  • “It was the first time I have ever had patients ask for more of a product just to have around the house in case they needed it.”
  • “My patients loved it.”


  • Easy to use with a cotton swab.
  • Relieves pain/discomfort.
  • Speeds up recovery and reduces swelling/bruising.
  • Great for persistent erosive lichen planus and post-bleaching gingival sensitivity.
  • Great for a patient with swelling after surgical and nonsurgical procedures.


  • Homeopathic/natural.
  • Long-term daily use.
  • Adjunct therapy for accelerated healing after dental surgical and non-surgical procedures.
  • Natural pain relief for dry mouth, oral ulcers, dry sockets, lichen planus, cold/denture sores, and mucositis.
  • 100% recommend and switch to StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Gel

7. Goodbye Toothaches Tooth Ache Pain Relief

Goodbye Toothaches – Tooth Ache Pain Relief with Clove Bud Oil, Peppermint Oil; Homeopathic Remedy for Tooth Pain Made from Essential Oils and Omega 9; Relieves Mouth Pain and Reduces Inflammation
  • An Herbal Remedy that helps to stop Tooth Aches: We all know how wonderful cloves and peppermint are for mouth care – that’s why they are main ingredients in teeth care products! We’ve created a winning combination of ingredients solely that would help relieving your discomfort with chronic tooth pain and sore gums!
  • Use Nature’s Bounty to Improve Health: Our organic clove bud essential oil is richer and more concentrated than clove oil and it would help you in feeling instant relief! And, our organic peppermint oil helps deeply to decrease inflammation that causes pain!
  • Organic Ingredients for Your Health: We chose only the best for you! With enriching and nourishing Omega 3 and 9, the organic peppermint and clove bud oils blend!
  • Trust GoodBye Products for Your Well-Being: Our master herbalists understand the powers of each plant’s essential oil and how to blend them so they play to each other’s strengths! Each of our products is created for very specific ailments. Try them for a host of beneficial remedies!
  • Hassle-Free Purchase: We are committed to the quality of our products and to offering the best customer service possible. If you have any issues with your order or product, please contact us right away so that we can make sure you walk away a happy customer.

Goodbye Toothaches are a powerful remedy for toothaches, mouth sores, and other gum problems. Using 100% natural herbs, Goodbye Toothaches will help relieve discomfort from swollen gums and other irritations, providing fast acting pain relief.

Meet The GoodBye Company

We are a US-based brand, founded after one day, our ten months old son Ozzy woke up with a small pimple on his eye, which grew into a swelling lump spreading to the other eye.

No treatments worked, and our last option was to opt for an unpromising surgery, but then we found Omega 9.

Luckily, they worked, curing the eye within a few weeks. Upon further lab testing, we discovered positive results and this miracle for you.

The GoodBye Company – Put Your Wellness and Health First!

Our skilled herbalists carefully mix each plant and its essential oil for optimal therapeutic benefit. Each formulation is created for a specific health concern.

Find the perfect therapy for yourself today!

3 natural toothache cures that you can try at home

cold bag for tooth pain

Use warm seawater to rinse.

When coupled with warm water, salt’s detoxifying capabilities give cleansing and relaxing impact on the affected area. Swishing warm salt water in your mouth might help dislodge the gunk stuck between your teeth and provide brief relief.

How to go about it:

  • In a warm glass of water, dissolve one teaspoon of salt.
  • For 10-30 seconds, softly swish about in your mouth.
  • Remove the water and spit it out. It should not be swallowed.
  • Rep until the glass is completely empty.

Apply an ice-cold compress to the affected area.

If you detect chronic swelling in your jaw or face, see your dentist right once. Applying a cold compress to the affected area can help to minimize swelling and pain.

How to go about it:

  • Fill a resealable plastic bag halfway with ice and cover with a moist towel.
  • Apply pressure to the swollen area with the cold compress.
  • Hold the position for a few minutes until the pain goes away.
  • As needed, repeat the process.

Apply clove oil to your skin.

Clove oil is an effective natural toothache cure due to its numbing qualities, similar to over-the-counter pain relievers like benzocaine. Clove oil is often available in health food stores and is reasonably priced, making it a useful item to have on hand.

How to go about it:

  • Using a cotton swab, apply a few drops of clove oil.
  • Apply to the impacted tooth gently.
  • Allow the region to absorb the oil by avoiding eating or drinking for a few minutes.

How to deal with a toothache in an emergency

  • Maintain an elevated position for your head
    Apply a cold compress to the area where you’re experiencing pain.
  • When sleeping, elevate your head.
  • Using delicate strokes, brush your teeth.
  • If your tooth has been knocked out, gently rinse it and place it back in its socket.
  • Smoking should also be avoided.
  • Popcorn should be avoided if possible.

Seek dental help right away if your discomfort doesn’t go away or worsens. Your dentist will be able to determine the problem and recommend the best course of action.


Why is my tooth pain coming and going?

There are times when throbbing pains associated with the teeth come and go. Cavities and decay can also cause toothaches. The presence of pulpitis, or tooth infection, will also cause throbbing tooth pain.

How long do tooth extractions take?

It takes roughly 20-40 minutes to extract a single tooth. We may need to spend a little longer in the office if you have multiple teeth extracted. In the case of additional teeth, the appointment time will increase by 3-15 minutes.

What is the best antibiotic for tooth infection?

It is most commonly used to treat tooth infections with penicillin-class antibiotics, such as amoxicillin and penicillin-G. Some types of bacterial infections may be treated with metronidazole. In addition to penicillin, it is sometimes prescribed to treat a larger variety of bacteria.

Final Words

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article, and I wish good luck to you in finding the most suitable pain relief with natural ingredients. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so remembering to floss regularly and visiting your dentist for regular check-ups together with brushing twice a day will care for your mouth and prevent tooth pain from developing.

Finding the right tooth pain relief product is crucial to fighting your dental issues effectively. This guide helps you make an educated decision because it’s important to secure relief when you need it most without feeling overwhelmed by an exploding list of choices, not knowing which one will be best for you.






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