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6 Best Weight Watchers Scale Reviews And Buying Guide

In recent years, the majority of health and wellness-aware households in the United States and worldwide have purchased and continue to keep the best weight watchers scale in their homes. This is because individuals are becoming much more aware of their weight and have realized that changes in weight are related to various kinds of health problems. As a result, people are becoming much more cautious about their weight.

Are you preparing for a marathon, or are you just trying to drop a few pounds from your current body weight? You need to keep a record of your weight, body fat percentage, bone density, and heart rate, in addition to any other relevant health statistics. You will be able to accomplish this target more quickly and easily with the finest weight watchers scale.

6 Best Weight Watchers Scale Review

1. Conair WW Scales Digital Glass Bathroom Scale

WW Scales by Conair Digital Glass Bathroom Scale, 400 Lbs. Capacity

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Conair WW Scales Digital Glass Bathroom Scale will revolutionize the way you do your weigh-ins. Don’t wait till you feel bad about yourself – keep your weight under control and stay fit. Conair WW Scales Digital Glass Bathroom Scale comes in 3 different sizes with a high capacity of 400 lbs (181 kg) and a very accurate resolution of 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg). The Tare feature allows you to deduct the weight of a bowl or plate, Auto-On function saves energy, LCD display with a backlight makes it easy to read even in low light conditions, 4 pre-programmed modes for body fat measurement and BMI calculation are very convenient. Moreover, Conair scale dimensions are 13.00″ x 11.25″ x 2.00″.

Step Into Success

This digital scale has a 400-pound capacity, features chic glass and stainless accents, easy to read 1.5″ blue backlight LCD display, and uses precision electronic strain gauges for extremely accurate weight measurements. This scale has been proven to consistently meet or exceed all FCC/CE requirements and its high-quality components ensure years of trouble-free use.

Successful Wellness

The Wellness that Works program was created to help you become as healthy as you want to be. We’re here to inspire, support and empower you on your journey towards a better life. The program is based on positive, non-diet principles which can be applied in life.

Digital Bathroom Scale

The Digital Bathroom Scale blends a sleek and modern design with the precision and accuracy of your weight. It also comes with a high-precision strain gauge sensor that measures to within 1kg, providing incredibly accurate weight measurements. The high precision glass scale won’t crack or rust and has a durable tempered glass surface that’s easy to clean.

Stay On Track

Keep your weight management goals on track with a wide range of digital scales that measure body fat, bone mass, track BMI and more. The WW Scales track your progress through daily use and sync wirelessly with free online tools that are easy to use and understand.

2. RENPHO Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale

RENPHO Smart Scale for Body Weight, Digital Bathroom Scale BMI Weighing Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Body Composition Monitor Health Analyzer with Smartphone App, 400 lbs - Black Elis 1

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Are you looking for a solid body fat scale / smart scale that keeps track of more than just your weight? Look no further. The Renpho Smart Digital Bathroom Scale is an attractive device that not only measures all the basic information about your weight and BMI, but also measures body fat %, muscle mass and bone mass (also, BMI) – all on the same readout. The Renpho Body Fat Scale is always showing your info on its large, bright display, so there’s no fumbling around with your phone to see the data. Not only will you be able to keep track of your health and fitness goals, but it also works with Apple Health Kit – syncing directly with other apps like Apple’s Health App.

Fitness Apps

The Renpho smart app works in connection with fitness apps. Renpho already has millions of happy global users and is the world’s 1st wearable designed to work with all health and fitness apps, including Fitbit, Google Fit, Runkeeper, Strava and more. It’s easy to install and set up your Renpho tracker via the app.

High-Quality Innovation

This precision scale combines accuracy and ease of use in a cost-effective design. Auto calibration and high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2lb, 0.05kg with 396 lbs, 180kg capacity. 4 high sensitive electrodes are protected by tempered glass, preventing damage from accidental impact. The touchscreen LCD display allows easy-to-read measurement results in pounds or kilograms.

Body Measurements

The Renpho app helps you to track your body composition data including weight, BMI, body fat percentage. Renpho Body is a smart scale that helps you to measure 13 essential body measurements and share the results with your family and friends via social networks.

User-friendly app

The Renpho App is user-friendly and easy to use. Download the App from App Store or Google Play, also works with Apple Watch (Except for Apple Watch Series 1). Connects with Bluetooth 4.0 And above.

3. Etekcity Stainless Steel Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Etekcity Stainless Steel Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Step-On Technology Large Blue LCD Backlight Display, 400 Pounds , Grey, 12x12 Inch (Pack of 1)

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Etekcity Stainless Steel Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Step-On Technology Large Blue LCD Backlight Display, 400 Pounds , Gray, 12×12 Inch (Pack of 1) Product Description: This is designed for measuring body weight of human beings, rather than animals or inanimate objects. The maximum capacity is 400 pounds and the minimum measurement is 1 ounce. A capacity indicator will be provided to alert you whether the scale can measure your body weight or not.

Stainless Steel

This scale has a durable and smudge-resistant stainless-steel platform, making it easy to clean. The platform is resistant to water marks and fingerprints, so you’ll be able to wipe off any accidental smudges or dirt with a damp cloth. Plus, its antibacterial protection prevents bacteria buildup on the platform, keeping your scale cleaner for longer.


Don’t settle for less. The Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale is the #1 selling brand of body weight scales in the US and is known for innovative and high-performing products. Designed with a tempered glass platform and an easy-to-read LCD screen, this scale gives you quick and accurate measurements every time.

Durable Choice

The M2 6.0 Digital Glass Scale’s 6-mm tempered glass platform provides exceptional durability, comfort and accuracy. The scale comes with a supportive frame and anti-skid paddings to prevent slipping. Its sleek design fits in any environment and looks great on your countertop!


Simply step on the scale and the Easy-to-Use Scale will automatically turn on and display your weight in 2 units of measurement (lb/kg) for your convenience. The large LCD display with an automatic on/off feature, low battery indicator and overload indication provides you accurate weight measurements.

4. NUTRI FIT Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale BMI

NUTRI FIT Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale BMI, Accurate Weight Measurements Scale,Large Backlight Display and Step-On Technology,400 Pounds

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This special NUTRI FIT Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale comes with a large LCD backlight display and Step-On technology, providing fast and easy weight readings. It is made of sturdy tempered glass with 4 high precision sensors to provide high accuracy weighing. Besides, It is 55mm(2.17 Inch )Thick tempered glass platform with a large area will make you feel more comfortable to put it on. It is the perfect combination of function and style.


The AccuWeight Digital Scale is equipped with the latest high-precision sensors to provide accurate and stable readings. Graduation increments of 0.1lb/0.05kg, measurement range: 400lb/180kg, large LCD display with bright backlight.

Two Weight Data Scale

The bathroom scale gives you two weight values in one. The first is your weight value, which is displayed as soon as you step on the scale. The second is your BMI value, which is calculated once you set your height value. This smart scale can auto-calibrate and auto power off after use. It’s convenient and easy to use!

Great Design

When compared to the traditional bathroom scale, the Great design has a simple, sleek and modern design. It is not just a scale, but a good decoration which makes it fit perfectly into any bathroom or bedroom! It comes in a basic White Transparent glass color with a great combination of high-quality Silver-tone details.

Large LCD Display And Easy To Read

The large LCD display and easy to read numbers display weight,Body Mass Index (BMI), fat mass, bone density and water percentage in one comprehensive display.The high contrast blue backlight makes it easy to read the results even in bright daylight or dark room

5. REDOVER-Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with Smartphone App

REDOVER-Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with Smartphone App, Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale, Body Composition Analyzer for Body Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR and More, 400lb (Black)

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REDOVER Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is a smart scale that allows you to measure body weight, body fat, muscle mass and BMI then uploads the results to your fitness apps such as FitBit, Google Fit, Apple Health with bluetooth. This scale will give you accurate measurements in weight, fat, muscle and bone mass and BMI statistics instantly. It will calculate your BMI (body mass index) and BMR (basal metabolic rate). Just step on it and enter your age into the app. Its accuracy makes it the best method for measuring your body composition.

Step-On Technology

Smart Weigh has developed a unique new technology for precise, accurate measurements that uses Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). The Smart Weigh 400lbs Digital Bathroom Scale with BIA Technology is the first scale to combine both step-on and touch sensors. It shows your weight the instant you step onto the scale. The Smart Weigh Step-On Digital Bathroom Scale with BIA Technology measures body fat, body water and lean muscle mass by emitting a very low electric current through your feet while you stand on it.

Health Management

The app is under a new concept of health management, focusing on 13 essential health measurements. With a built-in algorithm, the app can calculate your body composition with ease. By scanning the QR code on the manual and downloading this APP, you can easily sync your data from Fitbit, iHealth and other apps to get your BMI, BMR, Protein and other information.


This watch has a special design with sturdy tempered glass and 3.3 inches highlight LED display with large and bright reading numbers. It also can provide multiple time zones, date and extra functions. The screen is easy to read from any angle.

6. EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra-Wide Platform

EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra-Wide Platform, 440 Pound Capacity

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Are you used to weighing yourself on your bathroom scale? If so, then do you ever get unsatisfactory results? A bathroom scale is quite different from professional scales. The difference may influence your weight once in a while. In fact, even if you are following the same diet and exercising regularly, sometimes an inaccurate scale can give you an entirely different figure which is unbearable and discouraging. That’s why I would like to introduce you to a kitchen scale – EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra-Wide Platform, 440 Pound Capacity.


The Readability premium digital pocket scale is designed for use in low or dimly lit areas. In addition to its bright blue backlit LCD display, the 3.6″ x 2″ pocket scale also features large digits so you can read your weight readings from a distance.


Designed with affordability and convenience in mind, this digital scale is a great addition to any kitchen. From its compact size to its easy-to-read display, it has the features you need. This scale also includes auto off to conserve battery life, 2 AAA batteries and an easy to follow instruction booklet with helpful tips on using your precision scale.

Spacious platform

Their oversized 8mm thick tempered glass scales feature a spacious platform that’s 15.375″ wide and 11.75″ tall, large enough for extra stability when weighing, yet only 0.75″ thick to keep things light on your scale. The platform features angled sides that allow you to easily slide heavy items onto and off the scale without worrying about them rolling off during transport or storage.

Expanded Capacity

The compact Expandable Smart Bathroom Scale can accurately measure up to 440 LB(200 KG) in measurements of 0.2LBS/1 KG with 4 precision sensors. It is engineered to the highest standards with a stylish and modern design (black), stainless steel side rails and touch-sensitive platform that automatically powers off if no one is on it for 3 seconds.

Tips For Buying The Best Weight Watchers Scale

Best Weight Watchers Scale

Weight loss programs require accurate measurements of body fat percentage. The best way to measure body fat is using a medical-grade electronic bathroom scale. There are many different types of scales available today. Some are designed specifically for measuring body fat while others are general fitness equipment. Here are some features to look for when choosing a weight watcher.


The accuracy of a weight watcher’s scale is one of the most critical points to consider. This is because you will want to be certain in your measurements so that you know just how much weight you have lost or gained. The best weight watchers scale relies on precise technology to deliver accurate readings every time. Go through customer reviews and see what they have to say about it.


The capacity of a digital bathroom scale is dependent on the accuracy of the unit. The smart bathroom scales have a maximum and minimum weight. If you are much on the higher side, pay close attention to the capacity of each digital bathroom. Most of these units accommodate a maximum weight of 400 pounds. However, the capability of smarter digital scales tends to be much lower.


Portability is an important criteria to consider when shopping for a digital scale. Portable models are generally the lightest, weighing between 5-15 lbs. Many scales have a carrying handle on top or on the side, while others have built-in transport wheels. For frequent travelers who don’t want to haul around a heavy scale, electronic scales with built-in batteries are available as well.


Make sure you can easily read the display. This helps ensure that you are weighing correctly and accurately. Also, when weighing yourself make sure that the display shows both feet and inches. This will help ensure your weight is measured in pounds, not kilograms or some other unit of measurement.


Most digital scales have a platform that is made of tempered glass or ABS plastic. In fact, some users have it on a rubber top to give them support. The other feature that you can have with a weight watchers scale is the carpet-like fiber top layer. It helps to keep your feet in place and feel comfortable when weighing yourself. You should check out the size of the platform when choosing your digital scale because it determines your balancing ability on it. If you have large feet, then you will want one that has an average plate area size.

Best Weight Watchers Scale- FAQs

Why does my Weight Watchers scale give different readings?

The majority of the time, environmental conditions and bad maintenance cause digital scales to generate readings that are different from one another. Finding the underlying reason for fluctuations in a device’s readings is often the best way to enhance that device’s accuracy when it gives varying or inconsistent results.

Is WW scale Bluetooth?

The WW Bluetooth® equipped scale is designed to function for free with the WW Scales by Conair® app, which provides a fun way to log your measurements and is compatible with the WW Scales by Conair® app.

Is the scale safe for someone with a pacemaker?

They strongly advise against using any of our body analysis scales if you have a pacemaker or other internal device. To be safe, use the weight-only function, which does not require any user configuration and does not release any electric current. If you have any concerns about the safe use of body analysis scales, they recommend that you consult with a medical professional.

Why do you recommend not using the scale during pregnancy?

The human body of a pregnant woman contains a sizable amount of additional water in comparison to the human body of a person who is not pregnant. However, the equations that we use to calculate the body analysis measurements are not calibrated to account for the additional water that is carried during pregnancy. It is safe to utilize the weight only function (which does not require any user setup) when you are pregnant.

How does the scale measure body fat/body water etc?

The scale operates by passing a weak electric current from one of the metal electrodes (metal plates) down one leg of the user, via the pelvic region, up the other leg, and then back to the scale itself. It does so by measuring the resistance to the electrical signal that is transmitted between the electrodes. This, in conjunction with the user’s weight and demographic information (gender, age, and height), enables us to estimate a user’s lean body mass, and from that, their body fat, body water, and bone mass. Moreover, we are able to do this for any user. The body mass index (BMI) is determined by a computation that uses an individual’s height and weight.


The Best Weight Watchers Scale is the best scale for the dieter. This diet monitor can track almost anything you put in your mouth and has been proven to help people lose weight faster than just dieting alone. There are a few different features that make this scale more effective than others.

The first is that it keeps track of your progress as you lose weight so you can stay motivated and have a clear picture of how much progress you’re making throughout the dieting process. There’s also a barcode scanner that allows you to scan any food product into your daily points guide which means you won’t have to waste time looking up all of these items on the internet or inside your book when you want to know how many points an item contains.






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