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10 Best Wheelchair Carrier In 2022

Wheelchair carriers are usually lightweight alternatives to transport a wheelchair. They are designed for carrying wheelchairs and related things outside without any hassle. To carry your wheelchair with a wheelchair carrier, it is recommended that you have a strong back, strong hands, and most importantly a matching strap. Knowing its purpose, it can be easy to recognize the best wheelchair carriers in the market. When looking for one, make sure that it is able to handle heavy weight. You should also consider the weight capacity of different options so that there’s no doubt as to whether or not you can put your wheelchair there.

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Top 10 Best Wheelchair Carrier Reviews

1. Mockins 60″ X 20″ X 6″ Folding Cargo Carrier Hitch Mount

Mockins 60' X 20' X 6' Folding Cargo Carrier Hitch Mount | 500 lb Capacity Hitch Rack with Waterproof Cargo Carrier Bag | Steel Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier | Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Cargo Trailer

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The Cargo Carrier is the perfect cargo carrier for your SUV, truck or car. Its easy-to-clean mesh floor makes it great for all occasions such as camping or road trips. Its folding design allows the carrier to be tilted up alongside the rear of your vehicle when it’s not in use. In terms of capacity, this cargo carrier has a whopping 500 pounds of capacity giving you more space than ever before!

Heavy-Duty Steel

Includes a Waterproof Cargo Bag & 2 extra ratchet straps with a bonus hitch stabilizer the car trailer hitch carrier is constructed with heavy-duty steel and has the capacity to hold up to a hefty 500 Lbs of cargo such as luggage carrier or camping gear and any construction material.

Cargo Basket Car Rack

The 60” long x 20” wide x 6” tall cargo basket car rack makes it convenient to haul anything you may need and provides multiple easy access tie-down points. The Hitch storage rack comes with a simple-to-clean mesh floor as well and is great to use for all occasions such as camping road trips or tailgates.

Hitch Hauler

Hitch hauler with a 2″ rise for improved ground clearance and the fold-able basket folding trailer for when not in use this hitch basket will work great with any vehicle car SUV van or truck that has a 2″ receiver. This cargo carrier is not compatible with cars that have a tire on the back as your side swing door will not open.

Waterproof Cargo Carrier Bag

Includes a waterproof cargo carrier bag that is approximately 57.7″ L X 19.4″ W X 24″ H and 15.5 cu ft. Also included, are 2 rainproof ratchet straps an extra-thick 6mm heavy-duty cargo net, and a free hitch stabilizer for added security for your trailer hitch great vehicle cargo baskets.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our 1 priority. If you have questions or concerns about your cargo carrier please contact us and we will resolve any issues you may have. Carry your cargo in style!

2. Hitch Mounted Aluminum Carrier By Titan Ramps

Hitch Mounted Aluminum Carrier with Ramp for Mobility Wheelchairs and Scooters

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This Titan Ramps Aluminum Carrier is for use with 2” class III or IV trailer hitches. It can fold up flat and vertically against the rear of the vehicle when not in use. The ramp features quick action spring pull pins that secure the ramp for transport, making travel more convenient for you. The hitch-mounted carrier is made from aluminum making it durable and lightweight. This makes the wheelchair carrier resistant to rust and corrosion, bending, and bowing, making it long-lasting.

Lightweight Aluminum Wheelchair Carrier

The hitch-mounted carrier is designed for use with 2″ class III or IV trailer hitches. The built-in ramp allows you to easily load and unload wheelchairs, scooters, and power chairs with ease. You can even use the carrier to transport luggage!

Built-in Ramp For Ease Of Use

The wheelchair carrier is equipped with a built-in ramp to easily load your power chair, scooter, or wheelchair onto and off of the carrier platform, with no heavy lifting. The ramp features quick action spring pull pins that secure the ramp for transport.

Folds Down For Easy Storage

The lightweight aluminum hitch-mounted carrier can be flipped up for vertical transport when not in use. The ramp can also be stored in the vertical position when you have a wheelchair loaded, or laid flat when you are not transporting your power chair.

Fits 2 Inch Class Iii And Iv Trailer Hitches

The aluminum wheelchair carrier is designed to fit into 2″ receiver hitches that are class 3 and 4. This allows the carrier to fit most trucks and SUVs and easily transport your wheelchair or mobility scooter with you. The carrier is also equipped with an antitilt bracket for stability.


The overall height of the carrier platform is 6″. The carrier length is 33″ and is 62″ wide, accommodating most all wheelchairs and scooters. The ramp has a length of 58″ making the slope the perfect height to load your power chair.

3. USSerenaY Hitch Cargo Carrier – Trailer Hitch Luggage Rack

USSerenaY Hitch Cargo Carrier - Trailer Hitch Luggage Rack with Net, Waterproof Cargo Bag and 2 Reinforced Straps - Folding Car Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier L60 X W20 X H6 550lbs Capacity (Black)

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This cargo carrier with a cargo basket hitch is a great tool for camping, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities. It works great as a bike rack by providing a spacious cargo space on the back of your car. The hitch mount cargo carrier features the large 60″ X 20″ X 6″ size combined with the net bag with 4 pcs red reflectors to prevent cars oncoming drivers from rear-end accidents by providing adequate light reflection at night or smog situations. It also comes with 2 reinforced straps for fixing the goods and 1 hitch tightener to prevent wobbling&noise. Lastly, our store provides excellent pre-sales and after-sales customer services.

Luxurious Foldable Cargo Trailer Set

The basket trailer hitch cargo carrier’s overall size is 60″ X 20″ X 6″. Hitch mount cargo carrier comes with everything you need. 4 pcs red reflectors provide a safe driving experience at night or in smog situations. Cargo rack hitch also with a waterproof storage bag with a supportive net, and 2 ratchet straps for fixing the goods. 1 hitch tightener to prevent wobbling&noise. Perfect for hauling cargo, camping equipment, luggage or use as a rear bike rack.

550LBS Capacity & Stable Metal Support Poles

The cargo trailer is constructed from heavy-duty steel to promote high strength and a lightweight mesh design. Stable steel frames support this hitch cargo box’s max load-bearing to 550lbs. 2 steady metal support poles on each side of the basket and an extra-thick folding receiver tube to fasten all extra camping gear in the vehicle cargo basket.

6″ Tall Side Rails&More Features

Cargo racks for the trailer hitch’s heavy-duty steel mesh bottom construction keep the luggage more secure. Black powder-coated cargo baskets with an open platform design increase durability. 6″ tall side rails to prevent the small objects from falling off. This vehicle cargo baskets will work well with any vehicle; a car, van, jeep, pickup truck, or SUV that has a 2″ receiver hitch.

Easy To Assemble & Maintain

The receiver hitch cargo rack came with installation instructions. The hitch-mounted cargo carrier’s folding shank allows for higher ground clearance and is easier to fold up when not in use. Pull-pin to conveniently fold up and out of your way. This hitch basket cargo carrier frees up cargo space inside your vehicle and also features a mesh base to easily clean up.

Helpful After-Sale Guarantee

Our store provides excellent pre-sales and after-sales customer services. Free exchange for installation problems, damaged and missing parts with a 1-year warranty guarantee, please freely contact us if you have any questions about our Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier. So go ahead to buy it now!

4. Silver Spring Steel Folding Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier

Silver Spring Steel Folding Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier with Ramp

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The Silver Spring Folding Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier is the simplest, strongest, and most versatile scooter or wheelchair carrier available. This carrier features a 42″ long 3-position folding ramp which can be easily folded with the attached handle for tailgate or hatch access. The carrier has a special hitch attachment that allows it to fold up against the back of your vehicle when not in use for added safety and convenience. Best of all, this mobility carrier is built with spring pin handles that eliminate standard style pin rings allowing for simple operation when positioning the loading ramp.

Easy Loading and Unloading

The built-in loading ramp makes it easy to unload and load power chairs and mobility scooters. When not in use, the ramp folds against the carrier for easy storage. Plus, the included 5-lb carabiner latch secures your cargo on top of the carrier or vehicle.

Generous Platform Size

The Silver Spring Steel with a generous platform is the perfect solution for people who have a larger mobility scooter or power wheelchair. The extra-large platform accommodates any size of mobility scooter or power wheelchair and makes it easier for you to get in and out of your chair safely, with less strain on your body.

Reduced Tilt and Wobble

Increased wobble and rattle can cause a Silver Spring steel to fail or come out of balance. The included anti-rattle device prevents this while in transit, keeping your Silver Spring® steel from tumbling around and causing damage.

5. AA Products Hitch Mount Steel Cargo Carrier Basket

Hitch Mount Steel Cargo Carrier Basket with 49'' Folding Wheelchair Ramp, Fits 2'' Trailer Mounted Hitches

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This versatile cargo basket provides a convenient way to add storage space to your vehicle. It is made of heavy-duty steel and tested for maximum weight capacity. The hitch tightener and 2 sets of ratchet straps are included allowing you to securely store your cargo while keeping it out of sight. This basket also includes a 49.2”x26.4’’ folding wheelchair ramp for easy loading of mobility wheelchairs, lawns, scooters and other cargo. No matter where you’re going, this cargo carrier will provide a convenient way to add storage space to your vehicle.

Durable Construction

This trailer hitch cargo carrier is constructed of high strength and lightweight design steel, It is rated for 500 lbs, Max. loading capacity.

Enhanced Safety

The cargo rack basket dimensions are 50” x 28.3”, 5.1” high sides rails of the cargo basket and upgraded with the addition of an adjustable limit-switch on the hitch tube to enhance the stability and provide extra security.

Rising Shank Design

The AA Cargo hitch carrier is equipped with a folding angled shank. It allows the cargo carrier to be folded up when not in use.


Features 49.2”x 26.4” Ramp to roll up your small wheeled equipment easily. Ideal for transport Lawn, wheelchairs, Scooters, bikes, gears and anything else. The ramp does Not fold down.

Easy to Assembly

The basket cargo carrier features a strong bolt-together design making installation quick and easy, Fits for a 2” hitch receiver.

6. Trailer Hitch Folding Carrier for Wheelchair

ECOTRIC Hitch Cargo Carrier with Ramp Foldable Hitch Mount Wheelchair Carrier Mobility Scooter Ramp 500 lbs Weight Capacity

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The Hitch Folding Carrier for Wheelchair Scooter Disability Mobility Rack w/ Loading Ramp is a lightweight, portable and durable carrier. The first position keeps the ramp folded flat to the carrier surface and held down with a spring pull pin. The folded flat position is to keep the ramp self stored and secured when the carrier is folded up. The second ramp position allows the ramp to stand up straight when a mobility device is on the carrier. The ramp is held vertically in place with a spring pull pin.

Easy Loading And Transporting

This wheelchair carrier is made for easy loading and transporting of your wheelchair, scooter or other similar items. It can be used as a carrier and a ramp; simply attach it to your hitch.

Rigid And Stronger

A heavy-duty folding hitch makes our carrier more rigid and stronger. Tie-down straps can be hooked onto any of the tie-down holes featured on the ramp sides. 3-position carrier (closed flat, open L-shape & open flat. Tie-down straps can be hooked onto any of the tie-down holes featured on the ramp sides. Handle on the ramp for easy folding and unfolding.

Platform Dimension

26.8 X 46.2 inches; Total length of the ramp when expended is 38.7 inches. Total weight of carrier 75 Lbs; Weight of ramp (gate) 16 lbs. Easy to lift; Weight Capacity of Ramp: Up to 400 lbs. Durable black powder-coated finish

Has A 3-inch Safety Rail

Fits all 2″ Receiver, hitch class III or IV; the Folding ramp can also be locked flat when not in use. Heavy-duty steel construction and internal spring-loaded pull locks.


Mobility devices are not to be occupied when loading, unloading, or on the carrier! Never exceed the rated capacities of your hitch. A hitch tightener is required to prevent the rack from wobbling,anti-wobble plate is not included.

7. Titan Ramps Wheelchair Mobility Rack Ramp 86 lb.

Titan Ramps Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Mobility Rack Ramp, Rated 500 LB, Folding Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier

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Transporting your power wheelchair or motor scooter shouldn’t be difficult. With this car ramp, all you need to do is unfold the ramp and steer your wheelchair along. The ramp is made of heavy-duty steel, so it can bear heavy loads of up to 500 pounds. You won’t need to worry about the ramp falling apart as you store your wheelchair on it. It can resist corrosion, bending, and bowing, making it long-lasting.

Transports Most Scooters & Wheelchairs

Maneuvering a wheelchair can be difficult enough on its own. Transporting it shouldn’t bring you extra stress. Our medical rack can support most power scooters and electric wheelchairs. Just load your wheelchair onto this mobile ramp and you’re ready to go! Experience it for yourself. Order today.

Easy Use

This mobility ramp is for use with 2″ class III or IV trailer hitches. It is not for use with a 1 1/4inch hitch. It can fold up flat and vertically against the rear of the vehicle when not in use. The ramp features a quick action spring pull pin that secures the ramp for transport, making travel more convenient for you.

Heavy-duty Steel

Steel is a metal that is renowned for its ability to bear heavy loads. Our mobile ramp is constructed from heavy-duty steel, giving it an impressive weight capacity of 500 pounds. Because it’s made of steel, it will resist corrosion, bending, and bowing. This foldable carrier can give you several years of use.


The MC500 carrier weighs approximately 86 pounds. It measures 46.5 inches in length and 28 inches in width. It has a tray depth of 4 1/4 inches. Your mobile scooter or wheelchair will fit nicely on the tray. The ramp’s compact size is perfect for travel and transportation. It won’t feel bulky or overbearing whenever you drive.

8. Goplus Aluminum Cargo Carrier, 50″x29.5″ Hitch Mounted Wheelchair

Goplus Aluminum Cargo Carrier, 50'x29.5' Hitch Mounted Wheelchair Scooter Mobility Carrier Medical Lift Rack Ramp, 500 lbs Weight Capacity

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The Goplus Cargo Carrier is the ideal solution to your long-distance cargo transportation problems. Our aluminum cargo carrier is rust and corrosion-resistant, and it has a maximum bearing capacity of 500 lbs. The 9″ safety rail prevents cargo from falling down, and the ramp is secured by two pins to keep it steady and secure. Multiple tie-down points for securing your cargo. Reflectors increase safety while driving at night.

A Perfect Transportation

Our aluminum cargo carrier is ideal to carry a wheelchair, scooter, lawn mower, snow blower and other cargo you may have, which effectively solves the problem that these goods are inconvenient to transport.

High-Quality Aluminum Material

Constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum structure, the cargo carrier is rust and corrosion-resistant. It has a maximum bearing capacity of 500 lbs, and it weighs 40 lbs.

Humanized Designs to Keep Safe

Multiple tie-down points for securing your cargo; b. Reflectors to increase safety while driving on the road at night. c. 9” safety rail to prevent cargo from falling down. d. the ramp is secured by two pins to keep it steady and secure.

Applicable to a Variety of Vehicles

This hitch-mounted carrier is suitable for most vehicles, like trucks, SUVs, or vans. Use this basket carrier to haul cargo behind any vehicle with a Class III or IV 2″ hitch receiver.

Detailed Product Information

The basket measures 50” (L) X 29.5” (W), and the ramp measures 41.5” (L) X 27.5” (W). Please bring your own M5, M6 and M8 wrenches before installation.

9. Pro Series 6502 StrongArm Hitch Mounted Folding Cargo Carrier

Pro Series 6502 StrongArm Hitch Mounted Folding Cargo Carrier for 2” Receivers, Black

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The Pro Series 6502 StrongArm Hitch Mounted Folding Cargo Carrier offers an integrated patented design that allows it to be folded upright for easy parking and maneuvering when not in use. It boasts a 500 lbs capacity, 3” side rails, and holes for attaching bungee cords or cargo nets. This durable, weather-resistant carrier also fits 2” vehicle receivers, and has a sturdy rise shank design elevating cargo for maximum ground clearance.

500 Lb. Capacity

The robust capacity of this hitch cargo carrier holds up to 500 lbs and is ideal for coolers, bikes, camping gear, bags, and other equipment that can be loaded up and strapped down.

Foldable Arm

The adjustable design of this trailer hitch cargo rack allows it to be folded upright for easy parking and maneuvering when not in use.

Secure Side Rails

The 3” side rail system helps keep your stored items secure and in place with easy-connect holes for attaching straps or cargo nets.

10. KUAFU Folding Wheelchair Scooter Carrier

Folding Scooter Carrier Rack Wheelchair Luggage Basket Disability Medical Lift Rack Loading Ramp Trailer Hitch Mount Steel

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This Kuafu Folding Wheelchair/Scooter Carrier is a great solution for transporting your loved ones, whether in a vehicle or on an airplane. It features a 3 inch safety rail, high quality steel construction and a V-shaped design that can hold up to 400 pounds.

This model has three different folding positions (closed flat, open L-shape & open flat) so you can use it both indoors and outside on the trail. The 4 tie down straps are connected to 4 built-in holes on each side of the carrier that allow you to lock in any large cargo items. This ramp also has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to unfold when needed.

Heavy Duty Steel

Durable black powder coated finish,heavy duty steel construction. It can be used as a carrier and a ramp; simply attach it to your hitch. Provides instant cargo space when your car is out of space.

Easy Folding And Unfolding

Folding ramp can also be locked flat when not in use. 3-position carrier (closed flat, open L-shape & open flat.Tie down straps can be hooked onto any of the tie down holes featured on the ramp sides. Handle on the ramp for easy folding and unfolding.

Weight Capacity of Ramp

Up to 400 lbs.Total length of ramp when expended is 38.7 inch. Total weight of carrier 75 Lbs; Weight of ramp (gate) 16 lbs.

What Is A Wheelchair Carrier?

A wheelchair carrier may appear to be a simple piece of equipment, but it provides the user with a great deal of freedom and convenience while on the go. It is a ramp attached to the vehicle’s hitch that is used to position and secure the wheelchair while it is being moved.

This has a number of functions that make it easy to lower and raise the wheelchair to a standing position before taking it out of the car and getting it ready to use on the road. It provides not only the necessary mobility but also a lot of interior space.

The Advantages

Using a wheelchair carrier has two advantages most of the time. The first advantage stems from the mobility device itself. It allows a disabled person to drive independently as long as they can lift and lower the carrier on their own. The feeling is especially empowering for someone who uses a wheelchair because it makes them feel like they can do more on their own.

When you use a wheelchair to get around, you don’t have to exert as much effort as you would if you used another mode of transportation. It can be difficult to move the wheelchair and lift it into the car when you need to use your car. You don’t have to do any of that work in this case.

Types of Wheelchair Carriers

Best Wheelchair Carrier

There are numerous types of carriers, and selecting one should be done with great care. The primary distinctions are how they fold and how they are lifted. Before deciding which of these carriers to purchase, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. This will assist you in making an informed decision.

Automatic Car-Top Carrier

This type of carrier is attached to the vehicle’s roof. It picks up the chair and lifts it to the top of the car using an electric motor. The platform on which the chair is placed folds up as it does so. The carrier is self-contained and can be turned off and on with a switch. As a result, the disabled person will find it simple to use the carrier on their own.

People who want to take up as little space as possible in their car but are unable to lift the wheelchair themselves may find this solution useful. Because the motor is small, it cannot lift all types of wheelchairs. It is most effective with manual wheelchairs.

Bumper Mounted Carrier 

This is yet another wheelchair transporter. Its design is straightforward, and it is best suited for transporting manual wheelchairs. The most noticeable difference is that the wheelchair is attached to the bumper rather than the roof of the car. Because it cannot be installed on a pre-existing bumper, this wheelchair carrier may be more difficult to install the first time.

If your bumper looks like this one, you’ll need to have a mechanic drill hole in it so you can mount this carrier. When it comes time to remove the carrier and sell it, the holes can be filled in again. In some cases, using this carrier may make getting into your car’s trunk more difficult.

Hitch-Mounted Carrier

Customers consistently rank this as one of the best providers due to the reasonable prices. They can be attached to any existing drawbar or ball mount on the back of your vehicle. There is no need to modify the carrier or hitch in any way for this to work.

These carriers can also be configured in a variety of ways. Some must be operated by hand, while others are automatic and only require the flip of a switch to begin working. Your decision should be influenced by how well you can lift the wheelchair on your own and how much money you have. One advantage of hitch-mounted cargo carriers is that they do not obstruct access to the car’s trunk.

Pick-Up Truck Carrier

Pick-up trucks are equipped with this type of wheelchair carrier. It is the most effective way to make pick-up trucks more accessible to people with disabilities. An electric motor that lifts the wheelchair onto the bed of the pickup truck is controlled by a handheld device. This process is currently underway.

The main disadvantage of this type of wheelchair carrier is that the wheelchair must be folded before it can be loaded onto it. Because this must be done by hand, a person with a disability may require assistance.

What To Pay Attention To?

Aside from the type of wheelchair carrier you select, you should also consider a few of its features, particularly in relation to the size of your vehicle. You should also consider how you intend to use the wheelchair and carrier the majority of the time. This allows you to get the features that will best meet your needs and provide you with the best return on investment.

Weight-Bearing Capacity

The term “weight capacity” refers to the maximum amount of weight that an item can lift and move safely. You should know how much your wheelchair weighs so that you can select the appropriate carrier. But, just to be safe, choose a carrier with a little more space than you need, so you can bring a few things in the wheelchair itself. You can do both of these things if you select a carrier that has a little more space than you require.

Type of Vehicle

Because purchasing a wheelchair carrier with all of the features you require will be useless if it does not fit your vehicle, you should also purchase it based on the type of vehicle you have. This is because purchasing a wheelchair carrier that includes everything you require can be a waste of money.

The type of hitch is the most important consideration in this case. That should not be your only concern, and you should consult with your mechanic before making a decision.

Carrying Capacity

The maximum weight and distance that your vehicle can carry is referred to as its “haul capacity.” Because most cars are large enough to transport this type of cargo, even if the wheelchair and carrier are of different sizes and shapes, they can both be transported.

On the other hand, using it excessively may cause damage to your vehicle. This is something to consider if your vehicle has a low towing capacity and you need to move a large amount of weight.

The Controls

The automated controls are an important component of the carrier because they allow you to use it without the assistance of another person. This provides you with mobility and freedom. When deciding which controls to use, there are a few things to consider.

You must consider your flexibility and your ability to move. Consider how quickly you can react and how well you can coordinate your movements. This will assist you in determining how quickly you can get into the wheelchair and carrier. When you first start out on your own, you should be honest with yourself about your ability to drive and make decisions.

Platform And The Arms

The primary distinction between carriers is the manner in which the wheelchair is stored. The simplest method is to place the wheelchair on a platform and secure it to the platform’s surface. This is the first alternative. The arm is a more complicated piece of equipment that typically folds the wheelchair, picks it up, and places it on the side of the car or on the vehicle’s roof.

Your car will have more storage space if you choose the arm option, but most arm options are only suitable for wheelchairs and not scooters.


Can I Use A Bike Rack For My Wheelchair?

Bike rack manufacturers advise against using them to transport wheelchairs in any way. Even though they are less expensive than specially designed wheelchair carriers, they cannot safely hold a wheelchair because they were designed for bicycles.

Will A Wheelchair Carrier Damage My Vehicle?

Most wheelchair carriers are designed to attach to a vehicle’s hitch rather than make direct contact with other vehicle components. This prevents scratches and wears on the paint and chrome.

Should I Cover My Wheelchair While It’s In A Wheelchair Carrier?

You must make this decision for yourself. Many people cover their wheelchairs when transporting them with special covers that keep rain, bugs, road dust, and dirt off of them. You probably don’t need to cover your chair if you’re only going to be gone for a short time and the weather is nice.


If you are looking for the best wheelchair carrier, you will find plenty of them for sale online and in stores these days. It’s important to do your research and to check online reviews if necessary to make sure that you are selecting a quality product. You also have to be sure that the device will fit both your vehicle and your chair since this can affect how well it works with both. Even though you might prefer a less expensive item, it is best to select one that comes from a brand name manufacturer who is known for offering quality products.






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