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Best Woven Dental Floss

If you prefer woven floss as much as I do, you’ll be disappointed to find that Listerine’s Gentle Gum Care dental floss is no longer available.

Following this information, I set out on a hunt to find the best-woven dental floss available, and what I found astounded me.

Mint, coconut, orange, strawberry, vanilla bean, and chocolate are just a few of the flavors available.

What’s more, this is genuine woven floss! Approximately 500 polyester fibers were gently waxed and infused with coconut oil to create this product.

As described on its Amazon product description, coconut floss is like using a loofah to brush your teeth.

Last but not least, Cocofloss is cruelty-free and vegan.

In this article, I discuss the best woven dental floss substitutes for Listerine Gentle Gum Care.

The coconut floss I prefer to Listerine Gentle Gum Care is Cocofloss braided floss.

Our 5 Favorite Woven Dental Floss

Top 8 Best Woven Dental Floss Reviews:

1. Listerine Ultraclean Dental Floss

Listerine Ultraclean Waxed Mint Dental Floss | Effective Plaque Removal, Teeth & Gum Protection | Shred-Resistant for Thoroughly Clean in Tight Area | 30 Yards, 1 Pack

Listerine Ultraclean dental floss with Micro Grooves technology features an easy-to-use, dual-textured waxed floss that cleans deep between teeth and below the gum line to help remove plaque. Glide mint dental floss has a flat surface, which pushes plaque between teeth and causes irritation.

Why Choose it?

Micro Grooves Technology

The Micro-Grooves technology is featured in Listerine’s Ultraclean dental floss, which is designed to remove up to two times more plaque than Glide Mint Floss. The ultrathin waxed string of the floss allows for small, deep grooves on each strand to scrape plaque and debris from your teeth and gums.

Remove Small Food Particles

There is a lot of food that gets stuck between the teeth and this can lead to bad breath. Listerine Ultraclean dental floss is specially designed to remove small particles that get stuck between the teeth and around gums and that can lead to bad breath. It has a special coating that helps dissolve and remove plaque and food particles.

Mint Flavored

This mint flavored dental floss uses shred-resistant technology so you can rest assured that it will last a long time without breaking apart into little pieces. The shred-resistant technology also allows the floss to flex, stretch and glide easily for an ultimate clean. The dental floss comes in a convenient dispenser that can be taken on the go with you wherever you go.

Remove Plaque

Remove Plaque is an effective solution for cleaning your teeth and gums from plaque. It works by giving you a long-lasting fresh breath, safe and easy to use. It can be used twice to remove plaque and debris from hard-to-reach places. It is designed to fit between the teeth and under the gum line, where normal toothbrushes cannot reach. The device features a flexible tip and a scraper that can be used to remove food particles.

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2. Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss

Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss, 2 Count

Introducing Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss. Clinically proven to help reverse gingivitis as part of a comprehensive dental program. It is the only floss that delivers a unique, dynamically interlaced ribbon of fluid and longitudinal fibers for advanced plaque removal and protection from recurrence. It also features Glide’s nylon comfort tips — a silky smooth coating that helps reduce friction. Glide’s micro-textured ribbon cleans in areas other flosses can’t reach such as under the gumline and between teeth — where teeth touch but never brush or floss effectively. Includes approximately 100 yards of floss.

Why Choose it?

Slides up Easily

slides between teeth

Slide Floss was created to easily slide into even the tightest of spaces. It can get into areas that are a challenge for ordinary floss. The high-performance floss slides up to 50% easier in tight spaces than the leading floss brand.

Clinical Protection Floss

Clinical Protection Floss removes plaque and food particles from hard-to-reach areas between teeth to help promote and maintain healthy gums. It’s made with Pro-Health Clinical Protection™ ingredients to protect from both harmful plaque build-up and gingivitis. And it slides easily into tight spaces for a thorough clean. That makes it an excellent way to complete your oral care regimen and fight plaque for a clean, healthy mouth.

Removes Plaque & Food Particles

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss is designed to glide smoothly between teeth to remove plaque and food particles with less friction to ensure comfort. Dentists recommend that you floss at least once a day. It removes plaque and food particles that brushing couldn’t reach, and it can help you avoid the pain and discomfort of a toothache or even tooth loss.

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3. Natural Dental Floss Picks

The Humble Co. Floss Picks (200 Count) – Sustainable, Plant Based and Eco-Friendly Natural Dental Floss Picks for Dental Hygiene, Oral Care, and Gum Health, Cruelty Free (Charcoal, Double Thread)

The Natural Dental Floss Pick is uniquely designed for two purposes: flossing between teeth and dislodging food particles from hard-to-reach areas between teeth. (1) Choose from a Peppermint, Cinnamon or Spring Water flavor. The aluminum dispenser keeps it fresh longer and is BPA-free. (2) Giving back to those in need. Five percent of the net profits from this product are donated to Project Smile, an organization that provides oral care products to children around the world. The Humble Co. also gives 10% of profits to charitable organizations that educate and feed hungry families.

Why Choose it?

Humble Co Humble Toothbrush Natural Toothbrush Bamboo Toothbrush handle earth cool biodegradeable

Plant-Based Materials

Plant Based Floss Pick

These dental floss picks are made entirely out of natural, biodegradable materials. They contain no plastic, so they can break down more easily in the environment (a good thing). The product is edited based on the costs of deforestation and chemical impacts while providing maximum functionality with plant-based materials. In this way, they can make them available at market price, without adding any extra stress to the environment. 50 pcs per pack, 200 per case.

Care Your Oral Health

The flossers and dental picks are made from recycled plastics, and they come in completely biodegradable packaging. So, when you use them, you can feel good about helping the environment. These flossers and picks by The Humble Co. are brought to you by dentists who care about your health, our environment, and children in need of oral care products.

Double Threading

For anyone who is not familiar with dental picks / interdental brushes, they are basically small sticks that have been designed to help clean between your teeth. The double threading ensures that food debris is effectively removed whilst the shape of the pick promotes easy access to those hard-to-reach places. These vegan, cruelty-free dental picks also promote gum health and clean breath.

Shred Resistant

Shred Resistant is a first of its kind, super strong dental floss. What makes it so strong? The shred resistant floss is made from pure silk and coated with xylitol and mint to give you a fresh feel after every use. Shred resistant is the strongest dental floss on the market. Its strength isn’t just in the material, but also in the patented threading system which makes it the strongest dental floss available.

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4. COCOFLOSS Coconut-Oil Infused Woven Dental Floss

COCOFLOSS Coconut-Oil Infused Woven Dental Floss | Coconut | Dentist-Designed | Vegan and Cruelty-Free | 8 Month Supply (32 Yds x 4 Units)

Cocofloss is a different kind of floss. It’s woven from nano-fiber material, which has a texture similar to a rough burlap sack. This texture effectively removes the sticky plaque between your teeth — the root cause of gingivitis and cavities. Our product is made in the USA with environmentally-friendly materials and contains no dyes or harsh chemicals.

Cocofloss logo

Why Choose it?

Remove Plaque & Debris

Cocofloss is a new way of brushing designed by dentists with you, the consumer in mind. They have woven together 500+ little fibers that scrub away the plaque, debris, and bacteria that love to hide between your teeth. The super-soft, mouth-freshening dental floss from Cocofloss is designed to remove plaque and debris from between teeth and below the gum line. Using an ordinary string floss can actually push bacteria further into the gums and may cause gum disease.

Woman flossing with Cocofloss

Textured Weave

Plaque is a sticky, yellow biofilm that develops on your teeth. It can’t be removed with regular string floss. That’s why you need Glide dental floss, which has a unique ribbon design to penetrate plaque and eliminate food debris from your teeth. Cocofloss is a different product. The unique texture of its weave provides maximum surface area for snatching plaque and debris between your teeth. It’s like trying to clean crusty dishes with a plastic bag; Cocofloss has tiny little bumps on it that grab onto food particles and get them out from in between your teeth.

Eco-Friendly & Cruelty Free

All products are full-sized containers and are refillable. Products are Leaping Bunny certified, the gold standard in cruelty-free certification for non-animal tested products. There don’t have any products that have been tested on animals and we never will. However, some products are manufactured in facilities that have a mixture of brands and those brands may not be cruelty-free or vegan.

Cocofloss box
Cocofloss containers

Safe Ingredients

Cocofloss is a new type of floss that’s friendly to your gums and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Its unique formula has been tested by an independent lab and shown to be free of toxins, including parabens, sulfates, and PFAS. No animal byproducts were used in creating this product.

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5. DrTung’s Smart Floss

DrTung's Smart Floss - Natural Floss, PTFE & PFAS Free Floss, Gentle on Gums, Expands & Stretches, BPA Free Floss - Natural Dental Floss Cardamom Flavor (Pack of 1)

Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss is made with polymers, keratin, and waxes that are perfectly pliable to get into those hard-to-reach areas. And with every swipe, you’re removing a build of plaque up to 55% more effectively than dental floss alone–an amazing difference!

Smart Floss

Why Choose it?

Smart Floss

Natural Expanding floss

Smart Floss

Smart Floss, a natural expanding dental floss, was developed to reach more surfaces of your teeth at once. Unlike conventional floss, the wax-like material expands and lets you clean the sides of your teeth on top and under your gum line. It’s clinically proven to give you a 55% improvement in your dental health! That’s a lot of areas for particles to get stuck in. But with Smart Floss, you’re able to clean that off to help keep food from getting trapped in those areas, which prevents decay and bad breath.

Non-Breakable Floss

The Flosser is a dental floss for kids and adults that can easily clean in small spaces, wide spaces and even with braces. It is non-toxic and will not break while using it. It is designed to floss your teeth without any pain or difficulty. The Flosser allows you to use less floss each time, which means your dental floss gets used more effectively. This product can be used by people of all ages and also comes with its own container so you can carry it with you anywhere you go. This dental floss can help prevent gum disease and keep your breath fresh throughout the day.

Vibrant Fresh Clean Mouth

Smart Floss

This floss is flavored so it’s not only a great way to floss, but also to freshen your breath. It’s naturally flavored with cardamom and other natural flavors that are a pleasant surprise compared to the minty flavor you may be used to. Glide this floss between your teeth, under gums and around any braces to remove plaque and debris like food and bacteria. You’ll feel extra clean after every use!

Allergen Free

Smart Floss is naturally free of allergens like gluten. This woven dental floss is free of BPA, PTFE, and petrochemical wax. Smart Floss is the only floss that can be used with braces. It is also safe to use with Invisalign clear aligners. The flat design makes it easy to keep your smile clean no matter where you are.

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6. Oral-B Super Floss Pre-Cut Strands

Oral-B Dental Floss for Braces, Super Floss Pre-Cut Strands, Mint, 50 Count, Pack of 2

Oral-B Super Floss Pre-Cut Strands are designed to clean in between teeth and around braces. This floss can also be used to remove plaque on your gums above the gumline. Super Floss helps you get to the places traditional floss cannot reach, which promotes better gum health that can lead to less plaque strengthening your teeth’s defenses. The floss easily slides between teeth and under the gumline with an easy up-and-down motion. Check out the other oral care products from Oral-B, like toothbrushes for adult use and children.

Why Choose it?


Remove Plaque

To remove plaque effectively, use a fresh section of floss for each tooth. This way, you’ll be able to remove all the plaque without damaging your gums. They’re also known as dental bridges and fit between your teeth to catch leftover food particles and help prevent gum disease.

Regular floss

Gently slide the floss between teeth and under the gumline. When you get to a bracket, loop floss around it, then go back and forth gently under the gumline. Make sure floss goes below any wire that is next to the tooth.

Mint Flavor

This mint flavored dental floss can rest assured that it will last a long time without breaking apart into little pieces. This unique floss is ideal for those with sensitive teeth because it has a smooth texture, strong tensile strength and a minty flavor that keeps your mouth fresh.

Spongy Floss

Spongy floss is a popular alternative to regular dental floss that is widely available. It’s easy to use and can effectively clean around orthodontic appliances and in wide spaces where regular floss can’t reach. The spongy material makes it gentle on gums and teeth since the floss doesn’t have any sharp edges.

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7. Solimo Extra Comfort Mint Dental Floss

Amazon Brand - Solimo Extra Comfort Mint Dental Floss, 40 M (Pack of 6)

Solimo Extra Comfort Mint Dental Floss from Solimo is the only floss with an ergonomic handle that provides a natural, secure grip. It’s not sticky or messy like some other dental flosses and is made out of 100% polyvinyl acetate material. Solimo accepts no responsibility for the misuse of this product due to user fault and acts accordingly in its own interest. This product may cause undue damage to certain individuals and is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment.


Why Choose it?

Floss Length

Different people prefer different lengths of floss, but 40 meters (about 131 feet) is a good length for most people. The reason is that it gives you enough to reach between teeth and under the gumline without leaving excess floss that can get tossed out or used again. And 40 meters of floss is still compact enough to fit inside your Reach.


Introducing mint flavored dental floss. It’s made for people who like a minty clean feeling, and it’s shred-resistant technology flexes, stretches and glides easily between teeth for an ultimate clean. This mint flavored dental floss is the perfect way to get that fresh mouth feeling.

Slide Easily

The floss is designed to slide easily between teeth without shredding, and it’s up to the job. The floss is slim enough to slide between tightly-spaced teeth without doing any damage, which makes it easier to maneuver than bulkier picks.

Satisfaction Guarantee

No one wants to spend money on a product that doesn’t work or is flawed. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return it for an exchange or refund within 1 year of the ship date.

Highlighted Features:

Fights Plaque:
Flossing daily stimulates gums while removing plaque between teeth.
Mint Flavor:
Leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean after every use.
Shred Resistant:
Designed to slide easily between teeth without shredding.

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8. Listerine Ultraclean Waxed Dental Floss

Listerine Ultraclean Waxed Mint Dental Floss | Effective Plaque Removal, Teeth & Gum Protection | Shred-Resistant for Thoroughly Clean in Tight Area | 30 Yards

Listerine Ultraclean Floss is the perfect floss for your everyday oral care. It provides targeted cleaning for hard-to-reach areas, away from the gumline where food particles and plaque can hide. This unique mint floss helps remove small food particles allowing you to maintain fresh breath in-between teeth brushing. Listerine floss helps whiten teeth by removing surface stains associated with food residue and polishing away surface debris that dulls tooth enamel.

Listerine Product line banner

Why Choose it?

Remove Small Food Particles

Does flossing really make a difference?

30 yards of Listerine Ultraclean waxed mint dental floss provides an easy way to thoroughly clean your entire mouth, including those hard-to-reach areas behind your back teeth. The combination of soft mint flavor and the antiplaque formula helps freshen breath while fighting plaque and gingivitis. Many people aren’t aware that dental floss is one of the most important tools in their oral care. It’s a simple way to remove food particles from between your teeth and under gums, which can lead to bad breath.

Mint Flavored

Mint flavored dental floss delivers a refreshing clean that leaves your mouth feeling silky, smooth, and confident. The shred-resistant technology flexes, stretches, and glides easily between teeth for the ultimate clean. Toss out cheap brands filled with wax and stick with this minty fresh dental floss that is 5x stronger than the leading waxed brand so you can get the clean you deserve.

Removes Plaque

This Dental Floss is the only floss that fights plaque removal and prevents cavities. This patented dental floss is infused with Listerine’s signature Triple-Action formula, which helps shield your mouth from harmful plaque and bacteria for a thoroughly clean and healthy smile. The convenient pre-waxed floss glides smoothly between teeth to help you easily remove plaque from hard to reach places brushing alone may miss, while the thin, strong micro-waxed filaments clean between teeth and under gums.

Micro Grooves Technology

Step up your oral care routine by flossing with Listerine Ultraclean textured floss with Micro Grooves technology that removes up to two times more plaque than Glide Mint Floss. This exclusive floss gently penetrates deep between teeth and below the gumline. Micro-grooves in the floss helps to remove more plaque than Glide Mint Floss and are gentle on gums.

Ever wondered where Listerine rinse got its name?

Dr. Joseph Lawrence, the creator of Listerine mouthwash, wanted to name his work after a scientist who paved the way. Lister, an English doctor and surgeon, became the first surgeon to perform an operation in a chamber sterilized with pulverized antiseptic. The result? More patients survived than ever before. Inspired, Lawrence created a unique formulation of his own that was perfect for killing germs in tissues, like your mouth.

Ever wondered where LISTERINE rinse got its name?

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Before You Buy: 9 Things To Consider When Buying Best Woven Dental Floss

It is not always easy to buy dental floss. There are tons of different brands to choose from, each claiming to have the secret to healthy teeth. And most of them are good. However, not all types of dental floss are suitable for everyone.

Here are some factors to consider when flossing:

1. How are the teeth spaced?

The spaces between your teeth help determine what type of floss you should buy. If they are tight, your best option is a slim single-stranded variety, the thinnest you can get.

Also, waxed floss is another option because it glides more easily between teeth than the unwaxed variety (although waxed floss is usually thicker than unwaxed).

On the other hand, you’ll want to consider using thicker dental floss, such as woven dental floss that consists of several strands woven together. Another option is a dental tape, which is a flat nylon tape in both waxed and unwaxed varieties.

2. Look for the ADA seal of acceptance

If you live in the US or spend a decent amount of time there, make sure the floss you choose has the American Dental Association seal of acceptance.

A brand only gets the seal after presenting scientific evidence that its product is more effective than simply brushing in reducing plaque and gingivitis. In addition, the seal lets you know that the product is safe and will not harm oral tissues.

3. Consider using a floss stick if

Some people have trouble flossing for a variety of reasons, such as limited mobility due to arthritis in the hands, injuries, etc.

Flossing sticks are a good alternative if you have trouble flossing regularly. There is no need to wrap your fingers in floss and it will be easier for you to reach those back teeth that are often hard to get to.

4. Flavored or unflavored?

Whether your floss tastes flavored or not, it probably doesn’t mean much to you as an adult.

But if you have kids, well, you know how hard it is to get them to A) brush and B) floss. Let your child choose his favorite flavor and it will be much easier to convince him to floss regularly.

5. Waxed or unwaxed?

Floss comes in both waxed and unwaxed varieties, as you will quickly notice when purchasing the brand that suits you best. Here are a couple of things to consider when choosing between waxed and unwaxed:

  • Waxed floss glides effortlessly across teeth due to its waxed coating. However, waxed threads may contain industrial-based chemicals which, while certainly not necessarily toxic, may lead you to consider a more natural brand.
  • Many waxed threads also come in flavored varieties. The taste, like mint or cinnamon, often makes flossing a more refreshing experience.
  • Wax-free floss is just that – wax-free floss. Unwaxed floss is preferred by many users because it is slightly thinner than waxed floss and can therefore fit a little more easily between tight spaces (but does not slide as easily as waxed floss).
  • Unwaxed floss is sometimes more susceptible to breakage because it lacks the waxed coating and slightly thicker filament of the waxed floss.
  • While many experts say that waxed floss is more effective at removing plaque from between the teeth and away from the gums than unwaxed floss, some studies say there is no difference between the two types.

6. What is it made of?

Dental floss comes in a variety of materials, including nylon, polymer, etc.

Most studies show that there is not much difference between the different materials regarding effectiveness, so choose the one that is most comfortable for you and allows you to clean your teeth thoroughly.

7. The type of filament

Dental floss comes in two types of filament: monofilament and multifilament. Monofilament consists of a single strand, usually made of nylon.

Monofilament floss is cheaper to make, but more susceptible to kinking, and experts say not as effective as multifilament floss at removing plaque and other debris in one go. That said, you need to make multiple passes with monofilament yarn.

Multifilament is found in most of the most popular yarns available today. It is slightly thicker than monofilament yarn and is generally made from nylon or other synthetic materials.

The multifilament floss stretches when it is pressed against the walls of the teeth, providing wide coverage and making plaque removal easier.

Poorly constructed multifilament yarn often frays or tears during use because it is made of several thinner yarns.

8. When in doubt, ask

If you have trouble choosing a floss, see your dentist or hygienist. Not only can they help you choose the best floss for your mouth and teeth, but they can also give you some advice on proper flossing techniques.

9. A little more information about dental tape and toothpicks

Dental tape is similar to standard dental floss but is wider and flatter. It may be easier to wear and more comfortable than dental floss for some people. Note: Dental tape tends to cost more than regular dental floss.

Toothpicks, also known as interdental picks, often look like toothpicks, but they come in a variety of materials and shapes. One of the advantages of the tines is that they come in different sizes to accommodate the space between the teeth.

They are also effective for people who have dental implants or bridges that can make regular flossing difficult.

FAQ’s: Woven Dental Floss

1. What is the best dental floss to use?

One of the best flosses is Listerine Ultraclean (Formerly Reach) from Johnson & Johnson. Dental hygienists and dentists recommend it often.

2. What is the best tool for flossing?

Typically, the best tool is traditional floss. In addition to cleaning hard-to-reach places, floss picks can also help. You can clean your brackets and the area around them with a floss threader if you have braces.

3. What caused Listerine to discontinue woven floss?

On their website, it’s not mentioned, and I’m wondering the same thing. Customers have been buying this floss for some time.

I found this woven floss to be a great option for flossing tight teeth. In spite of being soft, Listerine dental floss had enough abrasion to get under the gum line and remove gunk and tartar.

There is still woven floss available at Listerine, but it is different from the one they used to sell. To help you, I have compiled a list of Alternatives.


The Woven Dental Floss market can be overwhelming with the number of different toothbrushes and floss options available. The five products we’ve highlighted are our top picks for the best dental floss on the market, but as with all products, your personal experience could vary. As always, it’s important to examine the pros and cons of each product, and consider what’s really important for you in the dental floss before making your choice.







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