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“The more you know about something, the better care you can give it.”

Wow! Is it 2013 already!

Hi Readers,
For being a writer I sure don’t write very much on my blog! I guess I’m always busy working on my projects. I have lots going on. For something new, my daughter and I are working on an… Continue reading

September 1, 2010

Dear Readers,

I mentioned in my blog a while back that I’d discuss how to find an illustrator for your book idea. Well, this is what I tell folks that have a book idea – write the book first. Then… Continue reading

Friday, August 28, 2009

     WOW! Summer is almost over and a great summer it was. Boating, beaching, hiking, learning – lots of new exciting things to do, see and learn. In the writing realm, I’m delving into Glacier National Park… Continue reading

March 30, 2009

Dear Readers,

Sorry it’s been so long since my first (and only) blog! Since my new book, Henry the Impatient Heron, launched in early March, I’ve been super busy with book signings and school visits. But I love… Continue reading

The Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John: One Novel Narrative

Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness!

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Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness!
Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Will Bandit make it home?

A Page from Loons, Diving Birds of the North

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"Loons, Diving Birds of The North".

 A page from one of Donna's Books.

Loons, Diving Birds of the North