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The Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John: One Novel Narrative

“Please read the Gospels to learn about Jesus Christ. If this helps, read it, too.” – Donna LoveThe Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John: One Novel Narrative

The Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John: One Novel Narrative combines the Gospels into one account to relate the events of Jesus Christ’s life on earth as a novel with chapters, paragraphs, and quotation marks. An introduction and select footnotes help the new in Christ navigate the life of Jesus.

Edited By Donna Love

Book jacket and cover design by Laura Love

280 Pages with 18 Chapters

6th Grade Reading Level and up

Paperback: 6” x 9”

Includes: Introduction and select footnotes

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$4.99 from Amazon e-book

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Chapter 1: Good Tidings of Great Joy, Pages 30 – 31

Chapter 4: Not to Destroy the Law and the Prophets, Pages 75 – 76

Chapter 11: There is Joy in Heaven, Pages 176 – 177

Audubon, John James’ Birds and WordsAudubon, John James’ Birds and Words

John James Audubon doesn’t know why he loves to draw birds. He just does. Did he develop his love for birds in his youth in Haiti? During his school years in France, did his father’s knowledge of birds influence his interest? As an adult in the United States, will he be able to provide for his family, AND fulfill his life-long dream to just draw birds?

By Donna Love

Illustrated by Laura Love

105 page paperback, 14 Laura Love Illustrations, 20 Audubon Bird Plates,

4th Grade Reading Level, Ages 10 and up

Includes: Timeline of Audubon’s Life, Index, Two Audubon Style Art Projects, and Bibliography

$14.99 from Amazon in Paperback. $4.99 e-book.

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Bandit in the Bob Marshall WildernessBandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

A True Wilderness Adventure I never knew a dog could walk 96 miles in two days—especially not across a wilderness AND through a forest fire. Who would have thought that was possible? But I had to. I had a family back home that needed me, so that’s what I had to do. Alone in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and separated from his family by a forest fire, can Bandit find his way home? Follow Bandit as he races ninety-six miles across one of the wildest places in Montana. Along the way explore the majestic Bob Marshall Wilderness, learn about wilderness wildfire, and discover why wilderness is a rich legacy for us all.

By Donna Love

Illustrated by Laura Love

40-page paperback, 20 full-spread illustrations Ages 7-11  (3rd Grade Reading Level)
Includes: Glossary    8 1/2” x 11”

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Santa and the Missing Christmas Bells       Santa and the Missing Christmas Bells

If it weren’t for bells, there would be no joy at Christmas. In fact, without bells, things can get downright ugly. And that’s just what happened one year when all the Christmas bells went missing. Can Santa find the bell maker’s son in time to put joy back in Christmas?
Adorable, fun chapter book for ages 7-12 (Reading Level Grade 3 and up).

By Donna Love, Illustrated by Laura Love

Paperback 6” x 9” and as a Kindle E-Book!

ISBN-10: 0989921328    ISBN-13: 978-0989921329
104 Page chapter book for ages 7-12 (3rd Grade Reading Level)
12 color illustrations and 12 color spot illustrations

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Morning Glory, Morning Glory, Why Do You Sleep at Night?

Morning Glory, Morning Glary, Why  Do You Close  at Night?



By Donna Love, Illustrated by Laura Love
Paperback   8″ x 10″ and as a Kindle E-book!
ISBN-10: 0989921301 ISBN-13: 978-0-9899213-0-5
22 pages, 22 full-color illustrations
Includes: short section on why some flowers close at night, a short section on human sleep, and musical notation to the original song by Laura Love with words

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The Wild Life of Elk

The Wild LIfe of Elk

The Wild Life of Elk captures the legendary elk in all its glory, following the species through the seasons and through the centuries. It explores the many habitats in which elk thrive, the mythic growth cycle of their antlers, and the intricacies of their social structure. Readers will learn how elk defend themselves during fights and from attacking predators, give birth and care for their calves, and have adapted to survival in potentially brutal climates. By Donna Love
Illustrated by Christina Wald
Paperback – 8 ½” x 10″ 978-0-87842-579-2 56 pages / 100+ illustrations with resources for teachers / index

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Wildlife of the Elk Arts and Crafts




The Glaciers Are Melting!

The Glaciers are Melting Peter Pike is sure the glaciers are melting and is off to tell the Mountain Monarch. Joined along the way by friends Tammy Ptarmigan, Sally Squirrel, Mandy Marmot, and Harry Hare, they all wonder what will happen to them if the glaciers melt. Where will they live, how will they survive? When Wiley Wolverine tries to trick them, can the Mountain Monarch save them? More importantly, can the Mountain Monarch stop the glaciers from melting? By Donna Love, illustrated by Shennen Bersani.

Media: Available in Hardback and Paperback Hardcover

ISBN: 9781607181262, $16.95

Paperback ISBN: 9781607181361, $8.95

Pages: 32 Size: 10 x 8.5    
Lexile: AD 680 (Ages 4-9)

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The Glaciers Are Melting Arts and Crafts


Also available in Spanish. The Glaciers are Melting in Spanish Check out these great books from the Reading Rooster

The Glaciers are Melting! is featured with Sylvan Dell (now Arbordale Publishing) at the end.





The Totally Out There Guide To Glacier National Park

The Totally Out There Guide to Glacier National Park“The Totally Out There Guide To Glacier National Park” encourages kids (and their parents) to get TOTALLY out there and experience Glacier National Park for themselves. Download these fun arts and crafts projects for your kids.
 Along with being found at bookstores everywhere, Donna’s book, TOT Guide At Logan Pass The Totally Out There Guide to Glacier National Park is also on sale in Glacier. It can be found in all the park’s visitor centers at West Glacier, Apgar, Logan Pass, and St. Mary.


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Glacier National Park Arts and Crafts


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Bear Art Projects


Henry the Impatient Heron

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Henry  The Impatient HeronHenry the Heron couldn’t stand still! He was always moving, and it drove everyone crazy! His brother and sister yelled at him for stepping on their heads, and Mom and Dad could barely get food into his little baby mouth. But herons have to stand still to catch their food, so how would Henry ever be able to eat on his own? In Henry, the Impatient Heron, Donna Love takes readers along with Henry as he learns a valuable lesson from the King of Camouflage! Hilarious and lighthearted illustrations by Christina Wald complement the important lesson in the text. It is a meaningful lesson for both herons and kids alike, which teaches the importance of just being still! Download these fun arts and crafts projects for your kids.

* Available by e-book in English and Spanish Addition, Accelerated Reader.

Written by Donna Love

Illustrated by Christina Wald

Published by Arbordale Publishing 32 pg, 8.5″ x 10″, ages 4-8, Lexile: 760

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-934359-90-7

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-934359-35-7

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Award Ribbon!

Henry the Impatient Heron: 2011 Gelett Burgess Center for Creative Expression Children’s Book Award

Henry the Impatient Heron                    Henry the Impatient Heron
Also available in Spanish and Chinese. “The Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Awards advisory council looks for books that entertain and teach with an energetic and creative approach. The books the Center selects must stimulate the child’s imagination, as well as inspire them creatively. Advisory council members want to know a book will make an impact in a child’s life by helping them grow: socially, emotionally, ethically, intellectually, and physically.” Henry The Impatient Heron received the award in the Social Skills category. The Gelett Burgess Center for Creative Expression’s mission is to provide valuable information about family-friendly books and media to educators, librarians, parents and counselors who want to take an active role in their child or student’s creative development. Henry the Impatient Heron fully meets that criteria. web site: Burgess Center

Henry the Impatient Heron Arts and Crafts 



Animals Count in Grand Canyon National Park

Available NowAnimals Count! Grand Canyon is one of the prettiest places on earth, but deep inside its rocky walls and shaded beneath its towering rim forests, animals count the park as home, too. Animals Count in Grand Canyon National Park is a picture book for children ages 3 to 6 that features the many animals of Grand Canyon helping the young reader count to ten. Readers will meet two collared lizards, three Grand Canyon rattlesnakes, six humpback chubs, seven California condors, nine canyon tree frogs, ten big brown bats, and many more friends, each telling you a little about their lives in their amazing home. The wilderness of Grand Canyon teems with life, and this delightful book will open the world of the canyon and its wild citizens to readers while they learn to count. Colorful illustrations by artist Joyce Mihran Turley bring the stealthy, sure-footed, curious, croaking, and slithering wild animals of Grand Canyon National Park to life. Parents who wish to teach their children about the wildlife of our natural world will love this easy-to-read, beautifully designed tribute to the national park’s many furry, finny, hoofy, scaly, feathered, and slippery creatures.

Animals Count in Grand Canyon National Park

Text by Donna Love;

Illustrations by Joyce Mihran TurleyGrand Canyon Association

32 pp. / 11.0 x 8.5 / 2009 Paper (978-1-934656-05-1)

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Awesome Ospreys, Fishing Birds of the World

Published in 2006

Skipping Stones Honor Award winner, 2006

Mom’s Choice® Award winner, 2008 Moms Choice Awards Among the most widely distributed bird species on earth, ospreys live on every continent except Antarctica. Their enormous, highly visible nests and exceptional tolerance for people make ospreys one of the most readily observed of all birds of prey. In this scientific yet light-hearted book, readers will become acquainted with ospreys and their life cycle, from courtship, nesting, and raising young to their yearly migrations. Lovely illustrations bring these birds and their aquatic world to life. Suggested activities for home or classroom give kids the chance to explore what it’s like to fly, live, and fish like an osprey.

Awesome Ospreys by Donna Love Author: Donna Love

Illustrated by Joyce Mihran Turley

Osprey Alphabet by Donna Love

Mountain Press Publishing Company, 2006 64 pages  
8 3/8 x 9 full color, appendix, range map, bibliography, index paper $12.00
ISBN 0-87842-512-8
For Ages 8 and Up

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Awesome Ospreys Arts and Crafts




Loons, Diving Birds of the North

Published in 2003

Loons  Diving Birds of the NorthFamous for their eerie calls, and magnificent fishing abilities, loons have long held a special place in many human cultures. This factual, fun-filled introduction to loons covers loon history, physiology, behavior and coexistence with humans, with plenty of information for young researchers and older enthusiasts alike. Gorgeous paintings bring the text alive, showing loons diving, swimming, preening, and raising chicks. Suggested activities for home or classroom provided opportunities for kids to learn how to walk, paddle, and float like a loon.  An appendix offers more information on all five species of loons found worldwide.    

Loons, Diving Birds of the North Author: Donna Love

Illustrated by Joyce Mihran Turley

Loon Alphabet by Donna Love

Mountain Press Publishing Company 2003

64 pages   8 3/8 x 9 paper, $12.00 ISBN 0-87842-482-2

For Ages 8 and Up

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Loons Arts and Crafts

Dad and Daughter enjoying "Loons, Diving Birds of the North".

A father and daughter (friends of Donna’s) take a quiet
moment to learn about loons on a Minnesota lake.

Donna at a book signing

Donna Love at book signing



The Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John: One Novel Narrative
Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness!

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Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness!
Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Will Bandit make it home?

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Loons, Diving Birds of the North