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Christmas Gift Ideas For College Students: What Gifts are The Best For a Student

When choosing a gift for a student, ask one simple question: “What does the student want?” And most of them want not so much: to have fun, live in overdrive, follow their dreams, and boldly look into the future. And also sleep, eat and pass the next session … Well, let’s see what gifts can make a student’s everyday life easier at this not easy, but such a wonderful time in their life.

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Professional ideas for college students

Laptop backpack

Super-ergonomic urban laptop backpack designed to resist moisture, shock, cuts, and pickpockets. Plenty of compartments and pockets will ensure proper weight distribution and reduce the strain on the shoulders of an already busy student. It is also convenient that a USB port on the strap of the backpack is provided to charge the phone from an external battery on the way.

Smart thermos

If you think that a thermos is only good for keeping the hot hot and the cold cold, you are just not familiar with the Xiaomi thermos. A smart thermos not only does an excellent job with its main function, but also makes it possible to brew your favorite tea, prepare useful detox water, and even boil a hard-boiled egg for breakfast for an eternally hungry student. And on the LED display of the thermos lid, the most relevant information about the temperature of its contents is always available.

External battery

Just as a mug of invigorating coffee boosts a student’s stamina, a power bank in his bag extends the battery life of personal devices. Phones and tablets with a 2% charge will no longer cause panic from the prospect of being stranded without a means of communication, the Internet, cheat sheets, and social networks, and the very presence of an additional 6,000 mAh power source at hand will bring a feeling of calm and tranquility.

Portable Hard Drive

As always at the worst possible moment, the closer the date on the calendar to the cherished exam, the defense of a term paper, and (even more so) thesis, the higher the probability of accidents and unexpected failures of a previously trouble-free computer. Backups on a portable hard drive will help keep important files intact, and the student’s nervous system healthy in any situation.

Notepad organizer

A notebook for a student is a semester schedule, lectures on philosophy, and thoughts about the meaning of life, casually inspired by these lectures. And the more worries and thoughts in the student’s head, the faster the paper stationery covers change. A convenient and reliable organizer will delight you for a very long time. The organizer is made of dense water-repellent material with convenient pockets and compartments, a strap for comfortable wearing, and a holder for a pen and a notebook itself, which can be changed at any time, starting every new semester from scratch.


The Smart Pen turns handwritten notes into digital ones and an ordinary classmate into irreplaceable. How lectures are transferred to the screen of a smartphone or tablet can be observed in real-time, or you can do this later by fetching information from the memory of the pen itself. In any case, the smart device will save everything that only the student considers necessary to write down with the possibility of subsequent corrections, editing, and mass mailing to everyone. It is also a great incentive to learn to write correctly and legibly so that the pen has a much better chance of converting your scribbles into typed text.

Smart lamp

Rote learning, drawing up sketches, or writing term papers – the smart lamp will take care of the student’s eyes in any situation. The lamp will reduce the harmful effects of blue radiation from monitors when working at a computer, create optimal lighting for reading and writing, and remind by blinking that the eyes need a little respite. All switching and settings are made on the panel of the lamp itself or through the application on the phone, so the student often does not even have to get up from his seat when changing educational activities.

Alarm mat

To put a student on his feet in the morning after a sleepless night from the first time (as well as from the second and third) is beyond the power of any alarm clock. Except for the alarm clock to turn it off, there is simply no other way out but to get up, and even directly at it. Especially unshakable, it is advisable to lay such a rug away from the bed, so that you also have to walk a little.

Fitness bracelet

Life in “student” mode needs a constant reminder that health care has been and remains in the first place, with which the smart bracelet does an excellent job. Monitoring the quality of sleep will allow you to adjust the student’s daily routine, a silent alarm clock will provide vigor and good mood in the morning, counting steps, calories burned and distance will encourage you to work on your physical form, and measuring your heart rate during the exam will give a visual picture of the level of stress experienced. At the end of the day, it’s just a stylish watch with a weather forecast reminder and the latest notifications displayed on your phone.


Fast, easy and cheap is the main criterion for most students’ choice of meals. That is why dumplings and sandwiches are especially popular these years. It is only a matter of time until the stomach starts to strike. Whereas a multicooker, if no experience and not much cooking skills, will allow you to cook quickly, easily, economically, and most importantly, tasty and not harmful at all!

Pizza maker

Occasional cheat meals may be bad for the stomach, but it definitely increases the student’s level of happiness. And a pizza maker as a gift to a student is a favorite dish of young people all over the world (and not young people either) with tomatoes, melted cheese, and a crispy crust in a matter of minutes, and a good way to celebrate the teacher’s signature in a mark book.

Student ID Covers

A student card is the main document of a student, confirming his affiliation to the university and the entire student community in general. As well as a kind of discount card in public transport, cinemas, and shops, an official pass to the native alma mater, and a free ticket to museums and libraries in the country. In general, there are more than enough reasons for careful treatment. And a large selection of protective covers for a student card leaves room for individuality for each student.


Regardless of where and for whom the student is studying, typing at the university has to be a lot and often. Copies of lecture notes and book pages, printouts of library-research papers and term papers, scanned text for converting into digital format or images for subsequent editing on a computer – the universal MFD is capable of solving all these daily student problems. In addition, a model with a continuous ink supply system instead of cartridges will provide the student with significant savings, and a wireless connection via Wi-Fi will allow you to print even from your phone and without leaving your home.

Posture Corrector

Under the load of tests, exams, complex drawings, and thick books, the student’s back, if unbendable, is only thanks to the wings that grow after passing the next session. In all other cases, a corrector will help to maintain the correct posture, reminding by vibration that it is necessary to straighten the back, thereby weaning off the bad habit of scrunching.

Scratch “# 100deals” poster

A list of 100 to do for the most daring, ambitious, motivated, and confident people. For those who are not afraid to experiment, try new things, and go far beyond their comfort zone. And finally, for those for whom nothing is impossible, and any insurmountable obstacle on the way to the goal turns into a challenge to oneself. Not all of the points from this list can be completed as a student, and some are even designed for a long-term period, but how nice it is to dream, look at a poster and make plans for such a near and bright future.

Ukulele Smart Guitar

Every second student secretly dreams of fun evenings with songs and a guitar. But not everyone knows how to play the guitar. With a smart guitar, this is no longer a problem. Synchronization of the instrument with the application on the phone and LEDs located throughout the neck of the guitar will tell you how to hold and tune the ukulele correctly, teach chords in an interesting playful way and help you perform popular hits with friends.

Portable speaker

No matter how loudly the student’s soul sings, it is better to dance on the occasion of successful passing of exams to real music. The most invigorating and incendiary. And in the company of the same happy students. A portable speaker system will take care of high-quality music and lighting, turning the joy of a small but so pleasant victory into a full-fledged party.






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