Dental Finishing Strips

Dental Finishing Strips

The intraoral environment has many tight spaces, but they must all be accessible for proper esthetics. The most important part of finishing direct and indirect restorations is to achieve an ideal contour and shine in interproximal areas, and dental finishing strips are designed to accomplish this goal. Thin strips made of metal or plastic are available with abrasive surfaces intended for use in interproximal reduction, contouring, or completing a restoration.

There are various Dental Finishing Strips available and some systems are color coded to allow for easier identification of the type of strip that is being used. The finishing strip system you select should be both comfortable in your hands and effective in achieving your desired results.

Top Picks: Dental Finishing Strips

Top 7 Dental Finishing Strips Reviews- 2022

1. faruijie Dental Teeth Abrasive Finishing Strip

faruijie Dental Polishing Strip - Dental File for Teeth Deep Teeth Cleaning Tool Teeth Abrasive Finishing Strip Sanding Grinding Dental Sandpaper 4mm x 6M

This dental finishing strip is great for dealing with tartar and plaque buildup. It helps to prevent gingivitis which can cause inflammation of your gums. Safe for daily use, it has a keratin bead surface that works on various dental problems such as gum recession, hardened tartar build ups from food and bacteria deposits, along with sensitive teeth that need protection from excessive exposure to hot liquids and cold beverages.

Why Choose This Strip?

Function: The file can be used to clean foreign bodies between the teeth, so that it has the role of tooth cleaning. Tooth cleaning is an important part of maintaining oral health. When we eat, there will always be some small food residue left between the teeth and interdental spaces. If we do not clean it in time, these foreign bodies will accumulate over time, causing inflammation of the gums, periodontal disease and other problems in the mouth, which seriously affects our physical and mental health.

Reasonable design: The main purpose of using dental sandpaper strips is for sand. The surface of dental sandpaper has a certain degree of softness and can fit closely with the pressing surface to maximize the polishing effect. But the sandpaper strip is very easy to break, so it is not suitable for long-term use. It is not used for grinding, but only for the purpose of polishing the teeth.

Easy to Use: The Tooth sandpaper is overall lightweight and easy to use. It has a handle that you can grip to use it. This handle is also removable for your convenience and for easy storage. It’s also quite small so it does not require a lot of space for storage.

Long-term Use: These dental strips can help you clean the deeply hidden corners, which are difficult to reach by the toothbrush. Each order contains a roll of abrasive dental strips. You just need to cut off a small piece when using it. This design can support your long-term use, which is convenient and economical.

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2. AYIXIU Dental Finishing Whitening Strips

Dental Polishing Strip Floss Tape for Teeth Dental Finishing Whitening Strips Teeth Cleaning Tool Dental Filling Tape Tooth File Strip (Blue)

AYIXIU Dental Finishing Whitening Strip dental floss tape can be widely used for different purposes. It is made of premium material that won’t leave any damaging effect to your teeth. Also, it is easy to use and oral cavity clean easily with it. At the same time, it fits for different kinds of teeth and will last a long time. This dental finishing pen kit set is widely used as a teeth cleaning tool in all occasions, such as at home or on the go. With its excellent quality, nice appearance and reliable performance, you will love this new kit!

Why Choose This Strip?

Materials: Polishing strips are made from resin, which is durable, waterproof, flexible, and elastic. The strip will not break when it contacts water. The strength of the strip can be controlled by changing the thickness or adding glass fiber or other materials to it. The elasticity of the strip can be controlled by changing the ratio of the monomer and polymer to control the curing speed and degree of crosslinking.

Thickness: It is approximately 0.0043 inches thick, and about 0.0055 inches thick for the red medium sand polishing strip. It can be used for the finishing stage after the dental teeth have gone through the shaping, beveling, and rough grinding. The thickness of the dental laboratory abrasive strips should be enough to provide a more aggressive stripping action and to remove deeper enamel defects and stains.

Diameter: Each box of blue polishing strips measures 19.6 feet in length, has abrasive particles of 0.0012 inches in diameter and contains fine blue polishing strips. In addition to the red polishing strip, each box measures 19.6 feet in length and has 0.0020-inch-diameter grinding material particles.

Width: The strips are a good way to keep things organized and clean, and they are sterilized so that you do not have to worry about anything. The strips are 0.157 inches wide, and they are made from non-woven material, which is tough and durable. The materials used in the manufacture of these products have been chosen because they can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure.

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3. Zubastick Dental Abrasive Strips Finishing

Zubastick Dental Abrasive Strips Finishing Polishing 4mm Coarse 5pcs

Zubastick Dental Polishing Strips effectively remove stains and restores whiteness on your teeth.  Flexible soft resin, suitable for sensitive teeth and gums, with no drowsiness and strong cleansing ability.  Proprietary polishing ingredient sticks fast to the tooth surface and can deeply clean into the pores.  Lift and remove stains in a snap!

Why Choose This Strip?

Materials: For polishing and grinding hard-to-reach dental surfaces such as composite seals, grinding strips mounted on a lavsan basis should be used. We sell such strips in three sizes. With their help, you can process the surface of the teeth of an adult and a child, as well as remove plaque in difficult places.

Advantages: The strips have a soft structure, they effectively remove plaque without damaging the enamel and gums. In addition, they allow you to achieve a smooth finish in hard-to-reach places and clean interdental spaces (the intervals between the teeth).

Scope: The strips are suitable for use at home and at the reception of a doctor after filling cavities or sealing with composite materials. They can be used to remove plaque from the occlusal surfaces, as well as to polish fissure sealants and fillings made from composite materials.

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4. Zubastick Dental Finishing Polishing Strips

Zubastick Dental Finishing Polishing Strips Universal Kit 75 psc

Zubastick Dental Finishing Polishing Strips, Universal Kit contains the all-in-one solution to clean, polish and protect all your chrome surfaces. These easy-to-use strips are incredibly safe and fast-acting, acting on a micro level to remove tarnish, dirt and other buildups. These innovative strips are also made from natural ingredients – so they won’t strip metal of its own natural properties. Containing three varieties – gold, metal black and metal red to suit your needs.

Why Choose This Strip?

Dental Finishing Strips

Materials: Strips for polishing and grinding tooth surfaces for processing seals made of composites on a lavsan base are designed for hard-to-reach surfaces. Strips have two segments that each have a different abrasive layer. In the production of composite seals, treatment of occlusal surfaces using various abrasive and polishing pastes is carried out after the final polymerization of the material.

Features: Dental finishing strips are made of super-fine abrasives, which are effective at removing stains and plaque. The brown strips have three different colors. Green-yellow segments are used to reduce gross lines, green-yellow segments are used for contouring, and yellow-white segments are used for polishing. They are good to use on all materials such as porcelain and ceramic.

Thickness: The thickness of the yellow and white segments were different. The yellow segment was about 100 m and the white segment was 90 m. The thickness of the white segment is almost the same as that of a credit card, making it easy to carry around.

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5. Annhua 12 PCS Dental Finishing Polishing Metal Strip 

12 PCS Dental Abrasive Stainless Steel Strips, Finishing Polishing Metal Strip 4 MM Medium One Side - Sanding Grinding Teeth - Cleaning Tools for Oral Care

High quality, 12 pieces of dental finishing and polishing strips with fine sanding grinding teeth in a range of 4 to 6 mm. Teeth are placed on a strip, which you can use as (they can also be used in sanding machines) or they can be cut into smaller pieces and used along the gums or other hard-to-reach places. These strips are made of high-quality stainless steel, which corrodes resistance and strength for a long time of use. Due to the special shape, it is easy to clean after use and can be sterilized by being autoclaved (sterilizer).

Why Choose This Strip?

Features: The dental finishing strip can be used on the surface of the model, and it can also be used on the surface of the model with a pressure polishing machine. Holes are set at both ends of the polishing strip to facilitate its fixation in the machine. It is usually used with abrasive liquid or water.

Each polishing strip consists of two kinds of particles of different thicknesses. These particles can meet various needs, which results in greater efficiency when using the polishing strip without changing it.

Easy to Use: Polishing strips are made of plastic and sandpaper. A relatively light tool is used for polishing the teeth, and the polishing strips are not easy to fall off. The strips have a long service life and can be used for a long time after being completely dried. It is used to polish the surface of dental restorations after molding.

Dental polishing strips are a kind of restorative dental materials, which are mainly used to polish dental restorations after molding, especially composite fillings.

High Quality: The stainless steel dental finishing strips are made of stainless steel, which is a durable material and can be used for a long period of time. If you use disposable plastic dental finishing strips, you should buy them again after using them once. But if you use our stainless steel dental finishing strip, it can be reused after cleaning or sterilizing.

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6. Zubastick Dental Abrasive Stainless Steel Strips Finishing

Zubastick Dental Abrasive Stainless Steel Strips Finishing polishing 4mm 15pcs

Zubastick Dental Abrasive Stainless Steel Strips Finishing polishing is used to remove surface stains, promote polishing and make the surface smooth. It is very easy to use. Place it on the teeth, the upper and lower jaw rubbing together, stick on one side of the teeth while sliding it down gently, then move to another position and rub it again to experience a clean, comfortable and shining smile.

Why Choose This Strip?

Wide: These Dental Abrasive Stainless Steel Strips are 4 mm wide and come in a variety of grits. The strips have a length of 12 inches and can be used for a wide range of applications. This stainless steel strip is very durable and lasts for a long time. It is also very sturdy and does not bend easily.

One side: This is the most popular finishing strip. The center of one side has a gaped center with coarse, medium, and fine grit. The other side is double thick with just fine grit. The dental finishing strips are also available in wide and extra wide sizes. These strips can be used as a replacement for stones or burs because they are much easier to control and use.

Caution: The flossing strips are very thin metal strips with a plastic coating on one side. These flossing strips are very thin and flexible, making them ideal for flossing. However, they are steel strips, and if you aren’t careful, they can cut your lips or gums. These are both positives and negatives when it comes to the product. They do their job well, but they need to be used with caution.

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7. MDS 100 Dental Polishing and Finishing Strips

100 Dental Polishing and Finishing Strips Polyester Single Sided 4 MM FINE Medium Grit

These MDS polishing strips are made of a flexible, polyester material that is pliable and easy to use. These polishing strips can be used on any combination of gentle or ultrasonic polishers. Please note that these strips contain aluminum oxide which removes easily from sensitive areas around the gingiva during application on sharp contours. They are available in three diamond grits: Fine and Medium with aluminum oxide, Fine and Medium with natural diamonds and Fine with silicon carbide.

Why Choose This Strip?

Materials: These dental finishing strips are used for dental finishing, polishing, smoothing and deburring of the teeth. Manufactured from aluminum oxide and polyester material. The grit is fine and medium.

Wide: Very easy to use. Each strip is 4 mm wide and feature an open center for easy grip.

Single-Sided: For each grit, there are 100 strips. The strips are made from polyester. They are 4 mm wide and have an open center. Each strip is single-sided and has either fine or medium grit.

Recommended for polishing restorations, smoothing composite fillings, reducing surface roughness, pre-polishing crowns and bridges, polishing metal surfaces and prior to impression taking.

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Buyer’s Guide for Dental Finishing Strips

Surface Coated

Finishing and polishing work is best accomplished with sandpaper, similar to the classic Moore’s discs. The abrasive can then be attached to more stable materials, such as plastics or metals, to extend its lifespan. As the abrasive eventually wears away from the surface of the material, the effectiveness of these techniques can be diminished.

Impregnated Materials 

Abrasives can be impregnated into burrs, cones, and points to achieve varying degrees of polishing. It is more beneficial to use these for the final polishing steps rather than coarse adjustments. Abrasives are usually embedded throughout these materials, similar to stones.


A stone material for polishing dental restorations has the advantage that its grit remains consistent throughout its polishing process. The stones are also often impregnated with materials such as silicon carbide, which makes them more effective. These stones are commonly used on metal, composites and porcelain materials.

Carbide Options

As the number of flutes on a bur increase, it transitions from coarse to fine. It is important to select a bur with an optimal shape to ensure that cross strokes are not made on the material.

Diamond Burs

They produce increasingly finer surface coatings by gradually increasing the number of flutes in their carbide burs. This is helpful for shaping and fine-tuning your restoration after it has been installed.


The previously discussed types of finish and polishing instruments may be produced in a variety of shapes, such as points, cups, discs, wheels, and more. When selecting the right instrument, you must consider the type of procedure and the location. Are you talking about an incisal repair, a lingual composite, or an occlusal filling? Adapt the shape to the surface you are polishing so that it fits and adapts completely. There are some systems that use brush shapes that are more universally applicable, so you don’t have to change them often.

Polishing Pastes

The use of polishing pastes makes a significant impact on the final shine. The material is usually mixed with abrasives such as diamond particles and can be applied with cups or brushes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a finishing strip dental?

The interproximal reduction strips can be used for contouring or finishing a restoration. They are made of metal or plastic and have an abrasive side. In some systems, the finishing strip material is colored to allow for easy identification. There are several types of grits available.

What are dental abrasive strips used for?

Abrasive strips from BUSA are intended for prepolishing, contouring, finishing and high shine polishing of proximal areas of composite restorations and/or enamel reduction in interproximal areas of composite restorations.

Final Words

These Dental finishing Strips are the next best thing to a professional dental cleaning. With daily use, they can keep your teeth and mouth in great condition even if you don’t get regular cleanings. Our blog has plenty of other articles that you might enjoy reading, including interesting pieces on commercial roofing reviews from a variety of editors who specialize in different areas and topics.

Hopefully, this review has been helpful to you. You can purchase the dental finishing strips by clicking here. If you have found this article to be helpful, share it with others using one of the social media sites below.






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