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Nana and the Pandemic By Donna Love

November 9, 2022

Dear Readers,

Check out my new book, Nana and the Pandemic.

When the pandemic hit, Nana was sad. Amelia said, “Don’t be sad, Nana. We can still visit with each other.” How will Amelia visit with Nana? How will Nana visit with Amelia? Find out in this adorable 26 Page, 300 Word book for children ages three to seven (Preschool to 2nd Grade). Use this uplifting, heartwarming book to help children open up and discuss their feelings about the pandemic. Along the way enjoy delightful arts and crafts, and activities to do with children online whether separated by miles or illness. 

As a personal note in this blog to my readers, this book does not take any political stance or discuss any personal beliefs concerning lockdowns, wearing of masks, or vaccines, etc. This book is simply a book about staying positive and connected during that difficult time.

Happy Reading!

Donna Love


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