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Native Games of the North

Native Games of the North
By Montana Author,
Donna Love

For thousands of years, Alaskan Natives lived a subsistence lifestyle obtaining everything they needed from nature. To stay in shape through the long winter months they invented games of strength, endurance and skill. Favorites were passed down from generation to generation. It wasn’t long before the games became part of village festivals. No one knows how old these games are, but some may be older than the 2000-year old Greek games played at the international Olympics.

Learn About the Games and the
People of the North that Played Them:

Now, Donna Love is bringing the games to Montana through fun-filled, exciting school (and other events) programs. Learn about the games and the people of the north that played them through a variety of PowerPoint presentations suited for every age and through a variety of educational movies, videos, and DVD’s.
Then play the games of the North!

In a P.E./Gym type setting, play 9 safe games that require minimal set-up and take down including the Kneel Jump, One Foot High Kick, One Hand Reach and more!

Through playing the games, students will gain a new appreciation for the people who played these games and the lives they lived.
To learn more about Donna Love’s program, Native Games of the North, click here: “Native Games of the North


/Northwest Coast Indian


Nine Native Games of the North That You Can Try

Games 1 and 2

Games 3 and 4

Games 5 and 6

Games 7 and 8

Game 9

Learn More About the Games at WEIO

Here are some pictures and letters written to Donna after playing these games! Just hit your "back" button after clicking on each picture!

Lincoln School in Lincoln, MT

Lincoln School 2

Lincoln School 3

Praise for Donna Love’s Native Games of the North Presentation

From Saint Regis School:

"The K-3 students at Saint Regis absolutely loved the program - they talked about playing the games for weeks after!  Having Mrs. Love come to present is a wonderful and interactive way to incorporate IEA into your curriculum.  I highly recommend Donna Love's presentations."
- Christine Hodges, First Grade Teacher, Saint Regis School

"My favorite thing about Mrs. Love's presentation was the nise yo-yo.  It was cool!" - Mason

"The best part was the games becus it wus fun, that's why. I liked the arm restling because I olmost wun every time." - Amelya

"My favorite thing about Mrs. Love's presentation is the kick games.  You cood do a crabwalk." - Tia


  Play games with adult supervision only.   

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