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Dear Readers, Always happy to reconnect with you. Be sure to order Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, A True Wilderness Adventure, from Amazon now to have it in time for Christmas! Also consider ordering Santa and the Missing Christmas Bells, a chapter book for 3rd grade and up readers. It’s the story of a boy who is bullied at school because he loves to play the bells. And, don’t forget about Morning Glory, Why Do You Sleep at Night, to read to young children at bedtime. It’s a perfect bedtime story with information in the back about children (and adults) need to sleep. If you live in western Montana please visit me at my upcoming book signings in Missoula at Barnes and Noble on Sunday, Dec. 4 from 1:00-3:00 and at Fact and Fiction on Saturday, Dec. 10 from 11:30 to 1:00. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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The Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John: One Novel Narrative
Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness!

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Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness!
Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Will Bandit make it home?

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"Loons, Diving Birds of The North".

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Loons, Diving Birds of the North