“The more you know about something, the better care you can give it.”

Wow! Is it 2013 already!

Hi Readers,
For being a writer I sure don’t write very much on my blog! I guess I’m always busy working on my projects. I have lots going on. For something new, my daughter and I are working on an e-book. It’s about why some flowers close at night. You’re going to love the illustrations! They are by my very talented daughter, Laura. To see some of her art go to her web site at Laura Mae Love. She’s a graduate of the Seattle Art Institute in Computer Animation and Design. She is very talented! Did I say that already? Well, she is. Anyway, we’re thinking of putting it up on Kindle. Don’t know yet, but when it’s up and ready to read I’ll let you know on this web site.
If you want to see some of Laura’s other work, check out the book trailer she made for my book, “The Totally Out There Guide to Glacier National Park.” To see the book trailer video go to You Tube and type in the title of the book (Yes, I know it is a long title, but we like it.) or on this site click on the menu “Donna Love Books” and scroll down to the book, The Totally Out There Guide to Glacier National Park.” The video should start playing the moment you scroll to it. Laura wrote the text, read and recorded the text, wrote the music and performed and recorded the music. She also did all the art work for the video, using photos and illustrations from the book. She is really fabulous.
Another of my new projects is an e-book about ospreys that I’m working on in collaboration with Dunrovin Ranch in Lolo, Montana. They have an osprey nest with a web cam. They are very environmentally concerned folks and they hope kids and folks of all ages can learn more about ospreys by visiting their site. Check them out at Dunrovin Ranch Montana and be sure to visit back soon to see what great things we’ve cooked up to make it fun to learn about ospreys!
Over, but not out yet, Donna

The Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John: One Novel Narrative
Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness!

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Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness!
Bandit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

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Loons, Diving Birds of the North