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Donna Love Newspaper Articles:

Donna Love has also written several newspaper articles for the Seeley-Swan Pathfinder, a weekly local newspaper in the Seeley-Swan Valley. The following include her most memorable. Click on Articles by Donna Love to view: Maclean, and the Cabin that Runs Through It, by Donna Love, published in Pathfinder in 2005

Norman Fitzroy Maclean was born in Clarinda, Iowa on December 23, 1902, the firstborn child of Rev. John Maclean and Clara (Davidson) Maclean, immigrants from Canada. In 1909, Norman’s father, a Scottish Presbyterian minister, moved his family to Missoula, Montana to pastor the Presbyterian Church, which is still at 235 S Fifth Street, Missoula. Originally from Nova Scotia, Maclean’s father loved the United States so much that Maclean wrote that his family didn’t have “an American Dream” – they had “American Dreams.” One of his father’s biggest was the dream of the “great education” that could be had in the United States, “and the necessity of every person to be educated…”

Cindy Gallea Takes on Iditrod for Third Time, by Donna Love, published in 2001

On Saturday, March 3, sixty-eight mushers from all over the world will begin their 1,161-mile dash across the Alaskan frontier. Seeley Lake resident, Cindy Gallea (pronounced Gally) will be among them. She will be traveling with 16 of her best friends, her team of energetic, comical Alaskan huskies. Together they will brave the harsh Alaskan interior facing rough terrain, temperatures below zero, treacherous climbs, steep downhill descents and long dark nights. They will ascend jagged mountains, travel frozen rivers, navigate dense forests, cross desolate tundra and trek wind swept coasts. They will do it totally alone and totally unassisted…

The Living Room Loon, by Donna Love, 2003 for the Montana Loon Society

In autumn things around Placid Lake in Northwestern Montana, fifty miles north of Missoula, are pretty quiet for Lois Bellusci, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks campground host and lake resident. In summer things are bustling busy with vacationers and tourists. Come autumn about the only thing she and five other year round residents have to do is watch the tamarack turn yellow and wonder when the lake will freeze over…

An Apple a Day, A History of the Seeley-Swan Medical Center, by Donna Love 2001, Seeley-Swan Pathfinder

In the beginning, medical care in the Seeley-Swan Valley in Northwestern Montana was non-existent. Folks who moved to the area knew that they did so at their own risk. Trappers, homesteaders, and loggers were on their own. Home remedies or long tedious drives by horse and buggy, and later by car, to Missoula for medical services were the only way to survive a bad accident or illness. Dan Cainan, a long time resident of Seeley Lake said, “Heck, when a logger got hurt they’d lay out in the woods for three or four hours before the men could get to them…”

The Fight for A High School, A History of Seeley-Swan High School, By Donna Love, 2002, as published in Seeley-Swan Pathfinder.

Grade schools in the Seeley-Swan Valley in Northwestern Montana had their start in the early 1900’s. If students attended high school they boarded with families in Missoula, Kalispell, or other places. A spruce bark beetle infestation in the forest of the Northwest caused a population explosion in the Seeley-Swan Valley in the late 1940’s. Infected trees had to be removed or the timber would be lost. Two lumber mills in Seeley Lake were built.  Grade school enrollment in Seeley Lake grew from 33 students in 1949 to 94 students by 1954. A new grade school was built in 1956…

School Days, School Days, A History of Seeley Lake Elementary, By Donna Love, 2000, as it appeared on Seeley-Swan Pathfinder.

The first schools in the Seeley-Swan Valley in Northwestern Montana were at Placid Lake and Condon. Historical information assembled in 1961 by the Seeley Lake Parent Teacher Association (PTA)* places their start in 1905, over 95 years ago. These Historical Archives list the Board of Trustees for the Swan Valley School in Condon as Charles Hammons, Otis Avery, and Issac Sears. School in Condon that first winter was sixty days long. Seven children were enrolled. The salary for one teacher was $75 a month. By 1909, the salary had risen to $90 a month…

Seeley Lake Loon Watch, by Donna Love, Seeley-Swan Pathfinder

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